Convert conversations to actions

Manage customer conversations on multiple messaging platforms to attract more leads, manage conversions better and offer delightful service

Enable your team to get more done, faster

Empower your teams with a collaborative customer engagement platform to create rich customer experiences. An omnichannel tool to manage all your customer conversations on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, your website chat and emails.

Automate lead generation and customer support

Get a no-code-required Chatbot that works round the clock for generating leads and automating customer support. So your agents can focus on more important stuff.

Integrate the chatbot with WhatsApp Business to automate lead generation

Run your sales pipeline more productively

From a single dashboard manage your leads and maximise your conversions. Create and track sales pipeline, tasks and meetings. Prioritise prospects and automate lead assignment to sales team members.

Track performance. Improve efficiencies

Get rich insights of your Sales & Marketing efforts so you can make the right decisions. Increase your returns. Reduce wasteful selling costs.

Why we built Gallabox

We built Gallabox by focusing on how to minimize marketing wastage, improve efficiencies, and enable winning conversations with prospects and customers.
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A customer engagement platform. A sales tool. A marketing kit. It’s all this and more.

With Gallabox, you get the advantage of multiple apps designed to be simple and easy to use. For maximizing your sales, support and marketing efforts. Sign-up today and start your free trial.