11 Best WhatsApp Marketing Software Examples and Use Cases
11 Best WhatsApp Marketing Software Examples and Use Cases

11 Best WhatsApp Marketing Software Examples and Use Cases

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Just like doing the dishes or sorting out your paperwork, finding a new WhatsApp Marketing Software always finds a way to hover around the top of businesses' to-do lists. 

It's a chore that's all too easy to put off, probably because there's so much choice out there, and experimenting with new software can often feel like a gargantuan task compared to sticking with the devil, you know. 

This comprehensive guide has rounded up 11 of the best WhatsApp Marketing Software options for 2024 right here, just to help you take that baby step towards modernising your marketing approach. 

Finding the Ideal WhatsApp Marketing Software: An Unexpected Adventure

You've just come out of a brutal board meeting where your team was tasked with finding the best WhatsApp Marketing software. 

Not just any software but one that perfectly aligns with your company's intricate wants and needs. 

It's signed off. 

Your to-do list just got that little bit longer...

You've got an Everest to climb now!

Suddenly, finding a needle in a haystack seems like a walk in the park. 

Well, dial down the panic. This article will take you from being confused and overwhelmed to focused and prepared. Here are the 11 best WhatsApp Marketing Software options for 2024.



Gallabox is the only WhatsApp Automation Platform that brings businesses (of all sizes and types) and customers (current and potential) together by automating follow-ups, reducing dissatisfaction, and enhancing productivity.

It's an all-in-one solution that can replace all your WhatsApp sales, marketing, and support tools with out-of-the-features such that:

1. Understand the Context Instantly with 360-Degree Conversation View

A pictorial representation of Gallabox's shared team inbox on WhatsApp for businesses of all sizes

Navigating through large volumes of customer conversations can be a daunting task. Gallabox's Shared Team Inbox provides a real-time, panoramic view of your customer's past and present conversations. 

  • Pick up any conversation from anywhere without missing a beat or sounding repetitive
  • Empower your teams to respond swiftly and accurately to customers with internal notes
  • Get rid of cluttered messages and misplaced customer conversations with mentions

2. Don’t Leave Your Customers and Prospects Hanging…

Everything starts with streamlined conversation management and an intelligent chatbot. Speed up lead qualification, turn around time for customer queries, and keep your customers and prospects happy and engaged throughout the lifecycle. 

  • Tailor a WhatsApp chatbot from scratch or use one of our bot templates
  • Answer incoming sales and support queries without any back-and-forth
  • Route chatbot workflows based on user intent and unique business needs

3. Embrace the Future of WhatsApp Business Conversations


AI-powered replies on the Gallabox platform

Comprehend, personalise, and guide customer interactions towards your business objectives. Why waste precious employee time when you can have an AI-powered WhatsApp Automation Tool handle your overflowing inbox in a touchless stream of human-like responses?

  • Communicate your ideas effectively to win over customers and prospects
  • Tailor messages that suit your context and have meaningful conversations
  • Talk to your contacts in their native language with confidence and courtesy

4. Go Beyond Traditional Bulk Messaging and Start Growth Hacking

Why choose a rigid, off-the-shelf WhatsApp Automation Tool which offers you little to no leeway to send bulk broadcasts to your ever-growing customer base and prospect lists? Get into growth hacking with Gallabox’s exhaustive template library and user-friendly features.

  • Add interactive elements and rich media to help your content capture attention
  • Segment contacts based on attributes and past behaviour to tailor their experience
  • Personalise your broadcast campaigns and build a much stronger sales pipeline
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5. Allows You to Not Just Advertise But Start a Dialogue With Your Prospects

In a saturated and increasingly digitised market, it's not enough just to reach your audience; you need to engage them meaningfully. Gallabox’s Click-to-WhatsApp Ads enable you to reach your prospects in a channel where they are most engaged.

  • Nudge potential customers to start a conversation by just clicking the displayed ad 
  • Facilitate an immediate and personal interaction to improve the conversion rate 
  • Keep the conversation continuing smoothly with tailor-made retargeting tactics
A depiction of how click-to-WhatsApp-ads work on Gallabox

6. Create a Customised Yet Authentic Digital Storefront on WhatsApp

Are your customers tired of juggling your e-commerce store and WhatsApp Business Profile to place an order or submit a query? Get rid of siloed processes, display your products on WhatsApp and personalise recommendations based on individual preferences.

  • Allow customers to shop, ask questions, and make purchases right within WhatsApp
  • Eliminate ambiguity, build trust, and offer a seamless end-to-end shopping experience
  • Keep your transactions transparent and deliver instant orders or product updates

7. Strategize With Data-Backed Insights, Not Instincts and Gut Feel

Broadcast Campaign Metrics on Gallabox WhatsApp Automation Platform

WhatsApp marketing campaigns often feel like you're throwing messages into a void. But with Gallabox's campaign analytics, you can analyse metrics that matter like sent, delivered, read, and replied messages and put an end to inaccurate decisions. 

  • Get instant, accurate, and detailed visibility into your campaign analytics
  • Understand customer behaviour and refine your communication strategy 
  • Tailor reports to your priorities and get them delivered at the right time
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Cons of Gallabox

Nobody's perfect, and Gallabox is no exception. While the advantages vastly outweigh the disadvantages, few users cited these limitations:

  1. Mobile App Experience: A few customers feel the mobile app interface could benefit from enhancements to improve user interaction.
  2. Limited Navigation: A handful of reviewers have expressed a need for better navigation features within the platform.
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Gallabox Pricing Demystified

Gallabox has a flexible pricing model that fits any budget with plans ranging from Starter to Enterprise, making it accessible for businesses of every size and shape.

  • Starter Plan: INR 2399 monthly, includes unlimited user messages, 10 tags, 5 attributes, basic bot creation, and API integration.
  • Pro Plan: INR 4999 per month, includes everything in the Starter Plan, plus 25 tags, 15 attributes, advanced bot creation, and third-party integrations.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing includes everything in the Pro Plan, unlimited tags and attributes, custom bot templates, a dedicated account manager, and premium support.
No hidden costs: Gallabox does not charge extra for features like WhatsApp chatbot, campaign management, or team inbox. The only variable cost is the conversation fee based on usage.


Infobip is an omni-channel communications platform that facilitates customer support and engagement. It offers a wide range of features to enhance communication across various channels, including WhatsApp.

From the reviews on popular software review sites, it appears that Infobip's WhatsApp Marketing Tool is being used to: 

  • Send personalised promotional campaigns
  • Automate customer service with AI chatbots
  • Send reminders and alerts to customers
  • Answer customer feedback and inquiries
  • Streamline internal communication

Cons of Infobip

Here are some cons of Infobip WhatsApp Marketing Software based on individual experiences listed in software review sites:

  1. Slow Customer Service Response: Some users have reported slow response times from Infobip’s customer service. Technical problems may take up to 3 days to resolve, hindering campaign execution.
  2. Sales Representative Changes: Frequent changes in sales representatives can be challenging. Users find themselves having to explain their processes again to new account managers.
  3. Naming Convention Complexity: While Infobip works well for SMS marketing campaigns, some users find the naming convention of functions different from other WhatsApp automation platforms. Apparently, memorizing these function names is tricky.
  4. Cost Considerations: The cost is a significant factor to be cautious about. Infobip may be more suitable for medium or large organizations; smaller businesses should weigh the expenses.

Infobip Pricing Explained

Infobip operates on a tailor-made pricing model, which could pave the way for sticker shocks.

Also, businesses need to consider WhatsApp's conversational pricing model, which may change the final tab on the volume of messages and specific services needed.

Contacting Infobip's sales team directly may help get an accurate quote.


A leading platform in automated messaging, Engati helps businesses connect with their customers swiftly and intelligently across multiple channels, including WhatsApp. With its innovative AI technology, you can build responsive, automated systems to engage your customers more efficiently.

Order tracking details sent from Engati to customers automatically saving time and efficiency
Order tracking details sent from Engati automatically

For businesses keen on enhancing their customer interaction, here are some excellent ways to implement and get the most out of Engati: 

  • Create and schedule targeted messages for your audience on WhatsApp.
  • Deliver and analyse customer feedback forms via automated messaging.
  • Set up an AI-powered chatbot on WhatsApp to answer FAQs and other common queries.
Users rave about the flexibility and ease of use that Engati provides its customers. Also, the learning curve is gentle, making it very user-friendly.

It's multilingual support is why most people seem to favour Engati over other WhatsApp Chatbot Platforms.

Cons of Engati

While most growing businesses seem to leave raving reviews about Engati, when you go through the reviews on software listing platforms, there are a couple of cons there as well:

  • The Cost Factor: Some users find Engati to be costly for small businesses.
  • Web Page Issues: Occasionally, web pages may reload, and certain buttons may not work as expected (e.g., missing hyperlinks).
  • REST API Limitations: Users have noted limitations related to REST API features.
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Engati Pricing

Engati offers three plans in its pricing tier: Starter, Enterprise, and Partner.

Claiming to be the most affordable chatbot platform in the market, Engati offers an intelligent Chatbot starting from $5* per day.

Reach out to the Engati sales team to understand their pricing plans, functionalities, and limitations better.


Trengo offers a powerful funnel for your WhatsApp marketing adventures. It doesn't just stop with the ability to send out bulk messages, it layers in smart automations, quick reply options, and a ticketing system that lets you handle customer conversations with ease.

A screengrab of WhatsApp Business Provider Trengo fetched from their website
A depiction of Trengo's Shared Team Inbox

Available for both Android and iOS, Trengo allows you to manage communications from various platforms in a unified workspace.

  • Businesses can use Trengo for product promotion, sending out discount codes and offers in bulk to their customer base.
  • Customer service teams can utilise the quick response and ticketing features to streamline queries and issues.
  • Companies operating on multiple communication platforms can use Trengo as a single dashboard to manage all incoming and outgoing messages.

Cons of Trengo

Some users note that the setup process could be more intuitive and that the analytics features could use a bit more depth. There are also requests for more automation options to handle frequent customer inquiries.

Trengo Pricing

Trengo's WhatsApp Pricing is based on the following factors:

  • The number of users and conversations per year
  • The type of messages (user-initiated or business-initiated) and templates (standard or custom)
  • The add-ons for voice, broadcast, flowbot, API, and data storage

To learn more about Trengo's Pricing Model, check out their website and reach out to their sales team.

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Interakt is a robust WhatsApp marketing software solution designed to facilitate customer engagement while integrating with your processes and tools seamlessly. Geared towards streamlining customer support and engagement, it offers everything from automated messages to campaign management in one interface.

A screenshot that shows how Interakt shows ad performance metrics to its users
Customer Segmenting in Interakt

Interakt not only excels at blasting marketing campaigns but also presents itself as an all-in-one customer relationship management platform. Here are some use cases: 

  • Automated responses to frequently asked customer queries, saving time.
  • Real-time user and conversation metrics for data-driven decision-making.
  • Detailed analytics for a comprehensive view of campaign performance.

Cons of Interakt

However, no tool is without its shortcomings. Some users have aired their frustration on Interakt's:

  • Lack of integration with a few CRM tools, limiting its usability for some businesses.
  • Occasionally, some users claim that they experience a lag in the software during peak usage hours.

Interakt Pricing

Interakt operates a four-tier pricing model with a plan to meet every business's needs.

The started model focuses on small-scale businesses, while the other plans are tailored for growing and larger businesses that are looking to adapt custom needs at competitive prices.


AiSensy is an AI-driven marketing software designed to transform the way businesses interact via WhatsApp. It provides robust features to engage target audiences with highly personalized messaging campaigns, along with advanced analytics to monitor and optimize results.

Extensive user profiling on AiSensy
A screenshot of user profiling as available in the AiSensy Platform

When it comes to WhatsApp Marketing, AiSensy provides businesses with a scalable and intuitive solution that allows:

  • Lead Generation: You can use AiSensy to identify, track, and engage potential customers.
  • Customer Engagement: Personalising each interaction for better customer experience is a breeze.
  • Customer Support: AiSensy's AI can help you answer common customer and prospect queries instantly.
  • Actionable Analysis: Access real-time analytical data to improve your marketing efforts and strategies.

Cons of AiSensy

Although AiSensy is packed with impressive features, some users believe that the platform's reporting could be more detailed. Others feel that their onboarding process could be improved for businesses who are new to digital marketing.

AiSensy Pricing

AiSensy operates on a three-tier pricing model with a plan to meet every business's needs. The started model focuses on small-scale businesses, while the other plans are tailored for growing and larger businesses that are looking to adapt custom needs at competitive prices.


DoubleTick is a smart WhatsApp engagement platform that allows businesses to broadcast and automate promotional messages, collect payments, run ads, and provide customer support via WhatsApp Business API.

Lead engagement bots on Double Tick
Bot Flow on DoubleTick

In alignment with all WhatsApp rules and commerce policy, DoubleTick helps businesses:

  • Increase customer engagement with WhatsApp catalogs, cart, and smart retargeting features.
  • Drive orders and revenues with WhatsApp pay and other modes of payments.
  • Recover abandoned carts and application drop-offs with WhatsApp smart notifications and CTA buttons.
  • See real-time analytics on the DoubleTick platform for delivered, open, read rates, and more.

Reviews highlighted the user-friendly interface and detailed analytics as definite perks. Customers were also impressed with how easy it is to integrate with existing systems and how it improved the efficiency of their marketing campaigns.

Cons of DoubleTick

While generally positively reviewed, some users felt that the software could benefit from more customisation options. Feedback also indicates that it can take some time to get used to the interface and to utilise all its features completely, leading to a feature overload.

DoubleTick Pricing

DoubleTick offers a three pricing options to suit different business sizes and needs. For detailed information, it is best to get in touch with their sales team to find the perfect plan for your specific requirements.


As the name suggests, 'Respond' is about efficient communication. Specifically designed for smarter marketing through WhatsApp, this software is a marketer's secret weapon to running successful campaigns.

How Respond Transforms Conversations Into Business Results
An instance that shows how Respond's promotional messaging works

Leveraging a blend of AI and human touch, Respond allows businesses to automate mass messaging, create engaging campaigns, and interact with customers real-time. Additionally, Respond helps businesses:

  • Achieve Maximum Outreach: Communicate with a broad audience by creating and sending bulk messages.
  • Streamline Customer Support: Enable live agents to handle inquiries through the integration with your current helpdesk.
  • Automate Marketing Campaigns: Customize and schedule campaigns based on customer behaviour & preferences.

Drawbacks of Respond

While Respond has its fair share of raving fans, Respond also has its own set of drawbacks:

  • It's integrations with some third-party tools and platforms appears to be limited and challenging to set up.
  • The customisation of the chat widget and the message templates is restricted and difficult to perform.
  • The support team is said to be unresponsive or unhelpful in some cases, especially for complex issues or requests.

Respond Pricing

Respond offers a free trial to get started and their premium plans start from $79 per month with various features. Custom plans are also available based on your business type and needs.


Zoko elevates SMBs through a smart WhatsApp-based Business API that yields impressive engagement, conversion, and customer service. The software encourages mass messaging, helps with automated responses, brings about customer segmentation, and allows for a CRM database integration.

A screenshot that shows to set up a broadcast name in Zoko
Setting Up Broadcasts on Zoho

By doing so, Zoko makes the arduous task of managing customer relationships a breeze, simplifying your business operations massively. Zoho allows you to:

  • Directly send promotional messages to existing customers en masse with targeting and personalisation.
  • Streamline your customer service operations by setting up automated responses for frequently asked questions.
  • Nurture and keep customers engaged effortlessly by integrating Zoko with existing CRM system.
  • Schedule personalised campaigns to different customer segments, driving customer engagement and amplifying conversions.

Cons of Zoko

Like all other WhatsApp marketing tools in the arena, Zoko does have a few issues. A common problem, according to user reviews, is the lack of in-built CRM. Users also expressed that the analytics dashboard could be more intuitive, and destabilised integrations with other platforms often disrupts workflows.

Zoko Pricing

Unlike other platforms, Zoko promises a fair price with no markup over WhatsApp fees on all other plans except the starter pack.

The Starter plan is perfect for budding businesses, while the Plus plan, their most popular offering, suits digital marketers perfectly.

The Elite plan, on the other hand, serves as a befitting solution for large firms seeking to take their WhatsApp Marketing Activities a notch higher. The Max plan is tailored for businesses that are looking for custom integrations.


MomConnect, a Healthcare Platform that uses Wati
MomConnect, a Healthcare Platform that uses Wati

Wati is a software solution that enables businesses to communicate with their customers and prospects through WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app in the world. Wati helps users to create campaigns, chatbots, workflows, and integrations to automate and personalize their WhatsApp interactions.

Wati also allows users to share a single WhatsApp number across multiple team members and provide better customer support by offering:

  • No-Code Chatbots: Users can create chatbots without any coding skills, using a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • High Response Rates: As Wati chatbots provide instant answers to common queries through automation, the response rates are on the rise as well.
  • Easy Integrations: Wati integrates with popular platforms allowing users to sync data and automate tasks across different channels.

Wati Cons

It appears that although most users seem to turn to Wati due to the lower price point, once they start using the platform they see a couple of :

  • Template Approval: Some users complain that the templates for sending messages are difficult to get approved or get rejected for no reason.
  • Time Delay Limitation: Wati's flow builder only allows a maximum of 10 minutes of time delay between two stages, which is not enough for most scenarios.
  • Feature availability: Some users wish to have more features that are not available in the basic plan, such as customer tagging automation, internal note feature, omnichannel messenger integration, etc.

Wati Pricing

Wati offers different plans with various features, such as chatbot sessions, WhatsApp templates, and integrations. The plans range from $40/month for the Starter plan to $299/month for the Business plan. Users can also avail a free trial for 14 days.


Kwiqreply is a WhatsApp management console that comes with WhatsApp marketing features. It focuses on empowering customers with chatbots, automated responses, a team inbox, and more.

kwiqreply WhatsApp Business API Dashboard for Enterprises
Kwikreply's product screen that shows WhatsApp Business Accounts

Although it may appear to fall short on AI and other modern capabilities, it helps businesses:

  • Increase engagements with interactive templates, quick replies, and multimedia messages.
  • Import and organise WhatsApp contacts easily so that human representatives have a clear picture of the customer when they respond.
  • Send personalised broadcast messages to their prospects and customers based on the segmentation, previous interactions, and more.
  • Obtain meaningful insights from user data to help assess and refine their marketing strategy.

Kwiqreply Cons

Here are some major cons of kwiqreply.ai curated from major WhatsApp Marketing Software review sites:

  • Complex onboarding: The platform requires a manual setup process that is time-consuming and challenging.
  • Limited UI: The platform’s user interface is not very appealing or intuitive, and it lacks some features such as a search option in the chat of WhatsApp, or an overview of customer queries on the dashboard.

Kwiqreply Pricing

The platform has a tiered pricing model that includes a monthly dashboard fee, a monthly Shopify integration fee, and a fixed message charge. This can add up to a significant cost for some businesses.

A Comparative Analysis of WhatsApp Marketing Software: The Final Verdict

The quest for the perfect WhatsApp marketing software often seems like a trek through complex terrain. Each of the software solutions we’ve explored brings unique features and possibilities to the table. 

Despite the variability found in these 11 top-notch WhatsApp marketing tools, they all share a common purpose - to streamline your business communications and elevate your customer relationships to new heights. 

Also, remember, the success of your WhatsApp marketing strategy isn't determined solely by the strength of your software but by how well it aligns with your business goals and customer needs. So, take your time, do your research, and here's to making an informed and confident choice for your business. 

The right software for your marketing activities hinges on where your business priorities lie - whether it's comprehensive feature sets, pricing, ease of use, customer support or specialised capabilities. 

So, why wait?

Take Gallabox for a free spin, seize the opportunity, and see how an ideal WhatsApp Marketing Software can fuel your business's growth trajectory.

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