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Itinerary Bot

Introducing our travel buddy, the itinerary Bot, your customer’s ultimate checklist companion to ensure they’ll never miss out on the incredible attractions, hidden gems, and must-see wonders of their destination.

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About Itinerary Bot

Our itinerary Bot, your customer's ultimate travel companion! This vivacious chatbot is here to make your customer’s trip unforgettable by spilling the beans on all the must-see activities and attractions in their destination. Our bot ensures that no hidden gem or thrilling experience goes unnoticed during your travels. Oh, and did we mention it helps them create a handy checklist? Our bot provides downloadable PDF checklists and is very quick with its replies, getting you closer to increasing the convenience for your customer.

Key Features

  • Blue CheckmarkSend locations of a varied set of destinations based on your offerings
  • Blue CheckmarkReal-time itinerary check
  • Blue CheckmarkDownloadable PDF Checklist

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