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Gallabox is a top-rated WhatsApp Business API provider with shared team inbox, drip marketing, bulk broadcasts, click-to-WhatsApp ads, and more.

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A Complete WhatsApp Automation Platform

A Complete WhatsApp Automation Platform

With Gallabox, you can capture leads and turn them into leads, set up and run your e-commerce store on WhatsApp, and manage your service offerings. As our product comes with a ton of power-packed features, you can replace 3-6+ tools, including

Fits Perfectly Into Your Existing Tech Stack

The key to hassle-free WhatsApp automation is selecting a platform that offers more than just basic features. While provides a solid shared team inbox, it may not be cost-effective if you need advanced features like WhatsApp Flows and an intelligent chatbot.

Fits Perfectly Into Your Existing Tech Stack
A Support Team That's Here for You

A Support Team That's Here for You

At Gallabox, we are absolutely confident about our unbeatable customer support that is available online, chat, email, and phone support five days a week. Sit back and relax while our agents migrate you from to Gallabox for free on all annual subscriptions.

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Turn your WhatsApp conversations into revenue

Shared Team Inbox

Track and manage all your customer conversations in one place with a unified team inbox and build stronger relationships with your contacts to increase trust, boost sales, and multiply your revenue sustainably.

Intelligent Chatbots

Respond to your customers and prospects instantly with Gallabox’s chatbot, providing fast and accurate answers to their queries and delivering exceptional customer service that sets you apart from your competition.

Click-to-WhatsApp Ads

Amplify your marketing ROI by generating qualified leads, answering prospects instantly, and increasing trust with the help of interactive Facebook and Instagram ads that take your prospects to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Payments

Bid goodbye to your unpredictable cash flow with WhatsApp Payments on Gallabox. Accelerate your payment cycle using native WhatsApp payments and third-party payment processors like Razorpay, PayU, and more.


A seamless, user-friendly collaborative tool every marketing team needs!


Vaseem Ahmed

Founder & CEO, Travelmite


The integration process is incredibly straightforward, with no hassles whatsoever. Furthermore, the support provided is excellent.


Rohit Shukla

Founder, ESTR Holidays

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