WhatsApp Green Tick Verification: How to Get It and Why You Need It
WhatsApp Green Tick Verification: How to Get It and Why You Need It

WhatsApp Green Tick Verification: How to Get It and Why You Need It

Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran

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You own a thriving homegrown bakery business, 'BakerByte' and decide to scale its operations and meet its ever-growing customer demand by establishing an online presence through WhatsApp Business.

Even with an exquisite array of pastries on offer and excellent customer service, BakerByte dealt with unexpected hitches. Their customers and prospects frequently dropped off during the order process, and sales started declining.

A little customer research unraveled the mystery - skepticism about BakerByte's authenticity due to the absent WhatsApp Green Tick was leading to drop-offs.

A WhatsApp Green Tick ✅ is the difference between being a face in the crowd and having a personal billboard on a busy street.

The Green Tick, the official badge of authenticity on WhatsApp, was a tiny yet prominent detail that BakerByte overlooked, resulting in trust-barriers.

Such business losses are not-so-uncommon struggle that many 'Green Tick'-less WhatsApp Businesses experience. This article delves into the ins and outs of WhatsApp's Green Tick ✅- what it is, its benefits, how to get one, and ways to navigate if your application gets rejected.

What is the WhatsApp Green Tick?

In WhatsApp's world, not all business accounts are created equal.

A green tick✅ next to a company's name signifies that WhatsApp has confirmed the authenticity of this business, providing users with an extra level of trust and security. The iconic WhatsApp green tick is more than a digital badge – it's a symbol of credibility and an instantaneous trust builder.

Difference Between a Regular Business Account and an Official Business Account

Regular WhatsApp Business accounts operate much like personal WhatsApp accounts, albeit with some added features. However, moving to an Official Business API projects a more professional appearance with the green tick badge ✅, implying extra layers of credibility and authenticity.

FeatureRegular Business AccountOfficial Business Account
Green Tick VerificationNoYes
WhatsApp API AccessLimitedFull Access
Brand IdentificationBasicEnhanced
Customer EngagementStandardAdvanced

As can be deduced from this comparison, the Official Business Account, with its green tick verification, offers a more comprehensive set of features and facilitates a higher level of brand visibility.

A small digital checkmark wields the power to alter a business' trajectory by shaping customers' perception and trust. The pivotal role of the WhatsApp Green Tick✅ is often underestimated.

Five Essential Steps to Earning Your WhatsApp Green Tick Badge

Earning the coveted green tick✅can seem daunting, but don't worry. We've outlined a straightforward five-step process to guide you through to verification success:

1. Sign Up for WhatsApp API Access: To initiate the verification process, you need to sign up for WhatsApp API Access. Look around their business website or application; you should find an option to sign up for API Access.

2. Reach Tier 2 or Higher Messaging Levels: This is a measure of how active your Business profile is on WhatsApp. The more your interaction levels, the higher your chances of qualifying for the next verification tier.

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3. Verify your Business on Meta Business Manager: Your Business Account needs to get verified on the Meta Business Manager. It's a platform that manages all your social communication channels, so make sure all is in order.

4. Build Brand Value: This might seem like a non-tangible step, but it's important. Your brand's value and reputation can significantly influence the decision to grant the green tick. You need to create an impression that your brand is trustworthy and ethical.

5. Enable 2-step Verification: Enabling 2-step verification for your account is a simple security measure intended to prevent someone else from accessing your account. Showing that you take your account's security seriously might just win you some favour!

While the WhatsApp green tick application process can take some time and patience always pays off!

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Ways to Apply for a WhatsApp Green Tick Badge

Different roads can lead you to a verified account. Some businesses choose to navigate the process independently, while others lean on Business Service Providers (BSPs). The best approach depends on your business, your resources, and the level of certainty you need.

If you're using a WhatsApp Automation Tool, the provider could always pitch in and guide you in the right way. Well, that's what we do at Gallabox!

Surviving Rejection: What to Do if Your Green Tick Application is Denied

Rejection may be a tough pill to swallow, particularly when it comes to the green tick verification process on WhatsApp. However, it's crucial not to let it discourage you from striving towards the accomplishment that's within your reach.

Successful businesses are built from disappointments or roadblocks, and overcoming them only strengthens you.

If your application for the green tick verification gets rejected, Meta suggests that you take some time to build your credibility and visibility on the relevant online platforms, perhaps by being mentioned in news articles and similar publications.

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Such PR activities will display your active presence and perceived legitimacy to the wider public, including the stringent verification team at WhatsApp. Once you've done that, consider reapplying!

Here are some steps you can take to if you genuinely feel that the rejection was a mistake:

  1. Contact WhatsApp Support: If require further clarification about the rejection reason, do probe for answers by contacting WhatsApp's Support Team. They have the ability to provide additional guidance on how you could proceed, and assistance to resolve any lingering issues.
  2. Ensuring Compliance: Make sure that your business and communication practices are in complete harmony with Meta's Business Policy. Strict adherence to rules and guidelines is non-negotiable when applying for green tick verification on WhatsApp.
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Out of Bounds: Businesses Ineligible for the Green Tick Verification

While the WhatsApp Green Tick✅ presents numerous benefits to businesses worldwide, it's essential to note that not all businesses can apply for it. Certain categories of trades and services are explicitly barred from obtaining the coveted mark of authenticity.

For instance, if your company falls under the ambit of restricted industries such as the production and sale of illicit drugs, tobacco products, or the operation of gambling businesses, you are bound to face a roadblock.

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Sale of alcoholic beverage brands, weapons and ammunition, live animals, or adult-oriented products or services are also sectors that WhatsApp is disinclined to provide verification in the form of a green tick.

Other domains like dating services, and the murky world of cryptocurrencies also share a similar fate based on WhatsApp’s stringent commerce policies.

Balancing Act: Advantages and Disadvantages of Chasing the Green Tick

We all want to ascertain our standing in any marketplace and be recognised for our legitimacy and trustworthiness. The tiny green tick✅ on a WhatsApp Business Profile indeed holds such a crucial role in the process.

But, as they say, every coin has two sides; while a green tick asserts credibility and trust in the customers' minds, the process of acquiring it may well be a tightrope walk. Let's look ata few of the pros and cons of applying for this coveted badge.

Positives First, Navigating the Plus Points

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  1. The green tick✅ represents more than just a status symbol. It is a direct message to your clients that WhatsApp has validated your business, giving you an air of legitimacy that can dramatically increase trust and engagement.
  2. It's like a virtual handshake, guaranteeing your business's credibility and establishing a sense of comfort for the customers. Also, it can also enhance your visibility in search results, thereby improving traffic and potential client influx.
Jane, the owner of a boutique, decided to apply for the green tick on her WhatsApp Business profile. Following the verification, she noticed a 30% increase in message replies and a 40% increase in orders!

On The Flip Side, Acknowledging the Drawbacks

However, as much as one would like, the green tick✅isn't just a click away.

  1. The application process can be quite rigorous, involving multiple steps and prerequisites.
  2. There's a checklist you need to adhere to, besides the need to reach to a Tier 2 or Higher Messaging Level, that could be a potential roadblock for many.

Let's borrow a moment from Jeff's experience - he started a small event management company and applied for the coveted green tick. However, his application was rejected given he was yet to reach Tier 2 Messaging Levels.

A fair share of his resources had been drained by the process, not to mention the time. He decided to approach WhatsApp Support as he believed his application was rejected in error and was guided on the path of reapplication.

Note: Despite meticulous efforts, not everyone gets the coveted green tick ✅ right away. Upon rejection, you can revisit your strategy, focus on building brand value, and establish your business' presence on various platforms.

The pros and cons may seem a balancing act, and rightly so.

But understanding these intricacies will help make an informed decision on whether to apply for the green tick or not.

After all, staying informed is half the battle won, isn’t it?

Optimising Your Chances for Verification: Proven Tactics

Boosting your chances for securing that coveted green tick on your WhatsApp business account goes beyond just meeting the eligibility criteria. It involves a holistic approach, continually developing a strong and trustworthy brand presence.

Let's delve into fiven proven tactics:

1. Leverage Other Social Media Platforms

WhatsApp isn't the only platform where you can build your brand value.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all integral parts of a comprehensive social media strategy.

Busy customers may not directly visit your website, but they are likely to come across your social media profiles. Use them to create a cohesive, professional, and engaging brand experience that adds credibility to your business.

2. Keep Your Brand Messaging Consistent

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Ensure that your company's messaging is consistent across all platforms, right from social media channels to your website and even your WhatsApp business profile. This uniformity strengthens your brand's image and recognition, and it instils confidence in customers, making them more likely to trust your company.

3. Ensure Regular Communication

Keeping a steady and meaningful dialogue with your customers and potential customers is crucial.

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Whether it's through click-to-whatsapp ads, newsletters, WhatsApp drip campaigns, or direct messages on social platforms, regular communication fosters strong relationships, proves your business's credibility, and keeps your brand at the forefront of customers' minds.

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4. Resolve Complaints On Time

Customers value companies that acknowledge and resolve complaints promptly.

By doing so, you'll not only smooth over individual issues but also build a reputation for effective service, a significant factor in bagging the green tick✅.

5. Publish Regularly on High Authority Platforms

This strategy helps establish your brand as an industry leader.

By making your voice heard through blogs or articles on respectable platforms, you're standing with the giants of your industry. This builds your business's credibility and influence, improving your chances of getting verified on WhatsApp.

Always put your customers first, as their loyalty and faith in your business will, in the long run, add more value than any verification.

Turn the WhatsApp Green Tick Dream Into a Reality

Operating without a green tick✅ on your WhatsApp Business profile can be likened to driving with one hand on the steering wheel -- doable, but far from ideal. This is especially true for companies dealing with frequent customer drop-offs, confusion, and even losses.

The tale is almost the same, an interested customer initiates communication, only to grow uncertain of the lack of a verified symbol next to the business's name. Doubts edging into their mind, they would rather not risk handing over payment to a potentially unverified entity.

For businesses juggling these challenges daily, the green tick is more than just a badge— it's a beacon of trust, credibility, and reliability.

Hope this article gave you an idea of the elusive WhatsApp green tick✅, it's long and intricate verification process, and the steps involved in maximising their chances of getting verified.

Now, if you're ready to level up your WhatsApp game and turn into into a brand new sales revenue engine, sign up for a Gallabox demo today and find out how it can help you regardless of your business size or green tick status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many readers often have queries about the intricacies of WhatsApp Business operations and the Green Tick Verification. To help, we’ve shortlisted some popular questions:

  1. What is WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?
    The Green Tick Verification is a recognition granted by WhatsApp to official business accounts, ensuring their authenticity. The green tick next to the business name reassures customers that they are interacting with a legitimate business, enhancing their confidence and trustworthiness in your brand.
  2. Why should I apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?
    Attaining the Green Tick Verification amplifies your business's credibility. Customers value the green tick as a symbol of a verified, trusted business, and are more likely to interact and engage with such accounts. This ultimately leads to higher customer satisfaction and better business growth.
  3. How do I apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?
    Application for the Green Tick involves a stepwise process which consists of signing up for WhatsApp API Access, reaching Tier 2 or higher messaging levels, verifying your business on Meta Business Manager, building brand value, and enabling 2-step verification. Further details can be found in the dedicated section above.
  4. What are WhatsApp’s eligibility criteria for Green Tick Verification?
    Businesses applying for Green Tick Verification must be legit and compliant with WhatsApp’s commerce policy. They must also have a significant online presence and not deal with certain prohibited products or services like weapons, adult content, etc., as outlined by WhatsApp.
  5. How long does it take to get verified on WhatsApp?
    The verification process can take from a few days up to a couple of weeks, depending on the volume of applications WhatsApp receives. It is important to note that verification is not guaranteed and WhatsApp has the right to reject applications that do not meet their guidelines.
  6. What documents are required for verification?
    You may be asked to submit various documents during the verification process, such as a business license, tax filings, or other documents proving your business’s legitimacy. The specific requirements may vary depending on your location and business type.
  7. What happens if my application is rejected?
    If your application is rejected, WhatsApp provides an appeal process. You may need to provide additional documents or adjust your business practices to adhere with WhatsApp’s Business and Commerce Policies.
  8. Is there a fee for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?
    Currently, WhatsApp does not charge a fee for the Green Tick Verification process. All businesses can apply for verification for free.
  9. Can I use a personal WhatsApp account for business purposes?
    While possible, it's recommended to use a separate WhatsApp Business account for professional interactions. This not only helps in keeping your personal and business conversations separate, but also provides access to business-oriented features.
  10. How can I improve my chances of getting verified on WhatsApp?
    Maintaining a consistent online presence, interacting regularly with your WhatsApp audience, leveraging other social media platforms, and ensuring your business adheres to all the WhatsApp Business and Commerce Policies can significantly enhance your chances of verification.
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