Choosing the best WhatsApp CRM Provider
Choosing the best WhatsApp CRM Provider

Choosing the best WhatsApp CRM Provider

Yogesh Narayanan

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WhatsApp’s business tool is becoming a popular business tool because of its versatility. It is evident that the tool is one of the best digital communication tools and renders excellent customer support capabilities for businesses across all market sectors. In addition, WhatsApp Business is also a good alternative for your traditional CRM setup. As a CRM tool, WhatsApp Business can not only help businesses with just customer support, but also support with marketing, sales and after-sales support. Thus, it has the potential to help both small companies who are emerging in the market and large companies that are looking to dominate the market.

The first step to using WhatsApp as a CRM tool is creating an account and advertising the use of the tool. Businesses can also install a chat widget to maximize the opportunities for customer interactions. By increasing WhatsApp interactions, businesses will be able to manage more customers through the app. In this article, we hope to guide small and medium businesses get excellent benefits by using WhatsApp Business as a CRM tool.

First and foremost, it is important to understand that WhatsApp Business API does not have a front-end and it was originally intended as a partner for the in-house CRMs of businesses. However, most small and medium businesses will not have the resources to do the same. Therefore, it is important to choose the right CRM partner to get the most benefits. In this article, we will look to explore some critical tools & services that can help businesses manage their Customer Relations through WhatsApp Business.

Team Inbox

In most businesses, multiple users use WhatsApp to conduct customer conversations. It is important to consolidate the interactions through a shared team inbox. This is a feature that will help businesses manage their customer relations effectively. Hence, businesses need to check if their WhatsApp-based CRM provider renders the Shared Inbox feature.

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Importing Contacts

WhatsApp is a good lead generation tool because it provides businesses the opportunity to get the contact information of potential leads. Businesses should not miss this advantage and import the contacts to make a comprehensive customer list. Therefore, businesses need to check if the CRM partner has features that can import and sync WhatsApp contacts to create a customer list.


As mentioned earlier, installing a WhatsApp chat widget on the business website will rapidly increase the number of customer interactions. Customers can simply tap the button and connect with the business instantly. The chat widget doesn’t just add convenience but also visibility as it allows the business to advertise the fact that you are using WhatsApp. Therefore, the business needs to ensure that the CRM partner renders chat widget capabilities.

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Message Assistance

The WhatsApp Business API has several message limitations. For starters, if the customer initiates the chat, they can send session messages (normal messages) for 24 hours. However, businesses cannot initiate chats and can only use template messages that needs to be approved by WhatsApp. There are also other message-related facets like language used or grammatical mistakes that need to be noted. Therefore, the WhatsApp CRM partner need to be well-versed in WhatsApp message etiquettes to render excellent benefits for the business.

If you are a SME that is looking to use WhatsApp as a CRM tool, the above-mentioned tools and services are highly critical. These tools will help you manage customers efficiently and identify potential customers that needs more nurturing. Incorporating additional tools like Live Chat will add another lead generation channel to your WhatsApp CRM and increase you sales opportunities. Hence, it is important to check whether a CRM service provider is capable of providing all these tools at relatively low costs.

Gallabox is a digital service provider that renders personalized WhatsApp CRM services for small and medium businesses. Some of the features provided include a WhatsApp shared team inbox, WhatsApp marketing, easy contact integration, chat and social media widget integration, and live chat assistance. Gallabox operates with the goal of providing personalized digital solutions at budget-friendly rates. By partnering with Gallabox, SMEs will be able to create a personalized WhatsApp CRM that is easy to use and maintain. This will allow them to gain competitive advantage in the market and significantly improve their chances of success.

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