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VCare increases their lead generation, conversion rate, and the quality of support provided to customers with the help of Gallabox.

15% increase in Facebook conversion rate

Increased lead generation

Quality customer service



VCare, India’s leading Hair & Skin Clinic, offers a wide range of latest solutions for all hair and skin problems. We take care of everything ranging from diagnosis and treatment for all hair & skin related issues.

Challenge: Difficulty in customer service and irrelevant lead generation

  • Before adopting the solution provided by Gallabox, the way our team interacted with our customers was never seamless.
  • Most of the leads that we generated from multiple sources ended up being irrelevant for our business. i.e. , we received a lot of junk leads.
  • Our conversion rate from Facebook was not as expected.

“After using Gallabox, the conversion rate for Facebook has increased by nearly 15%.”

- J. Vimalnath,

Assistant Manager of Digital Marketing at VCare

Solution Provided: Using Gallabox, we were able to increase our lead generation and conversion rates.

  • The automation service in Gallabox has helped us significantly. It helps us interact with customers at a faster pace which in turn helps in lead generation.
  • Apart from automation, the best feature of Gallabox is the Broadcasting feature. It helps us reach out to people who are yet to be converted as a customer.
  • In addition to that, Gallabox aids in generating a soft copy of the customer’s invoice through API.

“Our favorite feature in Gallabox is its Automation service. It aids in interacting with our customers at a faster pace. This, in turn, increases our lead generation.”

- J. Vimalnath,

Assistant Manager of Digital Marketing at VCare

Impact Created by Gallabox:

  • After adopting Gallabox, we could now interact with our customers quickly and efficiently.
  • We also find that our business is generating more relevant leads.
  • Our conversation rate for Facebook has increased by nearly 15%


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