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How Gallabox Helped JuttiChoo Boost Sales and Enhance Customer Communication

Learn how JuttiChoo, an e-commerce business, accelerated its sales cycle and improved their customer communication using Gallabox!


Improving operational efficiency

ad conversion rates


Recovering of abandoned carts

first-time customers


Reducing cost per acquisition

after using Gallabox flows

Pain Points 🥲

  • Trouble integrating with Razorpay
  • Inability to recover abandoned carts
  • Too much reliance on SMS and emails

Results 🤩

  • Improving 74% operational efficiency
  • Recovering 82% of abandoned carts
  • Reducing 54% cost per acquisition (CPA)

Laying the Groundwork: An Overview of JuttiChoo

JuttiChoo, an e-commerce operator, seeks innovative ways to outperform the competition. They recognized the power of not just email and SMS but also WhatsApp for transmitting order confirmation messages, nurturing and converting leads, and keeping cusotmers engaged. Let’s learn how adding WhatsApp as an additional channel amplified their customer experience.

A Peek Into JuttiChoo's Retail Terrain: Challenges and Triumphs

Being a resolute participant in the volatile domain of Shopping and Retail, JuttiChoo persevered amidst the ebbs and flows of the market expanse. Nevertheless, their journey had a fair share of trials and tribulations. Here are some challenges JuttiChoo has skillfully weathered.

The Need to Move Beyond the Traditional

JuttiChoo is a pro at offering superior client services, predominantly confirming orders via SMS and email.

However, in a world with ever-growing communication channels, this traditional approach might not fully cater to JuttiChoo's dynamic needs. To combat this, the company used its extensive client database to promptly and effectively deliver the latest updates and offers.

No More 'All Eggs in One Basket' with Communication

They identified the need to link their Shopify-built website with their payment partner Razorpay would be a step forward, but it also introduced new conundrums. The need to propel order confirmation and status update messages over burgeoning platforms such as WhatsApp has further deepened these complexities.

Hence, the threat of archaic manual processes strangles productivity, hampers customer gratification, and poses a looming threat to their financial performance. Meanwhile, the prospect of retrieving abandoned carts, escalating upselling, and overall revenue enhancement lurks enticingly on the horizon.

Mundane Madness Causing Chaos

The threat of archaic manual processes strangled productivity, hampered customer gratification, and posed a looming threat to their financial performance.

Meanwhile, the prospect of retrieving abandoned carts, escalating upselling, and overall revenue enhancement lurks enticingly on the horizon.

The Clear Call for Automation

JuttiChoo was on the precipice of automation.

The company recognised the need for effective tools to hurdle these obstacles effortlessly and systematise its operations.

Navigating this convoluted paradigm of hurdles and potentialities calls for robust technology, impeccable customer support and meticulous precision. These cardinal traits form JuttiChoo's shopping list as they aim to upgrade their service portfolio.

The Hunt for the Perfect Trinity

There is a pressing requirement at JuttiChoo for a reliable solution that impeccably integrates precision technology, seamless support and flawless functionality.

This triad of features is the cornerstone of their strategy as they leap towards a more automated and efficient future. JuttiChoo is actively scouting for this perfect trinity to elevate their customer engagement model to new heights.

Unlocking Sales Potential with Gallabox and Razorpay

JuttiChoo, aiming to expand their online store and reach a wider audience, introduced WhatsApp as another way to connect with their customers. Apart from the usual email and SMS, they planned to use WhatsApp to confirm orders, update customers on their order status and promote new deals and discounts.

Considering WhatsApp's huge large user base, this move was aimed at boosting communication, improving customer service, and paving the way for new sales opportunities.

Choosing Gallabox

What they needed was a solution to integrate their Shopify-built website, Razorpay payment gateway, and WhatsApp. That's where Gallabox stepped in. It offered the tools JuttiChoo needed to streamline this operation. From Shopify and Razorpay integration to adding a new communication channel, the features were a perfect fit for their requirements.

JuttiChoo started to use Gallabox for its Team Inbox, Broadcast and Integration features. They embraced the broadcasting feature to tap into their existing client database and send out messages related to new offers, discounts, and information about abandoned carts to entice customers into completing their purchases and boosting upsells.

Simultaneously, they integrated their Shopify site and Razorpay payment partner using Gallabox, which then facilitated sending order confirmation and order status messages via WhatsApp.

The Results

The results were remarkable. The ease of integration and the capability to send order confirmation and status messages via WhatsApp streamlined JuttiChoo's workflow, improved their communication with customers and ultimately boosted sales and revenue.

"The setup process with Gallabox was remarkably smooth and quick," says Rupesh Sule from JuttiChoo.


Rupesh Sule



Gallabox is a very ease to use product coupled with the spot-on implementation and integration that delivered an excellent user experience for our customers.

The testimonial from Rupesh Sule, the Founder of JuttiChoo, offers a resounding affirmation of the positive impact of integrating Gallabox’s solutions into their business flow.

JuttiChoo's success is the quintessential example of how leveraging the right tools, and broadening communication channels can dramatically improve business operations and revenue.

This journey of transformation illustrates the power of effective multichannel communication and automation in today’s retail industry - A blueprint for online retailers on the edge of digital transformation.

Understand the sheer power of e-commerce and
WhatsApp integration with Gallabox.


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