8 Ways Businesses Can Use WhatsApp for Customer Service
8 Ways Businesses Can Use WhatsApp for Customer Service

8 Ways Businesses Can Use WhatsApp for Customer Service

Yogesh Narayanan

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WhatsApp for businesses is currently one of the leading customer support communication platforms in the world. In 2023, several leading brands have chosen to create a customer service strategy that is solely focused on WhatsApp Business. If you’re wondering why? Then this article is just for you. Through this article, we’ll look at several reasons why WhatsApp is one of the most effective customer support platforms.  

Why Choose WhatsApp for Customer Service Over Traditional Support Methods?

Traditional customer service channels like IVR and call support are not as effective when having to deal with larger teams. Digital channels have become the new face of customer service because of the convenience and effectiveness that they provide. By using a WhatsApp Business account for customer service, your business can provide effective, convenient customer support services to a wide range of customers across the globe. WhatsApp API, which is specifically built for medium-to-large businesses, provides several additional functions and integration opportunities that ensure seamless customer support.

Gallabox WhatsApp Team Inbox

One of the functions of  a WhatsApp Team Inbox, can help you quickly assign different customer support tickets to different team members, and manage the tickets easily from a single dashboard. You can also assign labels to customers and group them based on the type of issue they are facing. Using a collaborative conversational tool for WhatsApp Business APIs, you can also create dedicated channels to support individual or specific customer needs. It’s also a perfect customer service tool if you have a support phone tree or call center.

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Examples of Companies Using WhatsApp for Customer Service

There are several examples of leading brands that have successfully built a customer service strategy that is focused on WhatsApp Business. Some of them are as follows:

1. Jobstars India

Jobstar India is a leading HR services firm that helps organizations and talent move forward by converting their potential into performance. Jobstars partnered with Gallabox to create a multilingual chatbot that is tailored to streamline their HR & professional services. In short, the chatbot helps Jobstars collect candidate profiles, apply via WhatsApp and reduce manual interventions. Our multilingual rule-based chatbot has not only helped save 100s of manual agent hours but also reduced drop-offs, thereby helping the company reach a larger audience segment.

Jobstars India's WhatsApp Chatbot by Gallabox

2. LivingStone Stays

Livingstone Stays provides holiday planning & booking solutions to customers with the goal of revolutionizing the way people spend their leisure time. The company partnered with Gallabox to create a customized no-code chatbot that helps automate their direct bookings and customer support processes. The chatbot is designed to help the business stay connected with their partners, property owners and customers 24/7.

LivingStone Stay's website leads are redirected to their WhatsApp Chatbot by Gallabox

LivingStone Stay's WhatsApp Chatbot by Gallabox

3. ThickShake Factory

The ThickShake Factory is India’s first premium thick shake provider. Started in 2013, the brand became famous for offering yummy and delicious shakes with over 50 toppings and flavours. By partnering with Gallabox, The ThickShake Factory built a custom chatbot that is purely focused on helping customers get answers to their queries instantly and make orders directly on WhatsApp. Since the implementation, the chatbot has helped streamline the company’s customer service process and eliminate unnecessary spends.

ThickShake Factory's WhatsApp Chatbot by Gallabox

8 Ways Businesses Can Use WhatsApp for Customer Service

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the leading customer service platforms in 2022 and many businesses have started to integrate WhatsApp Business to boost their customer support. The following are some of the most popular ways that businesses can use WhatsApp for customer service:

Order Notifications

When customers order products & services, they wish to get notified immediately. With WhatsApp, brands can instantly send out a notification to customers when the order is placed. They can also track the order’s status to help them know the arrival time and communicate with the customer in real-time.

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Booking Assistance

WhatsApp helps businesses create dedicated channels for booking appointments with their customers. This can be either via voice messages or chatbots. WhatsApp allows you to track the performance of every customer service channel, and even send out booking/reservation status notifications to clients.

24/7 Customer Support

The most popular use of WhatsApp Business is helping brands automate their customer support process. With WhatsApp, brands can offer 24/7 helpdesk solutions for customers. This is especially true in the case of WhatsApp API, which is perfect for large businesses with teams across different countries, as you can manage chats and tickets in a single chat window.

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Post-Sales Support

Brands can use WhatsApp to automate their after-sales processes. Using a dedicated chatbot that interacts with the customer, a brand can provide immediate answers to queries and offer post-sale solutions. This will improve their overall customer satisfaction.

Multilingual Support

Customers prefer to communicate in their own language, and brands with a multilingual support strategy can tap into WhatsApp to manage all their requests in their native language. WhatsApp's multilingual chatbots can also manage bilingual support tickets and send out automated responses in both languages.

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Rich Media Support

Images and videos can play an important role in customer service. With WhatsApp, you can quickly share media files that you can use as customer service assets. Brands have started to send product information catalogues & training videos via WhatsApp. This has proven to be an effective and convenient way to educate their customers.

Feedbacks & Resolutions

WhatsApp is a convenient and popular way to gather feedback from your customers. With the help of a dedicated chatbot, brands can build interactive dialogs and ask questions that will provide customers with useful feedback. It is proven that chatbots can help create effective feedback loops and improve business operations.

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Generate Insights

WhatsApp Business & WhatsApp API offer a host of tools that help brands collect insightful data. For instance, you can use WhatsApp Team Inbox to view the volume, frequency and language of messages across all of your support channels. WhatsApp can also help you create a comprehensive database of users with insightful information that can help you learn more about your target demographic.

Level up your Customer Service via WhatsApp with Gallabox's Solution

Now that you’ve understood how WhatsApp impacts your brand’s customer service, you might be looking to partner with a reputed WhatsApp Business Service Provider. Gallabox is a leading WhatsApp API solution provider that has helped several leading brands boost their customer service and profits with the aid of a customised no-code chatbot. You can also access a 7-day free trial to assess how Gallabox can help you by clicking here.

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