The art of crafting a Canned Response
The art of crafting a Canned Response

The art of crafting a Canned Response

Yogesh Narayanan

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It is important to understand that customer service agents spend a huge amount of time drafting the same customer service responses to various customers. This effort can be streamlined with the use of Canned Responses. Canned Responses can be defined as a set of pre-programmed customer service responses and they allow customer service agents to quickly respond to customers. This makes Canned Responses an important part of today’s customer service sector. Since Canned Response makes way for instant and efficient customer conversations, it helps businesses rapidly increase customer experiences. In addition to customer support, canned responses can also be used to improve the sales and marketing teams.

Businesses have to understand that canned responses are a mainstay in the customer service sector. Therefore, they need to learn to craft the best responses to ensure that they don’t sound monotonous or boring. ‘Fast but engaging’ should be the mantra as 96% customers feel that fast and consistent responses greatly influence their loyalty to a brand.

We urge businesses to use the following steps as a guideline to create the best Canned Responses.


 Find the most frequently asked questions and segregate the same different categories.

Create Answers

 Create short and precise answers that can be easily searched and added to any form of customer support (chat, mail, etc.)

Knowledge Bank

 Create a superior knowledge bank by collating the answers for the FAQs. This knowledge bank will act as the central hub for your customer service agents in the future.


 Train customer service agents to personalize their Canned Replies based on customer queries. This will leave a deep impression on the customers and help improve customer loyalty.


 Always add a Call To Action in your Canned Response as it will help customers learn what to do next. It will also help increase the trust of potential customers.

Revisit & Revise

 Businesses should always look to revisit their knowledge base and add/revise their Canned Responses to ensure superior support for the customers.

There are several benefits to using Canned Responses in the customer service department. Some of the most prominent ones are listed below

Instant Response

 With the use of Canned Responses, customer service agents will be able to quickly respond to customer queries.

Increases Efficiency

 With Canned Responses, agents will be able to handle more customers within a short period of time. This increases the overall efficiency of the customer service team.

24/7 Interaction

 Customers expect superior support all through the day, which is possible with the help of Canned Responses. With pre-programmed responses, agents can easily offer 24/7 customer service.

Increased Information Sharing

 Since businesses will be able to create a centralized knowledge base, they will be able to share information much faster and increase their overall service quality.

Decrease Costs

 With increased efficiency, businesses will be able to reduce their costs drastically. Moreover, businesses will also be able to increase their profits substantially because they will attend more customers.

Less Typos

 Typos and mistakes are issues that could severely hamper the quality of customer service offered by a business. Replies and resolutions will feel unprofessional and can even result in customer attrition. With Canned Responses, businesses can greatly minimize the number of typos and increase the quality of customer service offered.

Businesses can use Canned Replies in various scenarios and potentially improve their customer service strategy.

The following are some ways that the customer service team can use Canned Replies

Customer Greetings

 Using personalized Canned Replies can create a superior impression on the customers.

Chat Transfers

 Canned Replies can be used to improve chat transfer times and ease customers into new chats.


 Customer service agents mostly use the same replies for Appointment Bookings, the same can be expedited using Canned Responses.

Query Resolution

 Since customers require instant query resolutions, Canned Responses are perfect for the same.

Feedback Forms

 Businesses can use Canned Responses as a way to collect personalized feedback from the customers.

In this article, we have looked at the importance of using Canned Responses. The article also provides businesses a guideline for creating the best Canned Responses and the best ways to use the same. We hope that this knowledge will help businesses increase their efficiency and improve their overall customer service quality.

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