Set Up Your New WhatsApp Business API Account in 5 Steps
Set Up Your New WhatsApp Business API Account in 5 Steps

Set Up Your New WhatsApp Business API Account in 5 Steps

Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran

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How many times have you signed up for a free trial and discarded it just because you couldn’t get the hang of the product?

There are times when the support documentation and videos are not quite enough. That’s why we decided to create this detailed blog just so you can get started.

This guide aspires to familiarise you with your Gallabox WhatsApp Business API trial account and helps you set it up in 5 simple steps.

We will also offer you guidelines on where you can find more information about specific modules and features. If you follow the instructions in this blog to the tee, you can make the most of our product.

Get Started

Once you successfully sign up for a free trial, you can view and access our product right away. 

If you accidentally dropped off during the signup process or had trouble completing the signup, then you will need to complete the signup process using the email you have received.

  • You don’t just need a website address! Your website needs to be in working condition, too.
  • We cannot help you connect a personal email address to your account. Only an official email address will work. 
  • You need a fresh number to create a WhatsApp business API. Connecting an existing WhatsApp business number could result in complications.

Log in to your Gallabox account using the credentials that you signed up with.

While you can log in to Gallabox from your mobile device(both iOS and Android), we recommend you log in from a desktop or laptop. 

Because it would help you access bots, set up a sequence, create a broadcast, use one of our connectors, and other essential elements with ease.  

1.1 Add a Team 

Before you rush into sending invites to all your core crew, please take the time to identify the roles and access controls offered in Gallabox.

Once you feel comfortable with the different roles on the platform, you can invite any of your employees, from a store manager to a customer service representative and marketing associate.

Import Contacts

Once you have onboarded your team onto the platform, it is time to import customer information into the database. 

You can either add customer data individually or import them all in one shot (bulk) from your Google Sheets, CRM, or other third-party software using Gallabox connectors. You can also filter contacts, export them, and even create different segments. 

Learn the different ways you can import your customer data into Gallabox! 

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2.1 Shared Team Inbox 

Conversations are the heart of our platform and you can access them all in our shared inbox

This module not only offers complete transparency to view all customer conversations in a unified interface but also allows you to assign conversations and leave private notes to your teammates.   

Configure Templates

You can use general WhatsApp templates for various events that happen throughout the lifecycle of a customer or a prospect, including service reminders, delay alerts, and status changes. 

By configuring the templates based on the context or specific use case, you can take your messaging from canned to candid in minutes!

Learn how to create personalised message templates with dynamic variables and media. 

Set Up a Campaign

Now that you have updated your database and migrated all employee and customer information onto the platform, you need to set up a WhatsApp Chatbot or a Drip Marketing Campaign or even WhatsApp Flows.

As a growing business, you are bound to have your own set of policies and processes; it is time to implement them on the platform. 

4.1 Create a Chatbot

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For instance, a retail business can create a bot that sends automated post-purchase notifications and shipping updates smoothly based on data from its Shopify or WooCommerce store.

If you manage a healthcare business, you can create a bot that answers frequently asked health queries, sends appointment reminders, and nudges customers to book a health check-up.

Check this article to learn how to set up a no-code chatbot in a matter of minutes!

4.2 Drip Marketing

Email marketing is no longer the only option for lead nurturing.

Gallabox's sequences can help you create drip marketing campaigns on WhatsApp.

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With Gallabox’s sequence, you can:

  • Nurture early-stage leads until they are ready to purchase 
  • Engage prospects with the right nudge at the right time
  • Hit the ground running by automating tedious tasks

Work smarter, not harder, with Gallabox’s Sequence!

4.3 WhatsApp Flows

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Get Stuff Done with Powerful WhatsApp Forms, aka WhatsApp Flows.

With Gallabox's WhatsApp Flow Builder, create eye-catching WhatsApp forms easily, distribute them to potential and existing customers to accumulate data, structure it efficiently, and decipher valuable actions.

At the same time, our product does the heavy lifting for you!

Build a WhatsApp Flow today 🚀

Connect with Your Tech Stack

With Gallabox, you don’t have to switch tabs between the tools you use daily and Gallabox to get a single source of truth. 

Our connectors will play well with your tech stack, bringing all your tools together, so that you can get the information you need, when you need it!

1. Customer Relationship Management 

Whether you are using Zoho or HubSpot, enable a seamless two-way data sync between your CRM and your WhatsApp business account.

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2. Logistics Management Tools

Send order confirmation messages, shipping updates, and other order status changes instantly on WhatsApp through platforms like Shiprocket and keep your customers in the loop.

3. Data Storage and Spreadsheets

Automate data reconciliation, avoid redundancy and mistakes and help employees focus on tasks that matter by seamlessly integrating with data storage tools like Google Sheets.

4. E-Commerce Platforms 

Boost your sales by integrating with E-Commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce to automate reminders, order confirmations, and other notifications.

5. Payment Processing Systems 

Collect money on WhatsApp in a hassle-free way with either Native WhatsApp payments or a third-party payment processor integration like Razorpay and Cashfree

6. WhatsApp Marketing Tools 

Drive your conversion rates higher by pushing the leads generated from other platforms like Facebook into Gallabox instantly.

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7. Meeting Apps and Calendars 

Improve your team's productivity by connecting your Gallabox account with online calendars and meeting apps like Zoom Connector, Zoho Meetings, Calendly, and more.  

8. Accounting Software 

Automate your bookkeeping and streamline your cash flow by integrating with accounting tools like Zoho Books without any coding requirements.  

9. Customer Engagement Platforms

Are customer engagement activities a pain in the neck? Use Gallabox connectors for platforms like MoEngage and WebEngage to make customer engagement affordable and effortless. 

10. Data Integration Tools

Connect your Zapier or Pabbly account to Gallabox so that they facilitate a two-way sync of data between your third-party app using specific triggers. 

11. Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Can't find a direct Gallabox connection for your third-party tool? Use Generic Webhooks and API to connect your tool with Gallabox or request a custom integration! 

Stuck anywhere or need additional help? Reach out to us!

If you feel you need additional information about a feature or just wanna say hi, feel free to reach out to us at Our team is always happy to help you out. 

If you are interested to know more about Gallabox and its functionalities, we can offer you a full-blown out demo of our product for free, pick a time that works for you!

Now that you know all you need to get started with Gallabox, are you ready to claim your free trial?

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