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Master checkup bot

This bot enlightens the customers about the comprehensive list of health packages you offer. Streamline your operations by deploying the perfect bot for converting site-viewers into customers!

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About Master checkup bot

In short, customers can interact with this master check-up bot for identifying the exact kind of services they need from your hospital! By answering just a few questions regarding their diet, state of health etc. this bot provides a tailor-made list of health packages that your customers would dig! Further, with the info that you collect, you can cross-sell products and packages later on as well. The right questions are asked, and when the answers provided are right, absolutely nothing can go wrong!

Key Features

  • Blue CheckmarkSimple language and user friendly interface
  • Blue CheckmarkCurates the perfect list that appeals to customers
  • Blue CheckmarkOpens doors for upselling and cross-selling possibilities

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