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PropLeaf Realty Tech

We are one of the top real estate brokers offering the best properties for commercial and residential purposes. Our team assists Real Estate developers in sales & marketing and business strategy, helping them achieve an incremental sales velocity and ROI.

What were the challenges you had before using Gallabox?

    Today WhatsApp has become an important channel for communication with our customers. Before adopting Gallabox, we used to face challenges in terms of giving one particular number to a customer where our team can respond to them at any given point in time. There was no way for us to keep track of responses. And while our team is out of office, we aren’t able to respond to our customers other than saying “Sorry, we are out of office”. Thus we seeked a WhatsApp business API solution that will help us send instant automated responses to our customers and reduce the wait time.

“Using Gallabox, our connect ratio with our customers has increase by 25%”

- Rajesh Katariya,

Founder and CEO at PropLeaf Realty Tech

How is Gallabox helping you?

  • After having implemented Gallabox, we are able to receive messages from customers from multiple channels but to one particular WhatsApp number. This way our team can respond to queries instantly.
  • We find the chatbots very helpful as they help us in handling our regular queries. They have helped us reduce the wait time for customers.
  • We use Gallabox for sending out reminders to our customers. For example, if a customer is visiting a property at 11 am, we send an automated reminder to the customer at 9 am. This way we are able to reduce the number of follow ups and improve our customer inspection rate.

What are the features you use in Gallabox?

  • We use WhatsApp chatbots regularly and they are most helpful during the night time. When our agents are not available, bots take care of handling inquiries from any part of the world.
  • Our team uses Shared team inbox to track the responses sent out by supervisors and make sure all the queries on WhatsApp have been responded to.

Impact Created by Gallabox:

  • Using Gallabox, we make sure we do not miss out on any of the leads.
  • We are able to send timely responses to leads and customers.
  • With the help of chatbots, we are able to handle basic inquiries from customers. This helps our team connect with the customers later at a time convenient for them.
  • Our connect ratio with customers has increased by 25%.