23 WhatsApp Business Quick Reply Templates (Copy Now!)
23 WhatsApp Business Quick Reply Templates (Copy Now!)

23 WhatsApp Business Quick Reply Templates (Copy Now!)

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We live in a time when customers demand instant support. As business owners and managers, it is critical to provide 24/7 instant replies to customer queries. As many businesses use WhatsApp Business to communicate with their customers, they tend to use the Quick Reply feature to ensure the best support all around the clock.

WhatsApp Business quick reply: An Introduction

WhatsApp Business is a platform that provides excellent communication support for SMEs. To help businesses instantly connect with their customers, the app allows businesses to send default business information & pre-load replies quickly using a shortcut key. Instead of typing long & complicated answers for frequently asked customer queries, your team can simply press a key to retrieve the relevant answer using Quick Reply.

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Why it is important to enable quick replies on WhatsApp Business

With WhatsApp becoming a leading communication platform in today's age, quick reply is a must-have feature. WhatsApp quick reply helps streamline not only your WhatsApp communication strategy but also your entire business, but also improve your business operation, communication & marketing efficiency. WhatsApp quick replies can be used in various ways and linked to other features to offer significant business opportunities. Some of the opportunities are as follows.

Improving Customer Onboarding

The first impression that your team creates on new customers can either become a stepping stone or a setback. With Quick Replies, you can tailor personalized messages for each entry point (websites, social media, etc.) to grab the customer’s attention and communicate what’s special about your company.

Answer FAQs Instantly

Quick replies were created by WhatsApp to help businesses provide instant answers to customer queries. However, it is important to research and select the critical messages you want to use and save them as your quick reply. In this manner, you can avoid annoying your customers with long conversations or incorrect resolutions.

Consistent Quality Resolutions

Whether you're operating with a team of two or a team of more than 100 employees, it is important to have a consistent messaging strategy across your teams. Quick replies help reduce unforeseen human errors & incorrect resolutions that can reflect very badly on your business.

Streamline Customer Journey

With well-made & well-placed quick replies, your team can speed up the customer journey by providing instant answers at crucial moments. This can help them make a purchase decision faster since they will not be distracted by other offers while waiting for the answers.

Set Up a Valid Post-Sales Support

WhatsApp Quick replies can be used as an efficient after-sales support tool as well.  Not only can your team collect instant feedback, but they can also dissuade customers with grievances and answer questions with instant resolutions. In this manner, they can quickly solve concerns before the customer turns to their competitors.

23 WhatsApp Business quick reply templates

Now that we’ve seen the opportunities provided by WhatsApp Business quick replies, let’s look at some templates that can streamline your customer support operations.

Greeting messages

Hi <Customer>, thanks for reaching out. Please provide your name and your issue/query so our team can resolve your query. can_copy_tExt

Availability message

Hi there, our business operates from <work hours>. Please add your query here & our team will be in touch with you as soon as we start. can_copy_tExt
Hi <Customer>, our team is currently overloaded with messages. To help us resolve your issue faster, could you please let us know your query? can_copy_tExt

Delayed reply message

Hi <Customer>, our team is busy at the moment. Please rest assured that we’ll be in touch as soon as we are available. can_copy_tExt
Hi there <Customer>, we’re busy right now. Please send us your query & our team will respond as soon as possible. can_copy_tExt

Refunds and return policies

Hi <Customer>, thanks for your message. We’re currently unable to process your refund and returns request. However, you can raise a formal query by contacting our grievance desk <email>. can_copy_tExt
Hi there, our team is currently busy. In case of refunds, you can check our refund & return policy at <link> and fill out the respective form to process the request immediately. can_copy_tExt

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We don't offer discounts

Hi there, we are sorry but we do not offer any discounts. The order value and shipping charges are fixed and non-negotiable. can_copy_tExt
Hi <customer>, we regret to inform you that we don’t offer any discounts at present. You can opt-in to our WhatsApp communications to get instant notifications of our future offers. can_copy_tExt

Technical issues

Hi <Customer>, our team is currently unable to resolve this issue at the moment due to technical issues. We’re looking into the cause of this issue and will get back to you. can_copy_tExt
Hi there, we are currently facing a technical issue that is preventing us from accessing your order details. We will get back to you as soon as the issue is resolved. can_copy_tExt

Ask satisfied customers for reviews & service feedback

Hi there, we are delighted to help you with your query. I can see that you’ve recently purchased <product> from us. Would you be willing to share your product review by clicking <link>? can_copy_tExt
Hi <customer>, we hope that your query is resolved. Could you please provide a rating for our service and share your feedback at <link>? can_copy_tExt

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Inform about special holiday deals

Hi there, we hope that we resolved your query! Did you know that we run an annual clearance sale during this <holiday> period? Check out our latest offers by clicking here -<link>. can_copy_tExt

Refund notifications

Hi <customer>, we are sorry for the inconvenience. We acknowledge the issue and have started the refund process. You should receive it within <timeframe>. can_copy_tExt
Hi there, thanks for sharing your grievances. As compensation for your issues, we have processed a refund of <amount>. It will reflect in your wallet within 48 hours. can_copy_tExt
Hi <customer>, thanks for booking with us. Your Booking ID is <ID> and you can track your order through <link>. can_copy_tExt
Hi there, your purchase has been confirmed. Your product will be shipped in <timeframe>. You can track your purchase through <link>. can_copy_tExt

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Out-of-stock information

Hi there, we regret to inform you that the product is currently not in stock. Please opt-in to get a personal notification once it is back in stock. can_copy_tExt
Hi <customer>, we are sorry. The product you enquired is out-of-stock. We will restock our warehouses every week, so we kindly request you to wait till <day>. can_copy_tExt

General enquiries

Hi there, we are sorry for the inconvenience. Our offices have shifted from <old location> to  <new location>. You can also give us a call at <number> for immediate assistance. can_copy_tExt
Hi <customer>, we hope that your query is resolved. If you like further assistance, you can reach our customer support desk at <mobile number>. can_copy_tExt
Thanks for your interest and we appreciate your time. You can opt-in to receive regular WhatsApp notifications by opting in for our messages. can_copy_tExt

How to enable quick replies for WhatsApp Business?

A quick reply is a feature that is available for both WhatsApp Business & WhatsApp API users. While it is easier to set up in WhatsApp Business, the quick replies.

For WhatsApp Business App

If you’d like to set up quick replies, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open your WhatsApp Business app & tap on More options (the three ellipses at the top left of the screen).
  • Select ‘Quick Replies’ under ‘Business Tools’.
  • Tap on ‘Add’ and select ‘Message’ to create your desired message.
  • Now that your Quick Reply has been created, you can also change the Shortcut key from the default ‘/’ key.

Note: While you can add text messages, images & videos as quick replies, you will not be able to add images/videos through the shortcut key.

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Using Quick Reply

To use a quick reply, you can follow these steps

  • Open a chat window.
  • Press Attach -> Quick Replies to attach the relevant image or video.
  • Click send.
  • Text messages can be selected directly from the text input field by pressing the shortcut key.
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For WhatsApp Business API

If you are partnered with a WhatsApp Business Partner to get the full suite of features provided by WhatsApp API, then you can set up Quick Replies with your BSP’s help. You can create and use Quick Replies with Gallabox by following these simple steps.

  • Open Settings & Click on Canned Response.
  • Click on the ‘Add’ button on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Add a name & channel type (Web/WhatsApp) for your quick reply.
  • Add the desired message and click on ‘Add Template’ to create the reply.

Note: Gallabox allows you to add emojis, documents and links to the quick reply.

Using Quick Reply

To use a quick reply, you can follow these steps

  • Open the Conversations tab and select the desired contact.
  • Click on the ‘#’ button under the chatbox to search & select the quick reply.
  • Click send.

Benefits of enabling quick replies on WhatsApp

On the surface level, the quick reply feature helps provide instant support and reduces the time a customer spends on simple queries. However, there are several other benefits to enabling quick replies. They are as follows:

Improves Customer Experience

With the quick reply feature enabled, businesses can provide instant support to customers & help them save a lot of time. Thus, they can ensure customers are well-informed and satisfied. This leads to higher customer retention & overall business growth.

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Reduces Unforeseen Errors

Since quick replies are pre-loaded to the customer via a shortcut key, the chances of making unintentional mistakes are minimized. This means businesses can be more effective when resolving an issue.

Increases Brand Trust & Revenue

With customized Quick Replies, businesses can create a personalized communication experience that helps build their brand trust. This means businesses can increase brand awareness and boost customer loyalty. Thus, they can increase their revenue.

Increases Team Dynamics

Quick replies let businesses keep a steady voice & tone, whilst ensuring they respond promptly to each customer query. This allows them to work more effectively as a team. This leads to enhanced customer experience, better team communication & brand loyalty.

Enable quick reply on WhatsApp with Gallabox’s WhatsApp Business API now!

Quick Replies can help you increase your brand efficiency. However, it is also important to get guided assistance when using the feature. To ensure that you reap maximum benefits, you can partner with Gallabox, one of the leading WhatsApp Business Service Providers in India. Our team doesn’t just have experience with Quick Replies but has excellent expertise in building customized no-code workplaces for businesses using WhatsApp. Gallabox has helped many businesses manage their customer conversations efficiently through WhatsApp API integrations, no-code automated chatbots & well-crafted broadcast notifications. So, don’t hesitate to sign-up for a free trial!

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