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Assistant to the Rescue Bot

Empower your student support team with our bot, which identifies and assigns unanswered queries to agents. This ensures that no question goes unresolved.

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About Assistant to the Rescue Bot

Providing students with top-notch support is a critical aspect of running any educational institution. However, managing a large volume of inquiries from students can be challenging, and without a proper system in place, it's easy for some questions to go unanswered. That's where our bot comes in. Our bot is designed to empower your student support team by identifying and assigning unanswered queries to agents, ensuring that no question goes unresolved. The student is given option to connect with the Sales agent or the Teaching faculty. The bot will notify the respective agent and collect feedback of the conversation, once done with the same. Overall, our bot is an excellent tool for educational institutions looking to provide top-notch student support while reducing the workload on support agents. You can easily customize this bot template based on your requirement and start implementing it for your institution.

Key Features

  • Blue CheckmarkClassify incoming queries
  • Blue CheckmarkProvide valuable insights
  • Blue CheckmarkAuto assign to your agents

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