Why Travel Agencies Should Start Using Chatbots
Why Travel Agencies Should Start Using Chatbots

Why Travel Agencies Should Start Using Chatbots

Yogesh Narayanan

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In today’s highly interconnected tech-savvy world, chatbots have basically become a necessary invention to support smart business communications. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Alexa & Google Assistant make interactions simple with customers wherever they may be located. When it comes to the travel industry, the recent pandemic has seen chatbots emerge as the new customer service agents. Businesses in the travel industry have a necessity to communicate with customers at any given point i.e., in real-time and now with the right chatbot, they can do exactly that.

What is a Travel Chatbot?

A Travel Chatbot can be categorized as an automated virtual assistant that is capable of helping travel agencies carry out seamless conversations with their customers 24/7. With the aid of a travel chatbot, your business can not only answer customer queries but can also capture the information of prospective customers. They can be helpful in engaging customers and also in helping you provide better customer service. Travel chatbots can come in various forms, they can be integrated into social media platforms and even collect customer reviews on the company’s website. The integration of a travel chatbot enables your agency to have constant communication services for customers on a single platform.

How Chatbots Have Revolutionized The Travel Industry After The Pandemic

Before the pandemic, chatbots were primarily used sparingly as a marketing tool but when the pandemic hit and employees were asked to stay home, a need to automate communications at all times arose. Chatbots became a necessity to keep travel businesses running smoothly, be it to manage a booking or support customers. The pandemic not only disrupted the traditional operations of the industry but also meant that travellers had to stay at home. This unknowingly affected many agencies and they had to come up with quick solutions to serve the growing demand of cancellations and customer queries. Chatbots have proven to be the best communication tool to have. So as a result, companies in the travel industry started implementing chatbots to help provide their customers with a better customer service and to get real-time information from them.

Three Examples of Travel Chatbots


 WestJet launched a Chatbot called Juliet on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & Google Assistant. The AI multi-lingual Chatbot helps customers with ticket booking & query resolution autonomously without human interference.

Source: https://www.westjet.com/en-bm/contact/juliet


Expedia’s Facebook chatbot was launched to help customers choose hotels, book flights & travel arrangements. The chatbot helps the travel business to engage with their customers seamlessly and helps customers plan their travel in a hassle-free manner. The bot’s ability to follow-up on customer requests and assist in their queries efficiently has helped increase customer satisfaction for Expedia.

Source: https://www.expedia.com/stories/introducing-expedia-bot/


 SkyScanner introduced its WhatsApp and Facebook Chatbot to help customers who are looking for exciting travel options with customized suggestions. The chatbot can also facilitate booking of flight tickets, accommodation and restaurant reservations. The simple chatbot has definitely had an impact on the business as it has greatly increased its customer satisfaction.

Why Agencies Should Set Up Chatbots Now

The impact of the pandemic has clearly made a dent in the workings of the industry, it is no longer just about the travel booking but more about getting real-time information and being able to communicate with the customers easily. Chatbots have become the norm for travel companies as a customer looks to interact with businesses 24/7. Chatbots are readily available to engage with them even when agents are not physically present.

Chatbots can plan customers travel itinerary, book their tickets, reserve accommodations, and also address their queries quickly & efficiently. They can also keep them updated about all travel-related issues as they occur. So if you are a travel business and have not started using chatbots yet, now is the perfect time to do so.

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Chatbots are a Win for Travel Agencies: 5 Benefits you Cannot Miss

The following are the top reasons why chatbots are important for travel agencies and why your business should definitely consider using them for better customer service:

Provides a seamless customer experience

Chatbots have the capability to assist customers in real-time to help them get through their issues quickly. With a chatbot on your travel business’s website, there will be no delays in getting a response to customer queries as they are available for all customers 24/7. This ensures your customers satisfaction with their questions, letting them be in control of their travel plans.


By automating your communications with your customers, you can save a lot of your time and money on resources. Without needing a human agent to talk to each customer, your travel business can reduce its operational costs. The need to hire a large customer support team is also eliminated with chatbots. Therefore, this is a win for travel agencies as they can reduce costs by investing in their chatbot.

Reduces human errors

Since chatbots can be automated, human errors are less likely to occur. They can also save your agents time as they allow them to focus on other high priority support services. In addition, chatbots can be constantly updated with new customer queries as and when they occur to make them more efficient in the longer run.

Increases customer satisfaction

The use of Chatbot in any industry would attract customers as it's easy to communicate and sort out whatever they need. As customers are interacting with chatbots in real-time, they tend to feel a sense of connection with the company. the sense of priority can be established within customers minds when they are tended too at all times.  The fact that they can easily access support services to help resolve their queries whenever they need it will give them an overall sense of satisfaction. This feeling of satisfaction will most likely lead to word-of-mouth recommendations for your travel business.

Increases reach & brand awareness

By having a chatbot, you will have the opportunity to build a better relationship with your customers as they will have to talk to a virtual agent whenever they need information or help. In addition, there are also a host of multilingual chatbots that can be used to address customers’ queries in their respective language. This will help you reach a wider range of customers across the globe. This naturally means that you can become more visible among travellers from all around the world.

So if you are a travel business, it is time to rethink your strategy and to focus on having an AI chatbot on your business’s website/phone number.

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