WhatsApp Business is an asset for your Real Estate firm
WhatsApp Business is an asset for your Real Estate firm

WhatsApp Business is an asset for your Real Estate firm

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It has become evident that the real estate business is having a hard time due to the COVID pandemic. With majority of customer engagements moving online, real estate agents and firms had to change much of their existing processes to thrive. This means adopting digital tools to enhance their sales and customer service. Since the real estate process involves constant engagement through calls and chats, real estate firms need to find a tool that can help them handle the constant customer interactions without hassle. And this is where WhatsApp Business comes into play as it helps firms conduct customer interactions conveniently.

Use Cases

In the real estate sector, it takes more time and effort to complete a sale. This is one of the main problems plaguing firms because they need to constantly engage with customers to increase the chance of a sale. Since real estate firms are completely dependent on rich customer interactions, WhatsApp Business becomes an excellent addition to their arsenal.

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The following list will look at some of the ways that real estate firms can use the app to enhance their business

Lead Generation

 Since most customers are familiar with WhatsApp, real estate agents can easily connect with them using WhatsApp Chatbot. Also, the app instantly provides contact name, phone number and mail id.

Scheduling Site/Property Visits

 Rather than back & forth calls and mails, real estate firms can easily schedule customer visits through the app. Agents can also send visit reminders to the customers when the date is near.

Virtual Tours

 By far one of the most important use-case of the app. In this pandemic times, most customers prefer to not step out of their homes. With WhatsApp, real estate firms can conduct virtual tours for customers and enable them to close the sale easily.

Track Customer Experiences

 In this competitive era, it is important to track customer experiences to ensure superior service. With WhatsApp, real estate firms can go easily go back to previous conversations and track the customer journey.

Easy Documentation

 It is important to instantly close the sale if customer is happy with a property. With WhatsApp, agents can easily share property lists, receipts, rental agreements and other property-related documents easily.

Faster Payments

 With WhatsApp Payments, firms can instantly conduct transfers through the app. By conveniently closing the sale, firms can ensure customer satisfaction.


A tool like WhatsApp provides superior benefits to a real estate firm. Some of them are as follows

24/7 Support

 Real estate firms can close more deals as they can provide round-the-clock customer support.


 By conversing in the native language, real estate firms can reach more customers. Moreover, customers would also prefer speaking their native language.


 Since both the agents and customers are familiar with the platform, conversations can happen seamlessly without any delay.

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Rich Content

 Since the platform allows video, audio and document sharing, real estate agents can have a content-rich conversation with their customers. They can instantly share the necessary video or documentation to improve the chances of sales.

Easy Scheduling

 Scheduling can become a hassle for real estate firms as they handle multiple customers. Since WhatsApp conversations can be easily tracked, firms will seldom miss on a scheduled meeting and can even send reminders to the clients about the same.

Satisfaction Score

 Real estate agents might find it hard to gauge customer satisfaction. With WhatsApp, they can send short feedback/review nudges either after first interaction or after closing a sale. This will help firms get accurate satisfaction scores.

In addition to a superior support tool, WhatsApp can also aid real estate firms in their marketing efforts. Since potential buyers will have lots of questions, the tool will help real estate agents stay in contact with them. In addition, real estate firms can send short snippets of properties to potential customers and attract them using WhatsApp.

In conclusion, we can clearly see that WhatsApp Business has excellent potential to help real estate firms rapidly increase their sales and customer support. By properly using the tool, real estate firms can taste greater success and improve their prospective sales. Therefore, it is important for emerging real estate firms to focus on integrating WhatsApp Business API into their framework. Real estate firms can also get the help of Gallabox, a superior digital service partner, to create a superior WhatsApp Business strategy. Gallabox will provide instant integration and help the firms personalize their WhatsApp Business API to suit their long-term and short-term goals.

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