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Add a Free WhatsApp Chat Widget to Your Website

With Gallabox’s WhatsApp Chat Widget, you can invite your prospects and customers to continue their conversations on the go. As you answer their questions in real time, watch your conversions and CSAT rates soar. 

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Benefits of Using a WhatsApp Chat Widget

A WhatsApp chat button can send a pipeline of interested prospects and customers who need help to your WhatsApp business account, whether or not they’ve interacted with you on WhatsApp before.

Turn Cold Prospects Into Hot Deals

In just X minutes, you can generate a WhatsApp Chat Button and embed it on your website, directing traffic back to your WhatsApp Channel.

Stop Repetitive Lead Qualification

Don’t irk your customers and prospects out with repetitive questions, and perform intelligent lead qualification without disrupting your existing rapport.

Add a Human Touch to Your Conversations

Make your customers feel like they’re talking to a person and not a bot by adding a human touch with the WhatsApp Chatbot.

Benefits of Using a WhatsApp Chat Widget

Why Choose Gallabox for WhatsApp Chat Widget?

Gallabox offers much more than a simple chat widget to take your customers to your WhatsApp Business Account. Here are four reasons why Gallabox would be a right fit for you:
Qualify Your Leads Easily
Qualify Your Leads Easily

Jump the lead qualification hurdle and let your chatbots do the heavy lifting with WhatsApp Forms, aka Flows.

Level Up Your Efficiency
Level Up Your Efficiency

Don’t let your qualified leads turn cold or customer inquiries unanswered by automating responses to FAQs.

Send Bulk Broadcasts
Send Bulk Broadcasts

Create targeted broadcasts and nurture your prospect pipeline until they’re ready to move ahead and buy from you.

Amplify Your Marketing ROI
Amplify Your Marketing ROI

Don’t take the risk of the highly qualified paid leads that land on your website running cold; make the most out of your ad campaigns.

WhatsApp Chat Widget:
Frequently Asked Questions

A WhatsApp Chat Widget is a button or chat window you can embed on your website that allows visitors to initiate a chat conversation with your business directly through WhatsApp. When clicked, it opens a chat window within the website where visitors can send messages and ask questions.

Yes! It’s completely free. Customize your WhatsApp widget with Gallabox free tool and explore your WhatsApp business potential now!

Gallabox WhatsApp Chat Widget provides easy installation processes. This typically involves generating a code snippet and adding it to your website's code.

No, you just need a WhatsApp number to use a WhatsApp Chat Widget.

Generate your free WhatsApp chat button with our simple tool. Customize it to match your website, then copy and paste the code. Boom! Visitors can chat with you instantly on WhatsApp!

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