Website Live Chat: The silent star of your online educational venture.
Website Live Chat: The silent star of your online educational venture.

Website Live Chat: The silent star of your online educational venture.

Shyam Krishnan S

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The pandemic made sweeping changes to our life and study-from-home is one such change. Before the pandemic, online education was limited to mostly higher and distance education. The sudden announcement of lockdown affected almost 500 million students in India and around 2 billion students worldwide. The traditional ‘blackboard’ education embraced technology moving all education online - from primary school to post-graduate studies. Meanwhile, the education technology services - Edutech industry - have discovered countless opportunities to leverage this shift, offering a real school experience, skill development, coaching assistance, etc.

With the rapid shift to online education, it becomes imperative for your business to have a self-sufficient website with the right tools to become a dominant player in your chosen space. One such tool is Website Live Chat, a simple yet powerful tool to help you with customer acquisition, engagement, support, and retention.

The need for a live-chatting platform for your online education enterprise

Students across the world visit your website with a distinct set of requirements and queries. Offering a one-on-one customized service to them is humanly impossible, so you need a tool to do this in scale. Here are a few reasons to show how a Website Live Chat feature acts as a secret catalyst in lead management for your online education venture:

1. Clarity

With the overflow of various course options, sometimes students might get confused with the offerings and might need some clarification. In such cases, instead of the tedious phone call option, they can directly text using the Live Chat feature and get their doubts cleared. This effective one-to-one communication with the students will help you understand students’ requirements and offer services accordingly.

2. Pleasant communication

Each second of your prospective lead’s presence on your website matters. Every action of yours will break or make an impression on the visitor. With Live Chat's automated greeting feature, you can either send them a warm welcome or express your gratitude, etc. Also, you can share a simple message stating that your live-chat feature is there to help them with their queries. These small initiatives help create a decent impression on the student.

3. Aid students in defining their goals

In a day, there are hundreds and thousands of students who visit online educational websites just to understand the courses offered in their interested domain. With the Live Chat feature, you can go the extra mile and help them picture their goals clearly. You can either direct them to the relevant courses or blogs that will help students to plan their study online and take appropriate action.

4. A go-to study guide for parents

With several areas of education available, parents would be curious to explore and understand these options for their kids’ education. However, some might not understand all the offerings in a course and expect some guidance. A Live Chat option in such cases can act as a career guide and help parents to understand a particular course on a high level and plan accordingly.

5. 24/7 support

Every business, be it online or offline, will have specific work timings and you can address your visitors only during those hours. There are possibilities of you missing out on any prospective lead due to your unavailability. In such cases, a Live Chat platform comes handy as it works 24/7. It helps customers visiting your website with relevant information even in your absence.

6. Engaging conversations

Most students visit an online educational website just to check the courses and offerings. Amongst them, only a few will be interested to enrol in a course. However, with an engaging live-chatting platform, you can witness a subsequent rise in the number of students enrolling. An effective live-chatting platform helps students to understand the need for enrolling in a particular course and hence helps in the conversion of prospects to leads.

7. Customer ‘care’

There are cases where students might face technical issues in the website or any other discrepancies. In such cases, having a prolonged call waiting might test their patience. Hence, a live chatting platform with its efficient automation ability can help students to resolve common issues, and the major ones can be recorded and transferred to the tech team without any delay.

8. Low cost; High benefits

A live-chatting feature needs little maintenance and comes with a bunch of options, which is proven to be a low-cost but worthy marketing strategy. It reduces the need for having a separate customer care unit for a small enterprise and also, this chat platform serves worldwide, providing you a global exposure.

9. A BFF for your customer support team

If you are a large or medium enterprise and have a dedicated customer care team, a live chat platform still helps by reducing a load of repetitive tasks from them. Hence, they will get sufficient time to concentrate on major issues and solve them quickly.

10. Real-time communication

When students visit your website, they either come up with a rough idea of the course that they are interested in or with a bunch of queries. When they approach you for clarification, the live-chatting feature helps them with the relevant information without any waiting time. This helps students to make immediate decisions and sometimes, even enroll in one of your courses immediately.

11. Website analytics

The Live Chat feature acts as an agent to inform you of website analytics. It will give you rich data on pages visited most, time spent, actions preferred on a page, etc. This rich data will enable you to make the necessary changes to your website to improve conversions and engagement.

To Conclude

With plenty of online education websites emerging daily, it becomes necessary to include marketing tools that help your website stand out. Gallabox- our omnichannel platform which helps you with lead management comes with several offerings including a powerful Live Chat, an Integrated and Collaborative conversation Inbox, Customisable lead capture forms, and more.