WhatsApp Partners: How to choose a WhatsApp business solution provider
WhatsApp Partners: How to choose a WhatsApp business solution provider

WhatsApp Partners: How to choose a WhatsApp business solution provider

Yogesh Narayanan

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In the past decade, WhatsApp has become a ubiquitous application. With an ever-growing user base, WhatsApp created WhatsApp Business to help business owners across the globe improve their reach & revenue. WhatsApp Business, which is currently being used by over 5 million businesses, has become a key part of today's business strategy. For small businesses that are looking to grow, WhatsApp Business is the perfect communication & marketing partner. However, businesses looking to scale across the globe might find the app's basic features too limiting. & might go for the platform's application interface, WhatsApp Business API.

To integrate and use the API, a company must partner with a WhatsApp Business Service Partner (BSP). In this article, we'll look at the role and purpose of WhatsApp BSPs to help educate small & medium businesses that are in the process of choosing a partner.

What are WhatsApp business solution providers (BSP)?

Since WhatsApp API is an application interface, its integration requires good development knowledge. While large enterprises might have an in-house development team, small & medium businesses might need to partner with third-party developers. WhatsApp, which understood this difficulty, partnered with third-party service providers well-versed in WhatsApp solutions. These partners are called WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSPs). WhatsApp conducts its own evaluation before certifying a service provider as BSP so customers can rest assured that they are reliable, experienced & highly capable. WhatsApp BSPs will be the single point of contact for businesses and they will handle all the necessary approvals & queries that arise as part of your WhatsApp communication strategy. Therefore, it's critical to select the best BSP to partner with.

Benefits of working with a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

‘Why should I partner with a BSP?’

This might be the first question that would come to your mind when shifting from WhatsApp Business to WhatsApp API. We understand that partnering with a Business Solution Provider might look like a luxury, especially for small businesses, but that’s not the case.

WhatsApp Partners: Compliance

Integrating & managing WhatsApp API is a complicated task for any business (even with experienced in-house developers). In addition to understanding the service portfolio & features of WhatsApp, businesses also need to learn the critical business policies outlined for business communication & marketing. If your business strays away from the rules, they risk being blocked by customers and even banned from the platform. Since BSPs have extensive knowledge of WhatsApp Business & WhatsApp Commerce Policies, they will help you navigate the fine print to ensure that you are compliant.

Whatsapp Partners: Service Assistance

WhatsApp Business API has a host of features and tools. Business owners might find it tedious to find relevant applications that satisfy their specific needs. This trial & error method can be avoided by partnering with a Business Solutions Provider. In addition, a BSP can help solve any problems that might arise with your WhatsApp business account by recommending additional features. An experienced BSP like Gallabox can even take your business to the next level by suggesting custom features, integrations & tools that can help accelerate your business.

Whatsapp partners: Pricing plan

WhatsApp API is a paid service that charges businesses based on the number of business-initiated conversations. Much like any third-party developer, a WhatsApp Business Solutions Partner will add additional fees for their service. This can include a monthly fee, set-up costs, maintenance charges, etc.  While most BSPs don’t charge exorbitant fees, there are some that might be a little high on the cost scale. Therefore, the key is to ensure that the BSP provides great value for money. For example, some WhatsApp Business Solutions Providers do not charge a set-up fee or a maintenance cost. This might be highly beneficial for your business in the long run.

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8 Tips to choose the best WhatsApp Business Solution Provider for your business

Now that we’ve had a brief look at WhatsApp Business Solution Providers, let’s look at some critical tips that can help you filter the best from the rest.

Get a demo before choosing a solution provider

It’s important to know that a renowned BSP that you’ve shortlisted may not be the right one for your business. This is because some BSPs may offer excellent solutions for just one or two features of WhatsApp API. Therefore, checking if a BSP can cater to your needs through a demo session is important. A demo will allow you to test the BSP’s proficiency in both understanding your business requirements and its own development skills. Also, you’ll get to know the quality of support that will be provided by the BSP to help you move your integration into production.

Choose a solution that has excellent customer support service

One of the critical factors when choosing a BSP is how it assists its customers. A BSP that contacts you frequently before the purchase might not provide support after the service is sold. To avoid this, choose a Business Solution Provider that has good client testimonials. Choosing a BSP that is responsive and has excellent customer service will ensure that your WhatsApp strategy is not derailed and will give you peace of mind.

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BSP must be transparent about the service cost

As mentioned earlier, service costs are a necessary part of WhatsApp BSP partnerships. Since there are partners who might charge hidden fees, it is important to ensure that your BSP can give a clear breakdown of the cost before you choose. Some BSPs might charge a large one-time fee while others might charge monthly costs that increase or decrease. An independent review can tell you whether a BSP is honest & transparent.

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Choose if the solution provider offers a free trial

A free trial can be highly beneficial for small businesses. It not only helps you understand how the BSP works but also helps you judge its value for money. Many reputed WhatsApp Business Solution Providers like Gallabox offer free trial periods that can be used to validate the BSP’s expertise in the service. In addition, these free trials also give businesses the opportunity to use the BSP’s services at no cost, which is highly beneficial for a small business that has limited budgets.

Choose a BSP with good integration opportunities

Since WhatsApp has a vast reach, it has created thousands of integration points. However, some WhatsApp integration points have higher priority, which can help your business achieve growth. Your BSP should not only ensure good integration with your CRM but also find excellent integration opportunities that can help your business achieve growth. Therefore, if a BSP offers a large list of possible integrations, it’s a clear sign that it’s a reliable partner.

Choose a solution if it’s an easy-to-use platform

When choosing a WhatsApp Business Solution Partner, one of the most important factors is how easy the platform is to use. You’ll need a BSP that’s flexible and can adjust to the needs of your business. It’s important to choose a BSP that has a seamless user experience to help make your team productive and comfortable.

Choosing a Service provider who is accessible from your location

When choosing a WhatsApp Business Solutions Partner, it’s important to ensure that your team’s location aligns with the BSPs. A BSP that provides quality services in a country might lack the strong framework to provide good long-distance support. If you’re operating from a remote location, a local BSP can offer instant customer support.

In addition, this can also help you when you are expanding to a new market as a BSP with regional knowledge will be highly beneficial.

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In conclusion, choosing a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider is a crucial decision that can either set your business up or sink it. Therefore, it is important to be transparent and objective while making the final decision. If you're in India, you can choose Gallabox, a leading Business Solution Provider providing user-friendly WhatsApp workplace solutions. Gallabox has helped several businesses in the real estate, travel, education, & financial services domains attain excellent business growth. So, don't hesitate to sign-up now!

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