Chatbots for automotive industry:   Why you can't ignore them
Chatbots for automotive industry: Why you can't ignore them

Chatbots for automotive industry: Why you can't ignore them

Shyam Krishnan S

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The automotive industry is on the rise. As one of the world’s fastest-growing industries with an annual global growth of about 3-5%, there are currently a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to set up in the automotive industry. Automotive chatbots, or “AI” bots as they are sometimes called, are also on the rise. Many organizations are recognizing the benefits chatbots can offer by being more intelligent, more efficient and more customer-centric than most traditional business practices.

What is an Automotive Chatbot?

An automotive chatbot can be defined as an automated chat application or software that helps automotive businesses communicate with both prospective and existing customers. AI-enabled automotive chatbots help businesses to engage with their customers via text, video or audio in a highly engaging, personal, fast, and most importantly: Conversational manner. Automotive chatbots can help consumers by providing them with answers to their questions about products and services, and also provide them with the ability to ask questions, get answers or complete transactions.

One of the main reasons that businesses are looking to embrace chatbot technology is that they can save significant time and energy in comparison to traditional sales and customer service methods. The AI-powered automotive chatbots can help eliminate the need for costly customer service and call centre staff. Our automobile bot templates help to save time and money by having a consistent and personal conversation with the customer throughout their purchasing journey.

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10 ways automotive chatbots are changing the industry in 2022

Chatbots for the automotive industry can help the business operating in the sector gain massive advantages. The following are some of the benefits that businesses will get by using an automotive chatbot:

Customers get personalized car and dealership recommendations

With an automobile chatbot, customers can also get the best advice about cars, car dealers and the car market services in general. The chatbot can also help customers to find the car they need or the dealership that they want to visit. The chatbot can also direct customers to interact with the dealers about a potential purchase, and the chatbot can use a customer’s preferences to select the car dealership they should visit.

Service providers and automobile dealers can send regular notifications

Automobile dealers and service providers can use the chatbot to send regular notifications to their customers. This can range from new cars, product offerings, insurance services to loan payment reminders. By doing so, car dealers can enhance their customer service approach and provide a convenient and customized experience to their customers.

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Dealers can automate post-sales support

Automotive chatbots can help businesses offer excellent post-sales support to customers.  Through automated chat, customers can request information about the car purchase, download payment receipts and reports. Chatbots can also help provide post-sales service reminders and information that customer's may have missed.

On-demand car loan and insurance assistance

A chatbot can also help with car loans and insurance advice. Not only will a chatbot help provide a car loan or insurance quote, but it can also help customers track the status of their loan or insurance claims in real-time. Many automotive chatbot solutions also have analytics that helps businesses determine the best time to interact with customers.

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Streamline spare part bookings

Automobile dealers would be able to use chatbot technology to help make spare parts booking a convenient process. A chatbot can help dealers connect with their spare part dealers and receive the information they need in a quick, reliable, and convenient way. This will help with efficient spare part planning and will increase customer satisfaction.

Personalize dealership processes

With an automotive chatbot, businesses will be able to connect with their customers efficiently and understand their preferences. The chatbot can help in dealership processes like appointment setting, showroom navigation and much more.  By identifying customer behaviour, they can recommend new products and better personalize the dealership's experience.

Customers can keep track of their repair requests

A chatbot can help automotive businesses solve recurring repair problems with ease. This can be in the form of diagnosing the problem and recommending the best repair solutions to customers, or it can also be in the form of giving customers real-time troubleshooting guides that explain why the car isn't working and what a repair can fix.

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Helps in discovery and sales of pre-owned cars

If your customers are looking for used cars, a chatbot can definitely contribute to this selling process. A chatbot can help customers find used car options quickly and easily, and also help dealers find customers who are looking for a used car purchase.  Car dealers can also use an auto chatbot to create customer profiles that are based on past customers' preferences, which helps them learn what works with their customer base.

Reaches customers in the comfort of their homes

It’s no secret that one of the reasons why chatbots have caught on so quickly is because customers like interacting with a chatbot at the comfort of their home instead of an in-store salesperson. This is especially true in industries that are more customer-centric. Using a chatbot can also help automotive dealers empower their customers and become more customer-centred in their approach.

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Gives data-backed insights about a customer's behaviour

A chatbot can help businesses identify a person's behaviour patterns based on customer interactions with the chatbot. By using this information, a business can build the best customer experience and improve product recommendation, sales, and service. In addition, businesses can also use chatbots to gain more insights from customer data to identify any problematic issues with their product or services, identify gaps in their business processes, and increase their business profit.

Automobile chatbot use cases for car dealerships

The following are some of the use cases for automobile chatbots that your business should not ignore:

  • Automates test drive bookings
  • Creates personalized order forms
  • Streamlines payments and appointments
  • Offers on-road support for drivers
  • Manages inventory when integrated with a database CRM
  • Calculates automobile loan and interest numbers
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How Car Dealers can use Automotive Chatbots

From the article, it is clear that chatbots can enable dealers to automate their customer service and increase bookings. Chatbots not only provide dealers with an efficient way to communicate with customers, but they also help them to personalize their customer service interactions to increase bookings and generate more sales. This will result in better customer satisfaction and it will reduce inefficiencies and human errors. Therefore, it is important for automobile dealers to explore the use of chatbots and automate conversations with their customers to increase their sales and support efforts.

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