WhatsApp Marketing for Businesses in 2024: How to Get Started
WhatsApp Marketing for Businesses in 2024: How to Get Started

WhatsApp Marketing for Businesses in 2024: How to Get Started


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Marketing on WhatsApp? Are you serious?” - That’s probably what you would have said if someone suggested you try WhatsApp marketing a decade back.

But as of 2024, WhatsApp is more than just a place to chat with friends or family; With an extremely personalized messaging interface, WhatsApp marketing makes your brand a part of your prospect’s everyday conversations.

(Note) Whatsapp Business reports that 45% of WhatsApp users convert after interacting with a business on WhatsApp.

So if you want to bridge­ the gap betwee­n your brand and target audience, and make each interaction fe­el homely like a coffe­e chat, then WhatsApp Marketing is the way to go.  

In this guide­, we'll discuss what exactly is WhatsApp marketing, its benefits, proven strate­gies, and some successful WhatsApp message marketing campaigns.

Re­ady to begin? Let's jump right in!

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

Simply put, it’s using WhatsApp, a platform you already know and love, (or WhatsApp Business), to communicate with your customers and advertise your product or service.

However, WhatsApp business marketing is not just about sending out promotional WhatsApp messages; it’s about making discussions meaningful and forming a strong relationship with your target audience (informally!) over time.

WhatsApp marketing has a long history of evolution. Businesses initially utilized it to send out bulk messages, manually.

Bulk WhatsApp Broadcasting

But, it has now become highly strategic with automated message sequences, personalized messaging, interactive experiences, CRM integrations, and more.

So why is this channel of marketing more relevant than at any other time in history?

First, it gives you unparalleled access to a 2 billion-strong worldwide audience.

And second, it’s one of the most active messaging apps out there (because who wants to turn off their WhatsApp notifications?)

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing for Businesses

The perks of WhatsApp online marketing are straightforward, offering an unbeatable combination of accessibility, customization, and efficiency. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  1. Enables instant communication - Where emails or text messages may go unchecked for days, WhatsApp boasts a 98% open rate. This makes WhatsApp a marketer’s go-to channel for sending out urgent updates or alerts.
  2. Improves conversion rates - The chances of converting a prospect increase once they receive personalized communication on WhatsApp’s two-way interface. It gives them the feeling that they are being addressed by a real person.
  3. Cost-effective marketing & communication channel - Since WhatsApp uses internet data (and not mobile networks), running a WhatsApp promotion is affordable. Unlike SMS Marketing (charges per SMS), WhatsApp charges on a conversation window which is 24 hours. This cost-efficiency makes it a preferable option for SMBs to reach out to their target audience without heavy investments.
  4. Enhances customer support - When in immediate need, your customers can directly reach out to you via WhatsApp, and you can resolve their queries over a quick chat. Features like auto-replies or bots save the day when urgent responses are needed.
  5. Supports scalability - As your business grows, so does your messaging capacity. You can either integrate AI chatbots to answer repetitive questions or use WhatsApp Business API to facilitate managing larger volumes of interactions without compromising on personal touch.

5 Proven WhatsApp Marketing Strategies for 2024

Now let’s go deeper into the practical side of WhatsApp marketing and look at some proven methods that can help you create your own WhatsApp marketing strategy in 2024:

  1. Amplify your reach with broadcast messaging - WhatsApp broadcast messages allow you to send more than 1000 WhatsApp messages at once, where each recipient receives it as if it were sent to them individually. It's ideal for announcing new products, special offers, and important updates. 
  2. Streamline your engagement with automated notifications - Automate WhatsApp notifications and messages to send frequent updates such as order confirmations, shipping updates, and reminders. Set up triggers based on customer actions to enhance the customer experience, making your brand appear more attentive and reliable.
  3. Improve your responsiveness with conversational AI - Provide instant automated responses to common queries by creating WhatsApp AI chatbots that facilitate round-the-clock customer interaction. For complex issues, the AI can hand off the conversation to human specialists, ensuring that every customer feels heard and valued.
  4. Drive engagement with Click-to-WhatsApp ads - Target your audiences on their favorite digital platforms like Facebook or Instagram through ads and then direct them to initiate a WhatsApp conversation with your brand. This transition from ad to chat reduces barriers to engagement, increases lead generation, and enhances the overall user experience.
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Drive Engagement via Click to WhatsApp Ads

  1. Increase sales with WhatsApp retargeting campaigns - Retargeting campaigns on WhatsApp are a strategic approach to re-engage customers who have shown interest in your products but haven't made a purchase yet. Send targeted, personalized messages or offers based on previous interactions to boost sales.

The Best WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Examples to Learn From

You know what they say, “learning from successful people (or successful WhatsApp campaigns) is how you can get closer to success.” So, let’s have a look at some of the successful WhatsApp message marketing initiatives.

Unilever’s “I’ll bring you back your beloved clothes” WhatsApp campaign

Unilever conducted a campaign to increase the awareness and sales of its new fabric softener, Comfort. 

In total, the company placed over 1,000 billboards in São Paulo, which boldly advertised the softener. Each billboard featured a WhatsApp number, which consumers could message and chat with a chatbot trained to share tips on clothing care, offer discounts, and free delivery on their purchases.

The campaign significantly increased the company’s brand recognition and introduced the new fabric softener, improving sales numbers. Unilever received about 290,000 messages on WhatsApp, and 14,000 new consumers made a purchase.

Image Source: Kalyera

GoIreland’s study abroad personalized WhatsApp broadcast

GoIreland, which specializes in study abroad services in Ireland, was facing several roadblocks while expanding its operations globally.

They faced difficulty keeping track of leads, dealing with form abandonment, organizing contacts, and synchronizing campaigns through different channels. 

This is where Gallabox helped GoIreland streamline WhatsApp marketing. They introduced a new lead form and started sending out WhatsApp broadcast messages.

Additionally, with the help of data and insights from Gallabox, GoIreland optimized its marketing strategy which resulted in an impressive 29% rise in conversion rate.

Flipkart’s Big Billion Days WhatsApp Campaign

To generate as much excitement as possible around the forthcoming Big Billion Days sales event, Flipkart decided to utilize WhatsApp digital marketing.

They ensured that consumers’ smartphones were bombarded with as many interactive WhatsApp marketing messages (like quizzes, games, and fun images) as possible to ensure maximum engagement and interest. Moreover, they decided to make Amitabh Bachchan (a famous Indian actor) their brand ambassador.

The results of this campaign were outstanding. In just two weeks, it generated a 3.5x increase in conversions and a 7x increase in high-quality visitors, generating $2.5 million in revenue—making it one of the most successful WhatsApp marketing examples.

Image source: Flipkart case study

Absolut Vodka’s “Doorman at the Party” WhatsApp campaign

One of the creative leaps taken by Absolut Vodka in 2013 in Argentina was the “Doorman at the Party” campaign. With the goal of promoting a new limited-edition vodka, Absolut decided to use WhatsApp to both announce the product and create a more intimate connection between the brand and its consumers. 

To make the launch exclusive, Absolut organized a super-VIP party with a fake bouncer Sven, who was only willing to let in the two most convincing participants. The target audience reached out to Sven on WhatsApp trying to convince him in every possible way to let them in. 

Back in the day, there were no chatbots, so it was manually driven by a community manager who engaged with multiple potential guests. 

This unique way of WhatsApp promotion not only created an “Absolut” buzz in Argentina but also brought in multiple WhatsApp contacts for the brand to build its database.

How to start WhatsApp marketing: A step-by-step Guide

If you’re wondering how to do WhatsApp marketing or how to get started, follow these simple steps: By now, it’s clear that in today’s digital world, WhatsApp marketing is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must-have.”

Step 1: Create your business profile on WhatsApp

Register your business on WhatsApp Business and get started for free by just registering your contact number.

And, if you’d like to go for the advanced features, use the WhatsApp Business API to set up a business account (paid).

You can also convert your personal WhatsApp account to WhatsApp business account if you want to register your business on your contact number.

Next, make your profile foolproof—upload your logo, add your contact details like support email address or additional contact numbers, and create your product catalog on WhatsApp.

Step 2: Build your Opt-in list on WhatsApp

Persuade your customers to opt-in for updates, and integrate WhatsApp Chat widgets to your website so customers can reach out to you directly.

Use the WhatsApp Business API to gather clients’ contact information, and compile it on a customer relationship management (CRM). You can either integrate a CRM through a third-party integration like Zapier or Pabbly , or natively using Gallabox bult-in Integrations. 

Step 3: Set up WhatsApp Ads and Automation

Reach out to potential customers where they are most engaged. Utilize Click-to-WhatsApp ads to encourage viewers to start a conversation with your business.

 These ads are displayed on Facebook or Instagram, and when clicked, the user is taken directly to a WhatsApp chat with the business.

  • The ad displays your business's contact number pre-filled in WhatsApp, creating a smooth and convenient experience for users.
  • These advertisements are perfect for initiating conversations, retargeting abandonment cart customers, and more.
  • Once a user expresses interest, we can set up a bot that will automatically qualify the lead, saving you valuable time and resources.
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 Build an effective WhatsApp marketing campaign

Once you're done setting up your business on WhatsApp, jump into figuring out the nitty-gritty of WhatsApp campaigns. 

Define your campaign objectives, craft compelling messages, segment your audience, and set up different WhatsApp business campaigns accordingly. 

If you want to skip all the manual work, then get help from a WhatsApp marketing software like Gallabox that can streamline and automate your entire WhatsApp marketing without you worrying about a thing. 

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Initiate Your First WhatsApp Marketing Campaign with Gallabox today!

Isn’t WhatsApp a perfect channel for personalized and interactive marketing? 

If you are wondering how to do marketing through WhatsApp without getting into all the hassles, we have a secret weapon that can help you along the way.

It’s called Gallabox, and it’s the #1 WhatsApp business tool in India. 

Once you connect with Gallabox, we will set up a WhatsApp Business profile, and help you integrate with your website, social media profiles, and CRMs with ease. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with your 7-day free trial now! 

Frequently Asked Questions on WhatsApp Marketing (Answered)

How to use WhatsApp for marketing?

Using WhatsApp for business and marketing is extremely simple. All you need to do is set up your WhatsApp business API, connect it with a WhatsApp marketing software like Gallabox, and start marketing your business over WhatsApp with a few quick and simple steps.

Does WhatsApp marketing work in 2024?

Yes. WhatsApp marketing works extremely well when compared to other marketing channels such as email or SMS. There are numerous successful WhatsApp marketing campaigns that have proven the potential of WhatsApp for effective communication and marketing.

Yes, since the communication channel is legal in India, WhatsApp marketing is also legal and one of the best communication and marketing channels in India and worldwide.

How do WhatsApp marketing campaigns work(WhatsApp Broadcast)?

WhatsApp broadcast campaigns target specific audience groups with specific messaging. You can set up bulk WhatsApp marketing using tools like Gallabox to simplify the process. Upload the contacts -> Choose Template -> Send Broadcast.



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