How to Retarget Unresponsive WhatsApp Broadcast Receivers
How to Retarget Unresponsive WhatsApp Broadcast Receivers

How to Retarget Unresponsive WhatsApp Broadcast Receivers

Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran

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Every failed WhatsApp broadcast is not a lost cause but a golden opportunity!

You've painstakingly crafted your marketing plan and sunk a hefty chunk of your budget into it. Yet, the thorn in your side persists – unreachable customers via WhatsApp broadcasts.

Hardly conducive to a sound night's sleep, is it?

Well, fret not!

We’re uncorking a bottle of wisdom to pour out strategies for excluding failed WhatsApp messages while winning back those elusive, unresponsive recipients.

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Get set for a zesty, whimsical journey on how to refine your WhatsApp marketing campaigns to precision. In this detailed article, we'll dive into the nitty-gritty of turning those disappointments into delightful conversions by:

  • Tackling failed messages: Dig in deeper and identify why some WhatsApp Broadcast messages not delivered while others do.
  • Retargeting the silent ones: Silent recipients are not uninterested; sometimes, they just need a little nudge — like a perfectly personalised and irresistible offer!
Every message sent is a relationship in progress, every failed message is an opportunity in disguise, and every silent recipient is potentially a loyal customer.

Now, let's get back to business.

Techniques to Exclude Failed Messages from Future Broadcasts

What's the first step towards cracking the WhatsApp Marketing Campaign?

Well, the first step towards a successful WhatsApp marketing campaign is acknowledging and understanding the problems.

Yes, these include those pesky failed messages, adopting a flexible approach, and executing an informed strategy.

Now, back to the million-pound question...

How do you exclude failed messages from future WhatsApp Broadcasts?

  1. First off, embrace the bitter yet enlightening truth that failed messages are part and parcel of any WhatsApp campaign.

They can occur due to various reasons :

  • The user might have blocked your number
  • Their mobile number may no longer exist
  • WhatsApp might not be installed on their device

and there could be several similar reasons...

2. Having soaked in the aforementioned reality, make use of the Broadcast Delivery Report. This helpful tool can be your saviour while operating on WhatsApp Business API platforms like Gallabox.

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3. Once you've accessed the report, get your detective hat on and start identifying the 'Failed' statuses. Once these are noted down, keep them aside for your future reference.

4. Now, get your geek mode on and use the list of failed statuses to update your main database. The mission here is to surgically remove these numbers to ensure that your future broadcasts steer clear of these contacts.

Kudos! You now have a squeaky-clean, failure-free broadcast list.

Retargeting the Silent Receivers: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here's where we turn the heat up a notch and get into retargeting unresponsive WhatsApp broadcast recipients. We're talking about those oh-so-near-yet-so-far potential customers who received but didn't respond to your broadcasts.

  1. Begin by identifying the 'Delivered' statuses in your Broadcast Delivery Report. These sneaky recipients have successfully received your message but have chosen to remain quiet. A tad frustrating, isn't it?
A screen that displays the different delivery statuses

2. But this isn't the time to lose heart. Instead, use this information to create a dedicated retargeting list.

3. Armed with this list, consider tweaking your messaging strategy. Maybe a more personalised approach could tickle their engagement fancy? Or a more detailed explanation of your product or service?

4. Consider utilising A/B testing to discern which message resonates better with your audience. Perhaps DeeDee will respond better to a funny, nurturing message, whilst Dexter might need a jolt of urgency and social proof to make that decision.

5. Combining these retargeting tactics can help to motivate those unresponsive recipients not just to receive, but also respond to your broadcasts. And now, you've unlocked the treasure trove of revived communications.

When you look at every failed or unresponsive message as an opportunity to learn, adapt and refine, you can turn those communication attempts into a veritable treasure trove of client engagement and conversions.

The Anatomy of a Successful WhatsApp Broadcast: What Works?

Understanding the intricate details of an effective WhatsApp broadcast is essential.

But remember, dearest marketer, there's no 'one size fits all approach'.

Instead, it requires a careful study, a pinch of creativity, and an understanding of your audience’s preferences.

Shall we delve deeper into this mystery?

1. Segmentation: The Not-So-Secret Sauce of WhatsApp Marketing

Segmentation is dividing your audience into smaller, manageable groups based on specific characteristics.

By segmentation, we mean 'divide and rule'.

In WhatsApp's context, it could be based on the responsiveness of the recipients or any preferred categories. This way, you can tailor your messages and target the unresponsive ones separately with a nudge here and there.

2. Crafting the Perfect Message: Quality Over Quantity

Listen closely; crafting a perfect message is a bit like preparing a delicate soufflé—it needs a balance of all ingredients.

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Make it short, sweet and compelling enough for the reader to click through. Remember, quality over quantity always does the trick.

3. Timing is Key: Avoid the Spamming Trap

Timing your messages impeccably is like landing the perfect punch—if it lands at the right spot, it can take you to victory!

Send 1000s of Messages Without Getting Blocked
Send 1000s of Messages Without Getting Blocked

Find the period your customers are most active and hit them with your broadcast at that golden hour.

But, dear marketer, make sure not to overdo it and end up spamming, which might lead to blocking your number. Balance is crucial here.

4. Monitor and Learn: The Art of Retargeting

Now, this is where the fun begins. Closely watch your broadcasts' response, learn from the successes and failures, and use insights for retargeting the unresponsive lot. Smart work, isn't it?

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5. Recycle, Repurpose, and Reuse

Don’t reinvent the wheel every time. Reuse your successful scripts, refine your failed ones and watch how they work wonders.

Recycling content is not just cost-effective but also an intelligent method to reach success.

Pretty cool, right?

Creating Cost-Effective WhatsApp Broadcasts with Gallabox

Having explored ways to squeeze extra potential from your failed broadcasts, it's time to raise the bar.

What if you can bid adieu to all the manual retargeting once and for all with an AI-powered WhatsApp Automation Tool?

And, what if it was tailor-made for growing businesses?

Gallabox is the perfect partner-in-crime you need for simple yet powerful bulk broadcasting to enhance your success rates. With Gallabox's user-friendly reporting tool, you'll get real-time insights like messages delivered, read, and failed in seconds.

A snapshot of WhatsApp Broadcast Reports in Gallabox

Its webhook automation works like a charm making segmentation a breeze. The 'auto-assign' feature ensures no contact goes unanswered, uplifts customer experience, and boosts your broadcast success rate. It allows you to auto respond a and assign chats to a team member based on predefined conditions.

Take a look at the story of ‘Go Ireland', a study abroad startup that shipped engaging broadcasts that drove more people to actual buying stages. As a result, they not only improved brand visibility but also pushed sales up, showing a 32% boost in conversion rates.

Converting Non-Responders into Active Customers

Transforming the tide of failed WhatsApp broadcasts into a wave of success involves a blend of strategic steps...

Begin by understanding the anatomy of your campaign; segmentation, crafting quality messages, timely broadcasts, and judicious monitoring are not merely checkboxes but pillars of a robust WhatsApp marketing strategy.

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Read a comprehensive analysis of Interakt vs. AiSensy to get insights on features and pros/cons to decide which WhatsApp Automation Platform best suits you.

But don't forget, whilst these ingredients are crucial, the key secret sauce is maintaining consistency and a human touch in your conversations. Putting yourself in the customer's shoes, practising empathy, indulging in two-way communication, and sprinkling a dash of humour could significantly heighten engagement and responses.

Not all failed messages are lost causes - they're actually golden opportunities for learning and retargeting.

Repurpose and recycle your content, ensuring it feels fresh and relevant every time. With these steps, you can not only exclude failed messages from future broadcasts but also retarget unresponsive recipients effectively.

If you're seeking to recapture the charm of your WhatsApp broadcasts or enhance their effectiveness, why not try embracing the power of automation and experience the difference?

Don't hesitate to explore Gallabox's Broadcasting Feature for more insights and targeted solutions. Sign up today for FREE and turn those whispers into resounding conversations together!

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