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Free WhatsApp Link

Want Customers To Contact You On WhatsApp Even If They Have Not Saved Your Number? Generate Click-To-Chat Links For Free In Just Two Steps! Place Them On Your Company’s Social Media Profiles And Website

Create your free WhatsApp link here
    Note: Check if the country code you have entered is correct.
    Example: “Hello, I am interested to know more about your business”.

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    How To Create Your Free WhatsApp Link?

    Step 1 : Type your country code, followed by your WhatsApp Business Number.
    Type the phone number which requires the link to be generated. Remember to enter the correct country code.
    Step 2 : Add a personal message (optional)
    This step is optional, but it is a great way to personalise your user's experience. E.g “Hello, I am interested to know more about your business”.
    Step 3 : Click on the “Generate WhatsApp Chat Link” button to get your unique link!
    The generator creates a shortened link plus a QR code for you to download.

    Why Create WhatsApp Links?

    To start a WhatsApp chat, you will usually need to know the user’s phone number, save it on your device and search for it to start a conversation. A WhatsApp link simplifies those steps into one single click that opens the chat without having to save phone numbers, this is also called "click to chat”.

    How You Can Use WhatsApp Links To Boost Sales

    Touch points on your website

    Contact links across social media platforms

    Jazz up your targeted marketing campaigns

    WhatsApp Links For Businesses: FAQs

    WhatsApp links are meant for businesses who want to connect with customers over WhatsApp, but don't want to send mass text messages or spam users with updates. With WhatsApp Link, you can create a unique link that includes your personal message and share it with your audience on all social media platforms.

    There are no limitations for this tool. You can create your own WhatsApp Link whenever you want.

    One of the advantages of having a WhatsApp link for SMB owners is that customers don't have to endure any effort to engage with you. No form to fill or email to write. The user clicks a link and gets chatting.

    There are two ways you can share links on WhatsApp: a QR code or a link. The choice between these two options is quite important — it’s not just an arbitrary decision but rather a way to direct your audience to the appropriate content. A QR code is a type of barcode that stores information about its corresponding product or service. In other words, it’s used for scanning purposes. On the other hand, a link (URL) is an address that directs users to another website or platform. The main difference here is that one contains more information than the other.

    There are several ways you can use WhatsApp click-to-chat links in your Instagram marketing:

    • Add a WhatsApp link in your bio
    • Add WhatsApp Link to the comments of individual posts
    • Add a WhatsApp link to an Instagram Stories