Numberwale increases their sales by nearly 25% with the help of Gallabox.

25% increase in sales

Targeted campaigns to customers

Quality customer service


Numberwale is one of the largest 'telecom number' providers that's nothing short of making your communication special. Our attention to offering your desired numbers, competitive prices and a long list of happy clients speak of our services.

What were the challenges you had before using Gallabox?

    Before using Gallabox, our customer-facing teams such as sales and support used to handle all our customer conversations on their individual WhatsApp numbers. With a high volume of incoming inquiries, we were not able to track our customer conversations, responses and unanswered chats, and send prompt replies. Thus we seeked a WhatsApp API solution that could handle all our conversations with customers under one single roof. We evaluated a lot of WhatsApp API solution providers but Gallabox came across as the best option.

“The Assign feature in Gallabox helps us assign the right chats to the right person. This helps us save time and avoid confusions between our sales and support teams.”

- Mamta,

Director at Numberwale

How is Gallabox helping you?

  • We have a practice of using Contact Tags regularly as it helps us in labeling contacts based on their business profile.
  • The Assign feature in Gallabox is beneficial for our entire team to assign chats either to sales or support teams based on the inquiry. This way, our team members get only the right customer chats to handle.
  • We use WhatsApp Broadcast to shoot bulk messages to our target customers. The Analytics module in Gallabox gives us really great insights about how our broadcast campaigns have performed. This, in turn, helps us optimize our future campaigns. For example, if we send a broadcast campaign to 10,000 contacts and only 10-20% have shown interest in the campaign, our team will work on the areas of improvement for the next campaign for better results. This has helped our team scale faster.
  • We have started to explore the WhatsApp chatbots and we are looking forward to getting started with bots sooner.

“We have been using Gallabox for about 1.5 years. The entire Gallabox team is very helpful. The platform is very simple, easy to use and feature-rich.”

- Mamta,

Director at Numberwale

Impact Created by Gallabox:

    After adopting the solution provided by Gallabox, we started selling more numbers to our customers. I can say our sales increased by nearly 25%


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