Bulk WhatsApp Sender: 15 Best WhatsApp Marketing Software in 2023
Bulk WhatsApp Sender: 15 Best WhatsApp Marketing Software in 2023

Bulk WhatsApp Sender: 15 Best WhatsApp Marketing Software in 2023


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In today's digital landscape, marketing and communication are becoming highly interconnected. If you are a business owner, you need to consider a reliable tool to help you enact digital communication and marketing strategies efficiently. WhatsApp Business, the leading business communication platform, is fast becoming a favorite among businesses as it enables them to reach & engage with a large group of customers effortlessly. The platform also offers specialized tools that help business owners market their products & services. Through WhatsApp Business automation, you can increase your visibility, gain unique insights & assist your customers with a minimal workforce.

WhatsApp marketing is becoming increasingly important, even essential for the modern business owner. WhatsApp’s enormous user base, highly targeted & engaging user interface, and low overhead make it perfect for marketing automation. With a few tweaks and some strategic planning, you can automate your marketing and sales processes either by creating local/global groups or by sending bulk broadcast messages that can convert leads and increase sales.

What is WhatsApp Marketing Software?

Until recently, WhatsApp Business didn’t allow businesses to directly promote their products and services. The only way to create a superior marketing strategy through WhatsApp is by using a WhatsApp Business API. However, the API is a programming interface that doesn’t have a front end. Therefore, businesses must partner with WhatsApp Business Service Providers who can use WhatsApp marketing software to help them create customized marketing solutions for their product offerings.

WhatsApp marketing software helps your business conveniently send bulk product notifications & promotions to a large group of customers instantly. Furthermore, some of them provide WhatsApp chat & chatbot automation capabilities for better management and optimization of your business’s operations. By partnering with the right marketing software provider, your business will have access to a number of features that help increase your brand visibility & engagement.

Benefits of using bulk WhatsApp sender

The following are some of the major benefits that you’ll enjoy when you use a bulk WhatsApp sender:

  • Ease-Of-Use: WhatsApp bulk message senders are simple and user-friendly, so they can be used by even the smallest business.
  • Cost-Effective: Business owners can use a bulk WhatsApp sender to notify a complete customer segment or a geographical region at the lowest possible cost.
  • Technical Support: Partnering with a WhatsApp marketing software provider will allow your business to receive instant technical support from experts.
  • Customization: Most bulk WhatsApp senders allow you to customize the bulk messages with the product info and add relevant media & links.
  • Insight Generation: Compared to sending bulk messages on your own, bulk WhatsApp senders provide real-time insights on a variety of parameters. This can drastically increase the quality of insights that you are able to generate.

15 Best WhatsApp Marketing Software in 2022

Now that we’ve looked at the benefits of WhatsApp bulk marketing, let’s look at the top 15 marketing software available in the current market.


Tellephant WhatsApp Marketing

Tellephant is a Chatbot and API service provider that helps businesses with communication and marketing automation solutions. The company provides custom WhatsApp Business API with a host of integration opportunities. Tellephant also offers a comprehensive bulk WhatsApp marketing solution with template message assistance, broadcasting support, Google sheet integration & data analytics solutions.


  • Good bulk WhatsApp marketing support with template message creation.
  • WhatsApp chatbot & automation assistance.
  • Excellent integration opportunities with popular apps & software.


Starts from INR 8000/-


Gallabox WhatsApp Marketing

As one of the most popular WhatsApp workplace service providers, Gallabox provides comprehensive WhatsApp Business solutions. The company offers excellent WhatsApp marketing solutions through automated WhatsApp broadcast messages that can be customized based on your business needs. In addition to bulk broadcasting, Gallabox also provides no-code chatbots that can help with customer acquisition & engagement.


  • Excellent WhatsApp Business broadcast solutions with chat automation & report generation assistance.
  • Shared inbox support to help your team coordinate & solve queries instantly.
  • Native integrations with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Zoho & Woocommerce and 25+ other integrations including Hubspot, Zapier and Razorpay.
  • Industry specific and Use case specific WhatsApp Chatbot Templates.
  • Best-in-class chatbot support with excellent UX & personalized chat flows.
  • WhatsApp Sequence which offer WhatsApp Drip Marketing, to send a series of messages in different intervals automatically.


Subscriptions start from INR 2999/-


DelightChat WhatsApp Marketing

DelightChat is a leading customer service & marketing tool that offers unified WhatsApp Business solutions to businesses. The tool allows businesses to send promotional WhatsApp messages & notifications to a host of customers instantly. In addition to this, DelightChat also offers tailor-made marketing & automation solutions on Instagram and other platforms.


  • Unified customer service dashboard for WhatsApp, Instagram Facebook & other platforms.
  • Helps businesses generate unique insights through custom reports & data analytics.
  • Good automation assistance for WhatsApp, Instagram and other platforms.


Plans start from INR 4000/-


WATI WhatsApp Marketing

WATI is considered one of the best WhatsApp chatbot and API service providers. The company helps businesses drive sales, customer support & marketing through WhatsApp. In addition, WATI also offers integrations with Zoho, Shopify, Google & HubSpot.


  • Excellent native integration opportunities for WhatsApp Business API.
  • Easy-to-use no-code chatbot & broadcast messaging solutions.
  • WhatsApp shared inbox support for increased collaboration.


Plans start from INR 2380/-


Sendwo WhatsApp Marketing

As a comprehensive WhatsApp marketing service provider, Sendwo provides affordable bulk messaging support to businesses. In addition, the tool also provides excellent WhatsApp marketing automation and personalized campaign/customer management solutions.


  • Supports all types of media including text, images, video, audio & vCard files.
  • Offers contact import & scheduling support for bulk messages.
  • Frequent updates for all plans and good chat/email support.


Plans start from INR 2460/-


AiSensy WhatsApp Marketing

This platform offers excellent WhatsApp API support for increasing customer engagement for businesses. AiSensy provides excellent WhatsApp broadcasting solutions for promotional and remarketing purposes. In addition, the platform offers WhatsApp AI chatbot support.


  • Auto segregation support for broadcast messages to help manage remarketing campaigns.
  • WhatsApp Business API & chatbot integration support.
  • 24/7 WhatsApp AI chatbot solutions.


Plans start from INR 999/-


Interakt WhatsApp Marketing

Interakt focuses on transforming business conversations into sales using WhatsApp Business API. In addition to WhatsApp broadcast solutions with automated workflows, the platform also helps businesses create customized WhatsApp catalogs & carts to showcase their products.


  • Helps businesses create WhatsApp Catalogs & Carts with images & prices.
  • Provides automated notifications & custom auto-replies that can be triggered based on customer actions.
  • Helps build custom broadcast campaigns based on customer attributes & events.


Plans start from INR 999/- (per month)


SendPulse WhatsApp Marketing

SendPulse offers automated marketing support across multiple channels including WhatsApp. The platform provides simple & user-friendly WhatsApp API & chatbot integration support for businesses. SendPulse is well-known for offering superior integration opportunities for WhatsApp API since it's an omnichannel platform.


  • Easy-to-use WhatsApp chatbot wizard that can be set up in just three steps.
  • Offers WhatsApp integration assistance with CRMs, email accounts & other tools.
  • Helps businesses with Facebook verification & WhatsApp template message creation.


Plans start from INR 527/-


Zoko WhatsApp Marketing

Zoko is a comprehensive platform that helps businesses leverage WhatsApp API to boost their customer service & marketing efficiency. Their customized & user-friendly dashboard helps businesses manage customer conversations with multiple agents & broadcast multiple messages instantly to a large group of customers.


  • Helps easily create broadcast messages with custom templates, images & videos.
  • All-in-one WhatsApp API dashboard that helps complete orders easily.
  • An intuitive shared inbox feature that helps multiple agents collaborate easily.


Plans start from INR 2880/-


Vepaar WhatsApp Marketing

Vepaar is a business management platform that offers essential communication & marketing tools. This platform provides a wide range of WhatsApp API & CRM features to help scale online business. In addition, Vepaar also renders digital tools like inventory management & payment integration for e-commerce stores.


  • Comprehensive WhatsApp CRM solutions with bulk broadcasting support.
  • A range of features including sales funnel/tag creation, ticket/activity management & chat autosave support.
  • Multiple online tools are aimed to help boost e-commerce sales.


Free plan available. Plans start from INR 4000/-


Rapbooster WhatsApp Marketing

RapBooster is a popular online platform that provides customized digital marketing support. As part of its service portfolio, it offers best-in-class WhatsApp marketing solutions, including chatbot support, for businesses. RapBooster is also well-known for its e-mail marketing & CRM software solutions.


Complete WhatsApp API, chatbot & broadcast marketing support with custom filter options.

Helps businesses extract emails & mobile numbers from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube.

Can also help businesses with e-mail/SMS marketing & CRM services.


Contact for Custom Quotes.


Wappblaster WhatsApp Marketing

WappBlaster is a cloud-based software that offers bulk messaging solutions for businesses. The platform is well-known for its simple & comprehensive messaging dashboard. WappBlaster provides number rotation, data extraction & auto follow-up solutions to complement its WhatsApp broadcasting support.


No need to download software or tools because it is completely cloud-based.

Google Map & Justdial data extractor support for easy bulk broadcasting.

100% technical support & lead follow-up support.


Contact for Custom Quotes.


Quickreply WhatsApp Marketing

QuickReply.ai provides WhatsApp commerce solutions for online & e-commerce businesses. The platform is well-known for helping businesses with WhatsApp integrations with stores like Shopify, WooCommerce & Magento. QuickReply provides WhatsApp chatbot automation & abandoned cart recovery support to increase business revenues.


  • Smart integration support with popular e-commerce platforms & shops.
  • WhatsApp drip campaigns for abandoned cart recovery.
  • Chat tracking & data analytics support for excellent optimization.


Plans start from INR 2500/-


BusinessOnBot WhatsApp Marketing

The BusinessOnBot platform provides one-stop WhatsApp solutions for brands across domains. It is well-known for offering multilingual WhatsApp broadcasting & chatbot solutions for sales & marketing purposes.


  • WhatsApp integration with Shopify, Magento & WooCommerce platforms.
  • Customized retargeting workflows for abandoned cart recoveries.
  • Multi-agent chat support & multilingual chatbot widgets.


Plans start from INR 4900/-


Bitespeed WhatsApp Marketing

As a leading WhatsApp marketing & chatbot service provider, Bitespeed focuses on assisting businesses to drive their revenues. In addition to comprehensive WhatsApp solutions, the company also offers omnichannel inbox support. Bitespeed is also well-known for providing excellent analytics & reporting solutions.


  • Excellent multi-agent chat support with tags, ticketing & routing options.
  • Omnichannel inbox that combines conversations from Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram.
  • Helps set up WhatsApp chatbots & shops in minutes.


Free Plan Available. Plans start from INR 20499/-


WOZTELL WhatsApp Marketing

Woztell is a popular conversation management platform that helps businesses manage customer communications on WhatsApp, Facebook and other applications. The platform is known to render unified cross-channel communication & marketing solutions to businesses across various domains.


  • Set up WhatsApp chatbots and stores to streamline sales.
  • Use Slack, Teams & Zoho Cliq for managing social conversations on Facebook and other platforms.
  • Easy integration with popular CRMs, e-commerce platforms & communication service providers.


Free Plan Available. Plans start from INR 3300/-

Engage more customers with a top-notch WhatsApp sender like Gallabox

Now that you’ve seen the leading WhatsApp bulk marketing software available in the current marketing, you need to choose a partner who is capable of offering comprehensive WhatsApp solutions, right from API integration to marketing automation. Gallabox’s WhatsApp Business Solution offers native integrations with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Zoho and Woocommerce. In addition, Gallabox offer 25+ other integrations. Check out our other integrations here.
We also offer industry-specific WhatsApp chatbots customized to the needs of each market. Get started for free today!