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Grow your business with Gallabox

Increase Customer Response Rate


Increase in lead conversions

Respond faster to incoming leads, collaborate better and share proposals quicker

Grow your brand salience


Improvement in customer retention

Carry context for every conversation, all team-members remain on the same page, provide delightful support

Earn customer delight


Reduction in sales & support costs

Reduce mundane work for team-members, get clear ownership for conversations, do more with fewer people


Supercharge your business with a set of powerful features

One inbox
One inbox

All your customer interactions from WhatsApp, Live Chat, Email, FB Messenger, and more - to a single screen.

Assign customer conversations to agents on the go and get clear accountability.

From a single reply box, respond to customers across channels using rich text (audio, video, documents, emojis, location).

Collaborative work
Collaborative work

Pull out the chat history at a customer level so your team members can stay with the context anytime.

Use Private notes for communication within the team to make notes and keep all members on the same page.

Use @mentions to share information, seek help and get things done faster.

Quick replies
Quick replies

Canned responses with rich text (audio, video, documents, emojis, location) make predefined messages personalised.

With approved WhatsApp template messages, let your teams send instant responses to queries.

Configure responses in their preferred language to leave the right impression.

Customer Profiling
Customer profiling

Real-time conversations enrich the profile of customer automatically.

Use tags to profile your customers better for future upsell and cross sell opportunities.

Access up-to-date history of all interactions with the customer so your teams can provide the right solution.


Set up your own bot with our no-code chatbot builder. Collect more information from prospects to improve conversions, and serve customers.

Rule-based engine to answer FAQs and common queries.

Configure your Chatbot for generating more leads and for serving existing customers.

Easy integration
Easy integration

Gallabox aligns and easily integrates with all your CRM and ecommerce platforms - and pushes data both ways.

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