“Chat friendly”: Your Conversations Matter
convert conversations to actions

An all-in-one convo assistant to manage customer conversations in a single dashboard.

What can convo assistant do?

1. WhatsApp Business Integration

Leverage a pool of WhatsApp Business features for better customer support. We help you manage your WhatsApp Business API by engaging customers the right way using WhatsApp business automation tool. From personalized chat suggestions to automated messages, our convo assistant is the ultimate customer helpdesk for your end-to-end WhatsApp business conversation.

2. Website Live Chat

Hundreds of visitors search your website for information. How can you convert them as your lead? Enter our convo assistant, which engages your website visitors and pave way for effective lead management. Our convo assistant helps prospective leads of your website with relevant resources to make informed decisions.

3. Facebook Messenger

Need an assistant for your Social Media management? Your search ends here as our convo assistant, embedded with smart bots, attracts the right visitors to your website with its intrigue yet wacky conversations. From interesting surveys and polls to automated responses, the convo assistant helps you to understand and respond to your customers effectively.

4. Email Inbox

Want to send your prospective leads frequent updates or relevant information through Email inbox? Fret not! Our convo assistant helps

you turn those updates or information into compelling conversation using effective marketing automation aiding in improved customer engagement.