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Jobstars India Deployed a Multilingual Chatbot to Handle 60% of Candidate Conversations, Thereby Reducing 10,000 Minutes of Manual Agent Intervention



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Jobstars India

Founded in 2002, Jobstars is one of the leading players in the Indian recruitment ecosystem. They believe in combining their passion for people with smart investments in intelligence technology to help organizations and talent realise their true potential. Employing over 319 specialist recruiters across our 3 office locations, JobStars HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd provides a full range of services including temporary and permanent staffing, outsourcing and other workforce solutions in the areas of engineering, finance, accounting, human resources, IT, manufacturing, logistics, sales and marketing.

Challenge: Manual agent intensive workflow resulting in human errors

  • Manual agent intervention resulting in human errors like that of wrong application forms being sent to candidates. This was due to the vast number of job applications in different industry sectors.
  • Time-consuming workflow, in turn, resulting in delayed responses.
  • Drop-offs of candidates due to language barriers.
  • System of data to be sent or collected was done through several excel sheets which resulted in the loss of a common base of data collection.
  • Agents used multiple mobile numbers to acquire candidates. This diluted the main source of communication with the company.
The Solution Provided by Gallabox for Jobstars India.

Solution Provided: A multilingual chatbot was deployed to take over candidate conversations and reduce redundancies

Gallabox created a multilingual rule-based chatbot to reduce drop-offs and reach a larger audience segment.The chatbot automated data collection parameters and provided the candidate with the right application forms reducing human intervention errors. Data collected by the bot were directed to one common database that could be accessed by all with the organisation. The multi-agent login feature of Gallabox helped Jobstar's agents to access conversations under one single WhatsApp number.

"Gallabox is our official chat partner. The simple & elegant automated chat response system made our business processes easy & hassle free. We are happy to use Gallabox, as all our business needs were fulfilled under one roof. Thank you team for your extended support."

- A. Kamalahasan,

Managing Director for Jobstar

Impact Created by Gallabox:

  • The multilingual chatbot facilitated an increase in candidate applications and sales by 60%
  • This also resulted in 40% reduction in manual agent intervention, thereby increasing the response rate and accuracy of data shared and collected.
  • Jobstars acquired 2000+ customers within 2 months with the help of Gallabox's Chatbot which saved 10,000 minutesof human intervention.
  • Jobstar's agents could easily access candidate conversations on the go via our mobile application and team inbox.


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