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Build your personalised No-code Chatbots to speak your students language and to simplify admission processes.


How Gallabox’s Chatbots For Education Are Changing The Way Educational Institutes Communicate

30+ Languages
to engage
students world-over

60% Reduction in manual
human intervention and redundancies

50% Increase in revenues with
automated admission

45% Students prefer to
use chatbots to resolve queries

Chatbot Templates For Educational Institutions

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How Gallabox’s Chatbots Can Help Online Educational Institutions

Automate Admission Processes with Chatbots

Drive admission processes and reduce human intervention
by 60% with WhatsApp Chatbots.


24/7 Student Support with Chatbots

Assist in selecting the right course, resolve frequently asked
questions, collect valuable data & send specific forms for


Speak their Language with Multi-Lingual Chatbots

Converse with prospective students and make them feel
at home with 30+ language options to choose from!


Push Notifications via WhatsApp

Send admission applications, submission reminders, virtual
open house opportunities to students.


Counsellors Can Collaborate Online Using Shared Team Inbox

Provide prospective students counselling to choose between courses and answer complex queries. Counsellors can have a 360-degree view of student conversations and can connect students with respective academic experts by assigning / @mentions in our unified shared team inbox.



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Educational Chatbots: FAQs

The use of chatbots in the classroom could also be beneficial for scheduling meetings, sending reminders about upcoming assignments or exams, and even helping to defend against plagiarism. A chatbot could programmatically send reminders to take notes during class, ensuring that no one misses any important information that may be discussed.

The future of education is at an exciting crossroads, as technology and artificial intelligence are making it possible to provide personalized learning experiences to a larger number of learners than ever before. Chatbots have been a part of this transformation for several years now, but only recently have the capabilities of these virtual assistants become sophisticated enough to allow for effective personalization.

There are many benefits of using chatbots for higher education institutions. Here are five benefits that you may want to consider:

  1. Improve Student Retention Rates
  2. Increase Engagement With Students
  3. Improve Student Success Rates
  4. Reduce Costs of Customer Service
  5. Reduce Time Spent Managing Student Issues

Here are some ways teachers can use educational chatbots:

  1. Use them as a teaching assistant
  2. Use them as a virtual tutor or mentor
  3. Use them as an online resource library

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