13 Chatbot Trends and Statistics you can't miss in 2023!
13 Chatbot Trends and Statistics you can't miss in 2023!

13 Chatbot Trends and Statistics you can't miss in 2023!


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The current market environment is rapidly growing, a changing landscape of technologies and the market’s adoption of new business models, businesses across the globe are challenged to keep up with the pace. Chatbots have become a key component to keeping up and thriving, offering many opportunities to companies to become more efficient and adaptable to the ever-changing marketplace. The future of chatbots lies in their ability to automate functions that can only be fulfilled by human beings.

800 million users by 2023: Chatbot adoption statistics that will stun you

Source - https://mms.businesswire.com/media/20201207005691/en/844666/5/IRTNTR41045.jpg

According to global chatbot adoption statistics, the market is growing exponentially since the start of the decade. The market is expected to grow by around 25% within 2024 which is an impressive growth rate. The study also estimates that by 2023, over 800 million users in over 190 countries will be using chatbots to conduct various activities including online shopping, banking, booking travel and much more.

Why businesses are loving chatbots

• As more people go online, there is an increasing demand for chatbots to keep up with the evolving needs of consumers.

• Ease of access is one of the biggest factors that make chatbots a huge success. With chatbots, consumers can access services without having to step out of their homes or offices, which makes them the ideal way to serve customers.

• The use of chatbots to deliver personal information allows companies to understand the needs and preferences of their consumers more effectively.

• As more consumers become conversational, it’s easy for them to provide feedback and share their experiences with other chatbots. These interactions make it easier for companies to serve their customers in the most effective way possible.

If you’re looking to improve your customers experience and increase user engagement, then chatbots are the perfect solution for your business.

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If your business is looking to thrive in the current digital market, it is important to note the 2023 chatbot trends and create a superior strategy . The following are some of the trends that you shouldn’t miss out on:

Chatbots will become more human

Make WhatsApp Chatbot more Human

Customers are increasingly adopting chatbots due to their ability to create a personal connection with businesses. Over the last few years, chatbots have made it easier for businesses to establish a rapport with their consumers and interact with them. In the coming years, customers expect chatbots to adopt humanistic characteristics such as speaking naturally, reacting to queries and engaging in real-time conversations. This will make it easier for consumers to trust and depend on them more.

Voice enabled chatbots will increase

Voice-enabled assistants like Alexa and Siri are revolutionizing the way consumers interact. These technologies are now being adopted by chatbots and can improve user experience and customer satisfaction in the long-run. As chatbots can understand human language and can talk like humans, voice interactions have been making a huge difference to customers and have helped them feel more connected with businesses. In the near future, consumers will have even more voice interactions with chatbots. We can help you to enhance the overall experience and build customer engagement.

Chatbots will predict customer behaviour

Predict customer behaviour with WhatsApp Chatbot

Chatbots have been used by businesses to collect customer insights and improve the customer experience by predicting and monitoring their behaviour. When we talk about customer behaviour, we are looking at interactions like chats, calls, email, and any other activities that are used to engage with businesses. With machine learning, chatbots are expected to keep up with the changing needs of customers and deliver personalized services in the most cost-effective way.

Shop and pay via chatbots

Shop and pay via WhatsApp Chatbot

Customers prefer seamless customer experiences when they make a purchase. As we move into the year 2023, chatbots are expected to play an important role in enabling customer convenience. With WhatsApp and other chatbots including payment assistance, customers can seamlessly purchase and pay through the chatbot. In the coming years, companies will look to integrate more chatbots with payment processes to allow consumers to stay connected with their banking accounts and buy what they want.

AI-chatbots will deliver real time insights to customers

In order to survive in the digital market, chatbots are expected to play a vital role in helping businesses deliver knowledge more effectively and at a lower cost. With chatbots, businesses can deliver important information and notifications to customers instantly. This helps them to stay up-to-date with new offers, deals, and promotions. In the year 2023, businesses will make use of artificial intelligence to develop chatbots that are able to deliver valuable insights and information that can enhance customer experience.

A key role in retaining customers

One of the 2023 chatbot trends that businesses need to focus on is the ability to re-engage with customers. There are many factors that make chatbots different from other feature offerings. Chatbots can also help businesses with post-sales customer support and offer personalized information in a timely manner. The retargeting process is very effective in ensuring the success of customer retention programs and helps businesses to re-engage with customers who have shown interest in buying from them in the past.

Social media will change, thanks to chatbots

The social engagement factor of chatbots makes them a popular choice for businesses. In the coming years, businesses can expect chatbots increase social engagement and impact their social media strategies. The growing trend of chatbots on social media helps businesses to communicate with their customers in a social-friendly manner. They can also use automated chatbots to interact with their clients and build customer loyalty.

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Directly improve sales by enabling upselling and cross-selling

Chatbots have started to revolutionize the upselling and cross-selling process by providing more customer insights. In the coming years, AI-enabled chatbots are expected to play an important role in empowering businesses to upsell and cross-sell effectively. With chatbots, businesses can create value propositions, identify the best deals and cross-sell related products and services. These chatbots are able to do this through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and other emerging technologies.

Automating workflows and saving time internally

WhatsApp Team Inbox

A chatbot is expected to streamline internal processes and play a vital role in the coming years. They can improve the customer service experience and support internal processes. The chatbot will be able to automate various processes and save a significant amount of time. They will also help employees to work effectively, reduce the risk of human errors and enhance security in the workplace. This is a growing trend in 2023.

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Chatbots will enhance work from home environments

With the growth of e-commerce, online chatbots have become popular in different industries. In the coming years, there will be more chatbots available online in different work-from-home environments. People will be able to schedule and run their own virtual assistants. Over the next few years, companies will adopt chatbots to reduce their internal costs and support their business processes.

Chatbots will provide automation opportunities

Since chatbots are able to run on different operating systems, they can offer flexible, automated services and make processes easier for businesses. There are chatbots that can perform complex processes like scheduling, providing alerts, managing data, marketing and other services. This will make it easier for employees to focus on more important tasks. Chatbots are expected to make life easier for businesses in the coming years.

Chatbots are necessary for global growth

We are moving towards a more connected world. A lot of users rely on online chatbots to connect with other users in the social media environment. The chatbot industry is expected to drive global growth for businesses in the coming years.  This will also help businesses to expand their customer base and retain existing customers. Businesses will have to continuously evolve their digital strategies to help ensure chatbot adoption and growth.

Chatbots will be accessible for all

It is predicted that there will be more than one billion chatbots operating in 2025. In the year 2023, chatbots are expected to become more accessible and easier to adopt for businesses. Over the next decade, chatbots will continue to become a significant part of businesses.

How Chatbots are already revolutionizing Industries

WhatsApp has been a trendsetter in the chatbot market for many years now. This popular app has made it easy for millions of people to stay in touch with friends, family and business associates with just a few touches of the screen. With a growing user base of over 1 billion users, businesses are seeking for newer ways to reach these users and increase their productivity. With this in mind, let's look at how chatbots have started to revolutionize the following industries:

E-Commerce chatbots: Seamless shopping and customer support

When it comes to the e-commerce industry, chatbots have revolutionized the shopping and customer support processes. With the growing demand for user-friendly experiences, chatbots have provided an easy way for users to transact and receive product information in a hassle-free manner. When it comes to the customer experience, shopping is now better than ever thanks to chatbots. In the case of customer support, chatbots have played a vital role in making it easier for customers to provide feedback on various issues and questions they have.

If you’re looking to integrate chatbots into your e-commerce workflow, then check out our superior e-commerce chatbots.

Real Estate chatbots: Agencies can answer queries quicker

With the rapid digitisation of the real estate industry, chatbots have been a great source of real-time interaction for brokers and agents to stay up-to-date on client transactions, questions and feedback. Thanks to easy-to-read customer experiences, user-friendly interfaces and ease of access, chatbots have played a key role in the transformation of the real estate industry. Real estate agents have been able to keep up with client interactions and provide detailed information, which has, in turn, resulted in a significant reduction in the number of phone calls and visits to agents' offices. Our customized real estate chatbots are designed in such a way that it helps agencies increase their revenue at budget-friendly costs.

Education chatbots: Streamline and scale application processes

In the education industry, the introduction of chatbots has enabled more schools/colleges/institutions/coaching centres to keep up with their students. Thanks to the ability to deliver personal information in a manner that is both timely and comprehensive, chatbots are making it easier for institutions to keep up with students' academic progress. The use of chatbots can also help students be more engaged with the learning process, which has, in turn, resulted in better test scores. Furthermore, due to the increasing use of chatbots in education, institutions are now being provided with more training in a cost-effective manner. Our education chatbots can make it easier for educational institutions to connect and support better with their students.

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