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How Chatbots Help Real Estate Companies

2x Increase in prospective buyers

2x Increase in assistance to facilitate buying, selling and renting properties

2x Increase in real-time query resolution by bots.

Use-cases Of Real Estate Chatbots

Showcase customised listings

Build a custom chatbot and provide virtual tours showcasing your listings.

Multilingual customer support

Support customers in 30+ languages and connect better

Collect required documentation

Simplify your collection process, collect required documents via WhatsApp at any given time.

Automate reminders & notifications

Remind potential buyers and notify them about upcoming appointments, automatically through WhatsApp.

Simplify data collection with integration systems

Collect data in a simplified manner with conversational bot flows. Integrate your WhatsApp API with data collecting CRMs.

Rich text, media & files

Engage your clients with listing images, videos tours, pamphlets, proposal docs and much more.

Share Listing Locations Via WhatsApp Chatbots

Cater to your customers more efficiently, create no-code chatbots to send listing locations via WhatsApp - the preferred messaging platform of 2 billion users.

Centralized Inbox For Real Estate Companies

Collaborate with team members, assign, @mention and label contacts. Agents can take ownership and view customer history to build better relationships.

Integrate Your Real Estate Chatbots With CRMs And Other Apps

Real Estate Chatbots: FAQs

A real estate chatbot is an intelligent and automated system that allows users to interact with it by providing information and services. They provide users with information about real estate listings, property values, property taxes, public schools, safety & security, etc.,

Real estate chatbots work like any other online chatbot. All you have to do is to start chatting with it. It will ask you some questions and then respond accordingly. You can also type in certain keywords or phrases to get the conversation started.

Chatbots are particularly useful in the real-estate industry because they could automate parts of the sales process that don't really require any human contact at all.

Chatbot to help people find their dream homes. The most important features for a real estate chatbot are,

  • A conversational interface
  • Humanized responses
  • Conversations stored for future reference

The bot-building platform like Gallabox helps you to create a bot within minutes by dragging and dropping components. Our chatbot can understand user input and respond appropriately.