Looking to Direct Facebook and Instagram Leads to your WhatsApp Business? Here's a Step by Step
Looking to Direct Facebook and Instagram Leads to your WhatsApp Business? Here's a Step by Step

Looking to Direct Facebook and Instagram Leads to your WhatsApp Business? Here's a Step by Step

Shyam Krishnan S

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Customer satisfaction is the root of every business's success. One such way of increasing customer support is by ensuring your business is available 24x7 and on all platforms. Nowadays, most businesses are present on WhatsApp's messaging platform to engage their customers better. If you're wondering how to direct all your leads to your WhatsApp Business phone number, this article is just the right thing for you.  We will discuss in-depth how to connect your Facebook and Instagram to WhatsApp, and the benefits of doing so. Let's get started

How to connect your WhatsApp number to Facebook Page

Step 1: Go to Facebook page settings and look for WhatsApp tab.

Facebook Page Settings>WhatsApp

Step 2: Enter your WhatsApp number, click ‘Send Code’ and verify the code.

Enter your whatsApp number>Send code>Verify the code

Step 3: Add WhatsApp Button to your page.

Add WhatsApp button to your page

How to Connect your WhatsApp number to Instagram

Step 1: Go to your Instagram's 'Edit Profile' settings and click on 'Contact Options'.

Connect your whatsApp number to Instagram

Step 2: Click on 'WhatsApp Business Phone number' and enter your number. Click on 'Send Code' and verify the code. This will place the button on your page.

WhatsApp phone number>Enter the number>send code

Alternatively you can also place your WhatsApp QR code as a link on your profile. To know how to generate your WhatsApp QR Code.

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You can watch this video for a more detailed walkthrough on connecting Facebook and Instagram to your WhatsApp via Gallabox.

Benefits of directing leads to WhatsApp Business:

Apart from just adding your button to your Facebook or Instagram page, you can also place this WhatsApp button on Ads to direct your leads. As mentioned previously there are many benefits to connecting your WhatsApp Business number to Facebook and Instagram so lets take a look at them.

Meet Your Customers in Familiar Territory

WhatsApp Over two billion people worldwide use WhatsApp daily. The increase in demand for communication with a business on WhatsApp is very prevalent. This leading messaging platform goes to show you how globally present your business can be with regard to customer support. Initiating conversations with your customers on WhatsApp, a platform that they’re much more likely to be on than any other amplifies your business presence. This helps generate better and quantifiable leads for you to take forward. This also cuts down on the back and forth of switching between channels to communicate with your customer.

Instant Problem Solving with WhatsApp Chatbots

WhatsApp Business APIs now provide businesses with the feature of enabling WhatsApp Chatbots to take over your customer conversations when an agent is unavailable. This directly decreases the customer response time promoting a smoother customer journey. By connecting your Facebook and Instagram this instantly solves your problem of pending customer conversations. Your bot can take over the conversations and qualify leads for agents.

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Shopping Experience From Start To Finish

The beauty of Facebook and Instagram ads that click to WhatsApp, is that of creating an in-app shopping experience. In other words, from product browsing and FAQs to adding items to the cart and checking out, everything from the second step onwards can take place within WhatsApp itself with the help of your WhatsApp Chatbots. Create no-code conversational flows for your Facebook and Instagram ads with business partners like Gallabox for a more efficient bot.

The growing demand for better and faster customer service and business communication will only result in even more benefits of WhatsApp Business for both companies and customers. When you connect your WhatsApp Business number to your Facebook/Instagram page you are helping your customers to communicate with your business easily. This is a great strategy for lead generation and quickly connecting with your audience. We hope this article gave you a clear insight into the benefits of connecting Facebook/Instagram to your WhatsApp Business. At Gallabox, we help businesses quicken this process by unifying their support channel into one collaborative shared inbox, so get automated with us today!

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