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Launch WhatsApp
Campaigns at Scale

Recommend products, share catalogues, broadcast new launches and drive sales through targeted customer segments.

Gallabox empowers 1500+ businesses

How Sattvic Stores Reduces Their Marketing Budgets By
30% With Gallabox

Challenge - Cross-selling of new products were minimal, niche segments were identified but the execution was limited due to manual resources

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Benefits of Personalised Broadcast Messages

Reach upto
2 Billion WhatsApp Users

Up-sell and
Cross-sell Products

Personalised Offers

Schedule New Campaigns

Target Customer Segments

Broadcast Messages in a Few Clicks

Import contacts with labels and additional fields to create segments, schedule broadcasting lists and view real-time analytics all with a few clicks.

Create Segmented Broadcast Campaigns to Up-Sell &
Cross-Sell Products

Increase ROI

Launch Targeted Marketing Campaigns

View Real-Time Analytics

Tips to Master WhatsApp Business Broadcast


We help businesses grow at scale

Works like a miracle for sites built on WooCommerce

Gallabox integrates like a sock with Shopify and WooCommerce. Thanks to this, the chatbot fetches relevant information from the systems and shares it via the bot which helps customers to finish the purchasing process directly in the bot. For businesses like ours, this is like a miracle! The bot has become like a STAR team member - handles sales, as well as customer support to a large extent, therefore it allows us to focus on other aspects of the business.


Vice President of Sales


Great tool if you want to pull info from your CRM and talk to your customers on WhatsApp

Gallabox offers an easy-to-build WhatsApp bot with which I can engage better with incoming prospects and grow conversions, and manage conversations with existing customers better. Their mobile apps enable my team members to work from anywhere. I have a vast base of prospects and customers; I use their Broadcast feature to send offers - and keep track of my campaigns. This is a pretty cool feature. Also, I was pleasantly surprised that the onboarding was done far sooner. .

Jaydeep P


Awesome support team if you need help

Gallabox is a very simple, easy to use product and does not need you to know how to write code. It easily integrates with other business software you use. Building the chatbot flow is pretty straightforward and it is fairly easy to deploy too. All customer conversations can be routed through the Bot and then can be assigned to team-members automatically - which my team loves, because they would have had to respond to each and every customer conversation and this used to take up a lot of time and effort. Most importantly, the Gallabox Customer Success team is very responsive and ready to help if we have any questions.

Prakash G


Easy to use customer communication platform!

Full blown CRM with end to end customer interaction. Easy to setup within 48 hrs. Very useful for small and medium enterprises as the pricing is economical based on team size.Simple platform where you can customise/ deploy bots without any coding experience - simple drag and drop interface. Very motivated team, always ears to customer feedback, they even implemented few features based on our request. Can be used across multiple platforms, web and mobile apps on Android and iOS so anyone can work from anywhere.

Rajaram R


Gallabox is the platform which is one of the best tools to use whatsapp API services

I like the Shared Team Inbox feature. The customer success team of Gallabox also provide us with very quick response. It is a very light to use software, our team members were able to quickly grab the functionality and usage of the product without any training. It was very helpful in assisting our customers queries faster which resulted in superior customer experience.

Mamta J



Gallabox is our official chat partner. Their simple & elegant Automated Chat Response System made our business more easy & hassle free. We are Happy to use Gallabox, as all our business needs where fulfilled under one roof. Thank you Gallabox Team for your extended support.


Managing Director


Must have tool for your e-commerce business, not only helps nurture your potential clients but also, helps reduce RTO by sending instant updates to customers. so far 101% satisfied by tool.


Kabir Innovations Sattvic Store


Gallabox is superb CRM software. Their features - Canned responses and Chatbot are simply awesome and highly beneficial for us

We are very pleased with their customer support agents, they are friendly and helped when we needed them. Overall a superb tool!

Sreedhu Nidheeah

HR Operations