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Boost Your Business with Click-to-WhatsApp Ads

Reach out to potential customers where they are most engaged. Utilize Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook and Instagram to encourage viewers to start a dialogue with your business.

Increase in conversion rate
Improve customer engagement
Personalized retargeting

PropLeaf responds swiftly to their leads through Gallabox!

Engage Immediately

Boost your sales team’s efficiency

Your sales team needs to focus on selling.
Supercharge your sales with a WhatsApp bot! Engage leads & save time.

Set up a simple WhatsApp Chatbot using Gallabox No-code WhatsApp bot and handle multiple lead conversations without leak.
Display your product catalog and services list inside WhatsApp itself and reduce the drop-off rates.
Generate payment links and collect payment within WhatsApp and give your customers a hassle-free shopping experience.
Engage Immediately

Boost Conversions over Conversations

Instant responses. Even when you’re sleeping
Answer all the FAQs to repetitive queries instantly, without losing your beauty sleep or appointing a new agent.
Collect feedback like a human
Generic feedback is allergic to new-gen customers, so level up your customer success game through WhatsApp conversational surveys.
Ping them like a friend
Notify about orders, shipping status and product or service offers, and converse to them like their buddy.

Re-target, Upsell & Retain

From remarketing to customer advocacy, authentic engagement is the success factor. It’s high time to use conversations as a marketing and sales strategy.

Increase CLV

Capture customer intent and profile so you can surprise them with offers and new products

Personalized broadcast

Reconnect with specific users by sending them a personalized Broadcast Campaign. You can send messages only to those who've read, or replied, or the unread ones.

Upsell, Re-sell or Cross-sell

Turn 45-60% of existing customers into repeat customers. Offer much like in-store assistance and increase sales by upselling relevant products or services.

7-days, higher conversions,
free of cost

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Best WhatsApp Automation Solution. The bot flow and tech integrations are world class. It is super simple to customize and build bot solutions

Natarajan R

Senior Product Manager

Works like a miracle for sites built on WooCommerce. The chatbot has become like a STAR team member - handles sales, as well as customer support.

Praveen M

VP of Sales

Must have tool for your e-commerce business, not only helps nurture your potential clients but also, helps reduce RTO by sending instant updates to customers.. so far 101% satisfied by tool



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