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Sattvic Stores Reduced RTO by 10% within a month of using Gallabox’s WhatsApp Broadcast Feature



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Sattvic Stores

Sattvic Stores by Kabir Innovations is an online retail marketplace selling organic health supplements, herbs, extracts, and more. They locally source their products from rural startups and women entrepreneurs, guaranteeing the best of quality- #purity ki #assurity

Challenge: 25% RTO, Traditional manual agent support and marketing services

  • High marketing budgets to reach a wider audience for every campaign.
  • 25% of orders were returned due to products not suiting the client or ordering the wrong products.
  • Manual efforts were taken to engage existing customers with new product launches.
  • Their support services were of traditional methods i.e., calling and messaging. No WhatsApp automation, only manual agent intervention.
  • Niche segments were identified but the execution of marketing efforts was limited.

Solution Provided: A WhatsApp Chatbot was employed to reduce RTO. Shared inbox & broadcast features managed upselling and cross-selling of products

  • Created a WhatsApp chatbot to reduce RTO by counselling clients on their specific requirements.
  • Client data collected by the bot was directed to one common database that could be accessed by all members of the store.
  • Upselling of Customer Specific Products - Created a support service through WhatsApp chatbots to aid clients in the buying process and any product related queries. This also created an opportunity to sell products suited to the customer’s needs and reduced returning orders.
  • Cross-selling to a Niche of Customers - Created advanced customer segments through tagging/labelling of contacts to WhatsApp broadcast their new arrivals and customer-specific products.

Gallabox not only nurtures your clients but also reduces RTO by sending instant updates. 101% satisfied with the tool!

- Mr. Vinod,

for Kabir Innovations - Sattvic Stores

Impact Created by Gallabox:

  • Gallabox helped reduce Sattvic Store’s RTO by 10%within 30 days.
  • WhatsApp broadcast segments through labelling of contacts reduced their marketing budgets by 30%
  • Satvic Stores acquired 2000+ customers within 2 months with the help of Gallabox's Chatbot which saved 10,000 minutesof human intervention.
  • Support chatbot reduced manual agent efforts by50%. To summarise traditional messaging practices in the current digital environment for e-commerce businesses aren't the best fit. To avoid returning orders, brands like Sattvic Store employ 24x7 support chatbots to automate their operations and reduce their RTO thereby increasing their ROI.


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