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Tourism Chatbots Are Revolutionizing The Way Travel Agencies Operate

Assist in choosing vacation packages, flying facilities, hotel reservations and much more.

Increase direct booking with 24x7 customer support

Secure payments with integration partners

Automate booking confirmations, payment reminders

Engage customers with videos, images, brochures and much more

Manage bookings and cancellations with manual agent intervention

Showcase personalised itineraries

A 24x7 Support Channel For Online Travel Agencies

Suggest, coordinate and plan 24x7 via WhatsApp chatbots on behalf of your customers to provide a holiday-like experience.

Easiest Way To Collaborate With Travel Agents World-over

Collaborate with team members from anywhere, assign, @mention and label contacts. Agents can take ownership and view customer history to provide personalized customer relationships.

Integrate Your Travel And Tourism Chatbots With Multiple Applications

Travel And Tourism Chatbots: FAQs

Travel and tourism chatbots work in much the same way as any other chatbot would. However, they are specifically designed to answer questions related to travel and tourism and improve the customer experience when booking flights, hotels or car rentals.

Travel agencies often deal with customers who have questions about their travel plans or want to make changes to their itinerary. With a chatbot, you can automate these tasks so that you don’t have to answer the same questions over and over again.

Here are five types of travel and tourism bots:

  1. Location-based bots
  2. Hotel booking bots
  3. Flight booking bots
  4. Car rental booking bots
  5. Travel planning bots

Here is how bots can help with travel planning:

  1. They search for the best prices and deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars.
  2. They can alert you when prices change so that you don’t miss out on savings!
  3. They’re available 24/7 so that you can book your trip at any time of the day or night!

So, you've decided to build your own travel chatbot. Great! But where do you begin? Gallabox's no-code chatbot builder helps you create one in minutes!