10 WhatsApp Business Notification Templates you can use now
10 WhatsApp Business Notification Templates you can use now

10 WhatsApp Business Notification Templates you can use now

Yogesh Narayanan

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WhatsApp Business is currently one of the major players in the business communication space. With access to over 2 million users worldwide, businesses have started to use WhatsApp business to communicate with their customers efficiently. WhatsApp Business provides a host of features that provide added benefits to businesses. One of those is the ability to send instant hassle-free notifications that will inform your customers about specific activities, business hours, and other important news.

What is a WhatsApp Business notification?

A notification is nothing but a message that gives notice or informs anyone about a particular activity, service or event. WhatsApp Business helps businesses send push notifications to their customers and prospects informing them about different business or service-related activities. By sending these notifications, businesses can create companies create more awareness about their products and services and drive sales efficiently.

While WhatsApp Business notifications will add excellent value to a business, many businesses still don't have a clear idea of the factors and limitations that should be considered.

Factors to consider while sending WhatsApp Business notifications

If you are a business that’s looking to send customized push notifications to your customers effortlessly, WhatsApp is your best bet. However, it’s critical that you have an idea of the factors that you need to consider before implementing WhatsApp Business notifications. We will briefly look at some of them here:

Ensure GDPR Policy

As one of the leading communications platforms of this generation, WhatsApp Business makes sure that all of its business users are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This allows the platform to minimize/eliminate spam messages that prove to be a hindrance to its users.

One of the main facets of GDPR is that businesses cannot initiate conversations with their customers unless they send WhatsApp-approved template messages. Therefore, businesses need to plan their notifications based on the policy.

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Valid message templates

WhatsApp only allows businesses to use pre-approved template messages as notifications. The platform regulates all messages to ensure that businesses are not using sales pitches or unsubstantiated claims to draw customers in. So, WhatsApp has created a host of approved template formats that can be used as notifications. Businesses can send 11 types of approved messages as notifications.  For more details, you can check out our blog on WhatsApp Template messages.

Customized interactive templates

Unlike SMS-based notifications, businesses can use multimedia messages as template messages. Businesses need to utilize these multimedia messages to create an interactive conversation with their customers. By using pictures & videos to communicate with their clients, businesses can not only drive new leads but also increase their response rates. For each template, there are different ways to send a push notification to maximize its impact.

Notification status tracking

With the right WhatsApp CRM tool, businesses can track their notifications and make sure that they create the necessary impact. Tracking and analyzing WhatsApp Business notifications can help businesses understand the impact of their campaign on their customers. This helps businesses to plan and optimize their campaigns effectively. Furthermore, this can also help them create intuitive push notifications that their customers will love.

Notification purpose

While this is not a well-known factor, the purpose of a WhatsApp Business notification plays a huge part in determining its nature and frequency. Therefore, businesses need to consider planning their notification purpose before launching their campaign. This could also help them build long-lasting relationships with their clients. The notification type should also match the nature of the product or service that they are offering. Businesses can send messages based on their business nature or customer needs and behavior to achieve their set goals.

Top 10 WhatsApp Business Notification Templates you can use now

Now that you’ve got an idea of all the factors that need to be considered before sending a WhatsApp Business notification, we can look at some of the templates that can provide excellent benefits to your business. The following notification templates will provide you with a guideline on how your business could create and use efficient WhatsApp templates:

Coupon Notification Template

A Coupon Notification Template will inform customers about any new or existing coupons they can use during their purchase/subscription process. Using this template, you can inform customers about the coupon codes that are relevant to them. The notification template will help you not only create awareness about the coupons but also inform your customers when they can avail them.

Hi <Customer Name>, you have won a new coupon. You can use Coupon Code - XCW231 to avail 40% discount on your next purchase. can_copy_tExt

Button - Avail Now

Reminder Notification Template

This Reminder Notification template was designed keeping in mind your customer service needs. You can use it to inform your customers about time-sensitive events or activities. These reminders can include upcoming subscription end dates, discount sales, product launches, coupons and much more. These alerts will allow your customers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

Hi <Customer Name>, your subscription will expire on 12/7. Ensure you renew your subscription to enjoy our value-added benefits. can_copy_tExt

Payment Notification Template

The Payment Notification template will allow businesses to not only inform their customers about the status of their payment but also provide them with detailed information about their purchases. This template is also used for informing customers about completed payments as well as failed ones.

Hi <Customer Name>, you have successfully paid for <Item Name>. Your transaction has been completed. can_copy_tExt

Account Notification Template

The Account Notification template was designed to inform customers about their account status, features & benefits. This informative notification allows customers to understand more about their account and also some of the value-added benefits as well as services that they are availing of.

Hi <Customer Name>, we are pleased to announce that your account has been upgraded. You can now access additional features & resources. Please click this link to know more. can_copy_tExt

Button - Click here

Reservation Update Template

As the name implies, this customized template is designed to inform customers about their upcoming reservations, appointments &  bookings. This notification allows businesses to update their customers about their upcoming bookings so that they can make the necessary adjustments'.

Hi <Customer Name>, your reservations are all set. Your flight has been booked & confirmed. Please confirm your travel details on <Website> to enjoy hassle-free travel. can_copy_tExt

Billing Update Template

With the Billing Update template, businesses can notify their customers about their upcoming invoices & bill payments. This template allows businesses to inform customers about the charges/amount they have incurred during their subscription. This notification can help businesses reduce bounced payments and increase their ROI.

Hi <Customer Name>, your invoice for <Item Name> will be billed on <Date> . Click this link to view more details about your invoice. can_copy_tExt

Delivery Status Update Template

This Delivery Status Update template will inform your customers about the delivery status of the purchased item. This notification helps customers track their shipments and learn about their status. This allows them to manage their daily schedule efficiently.

Hi <Customer Name>, your product will be delivered to your address on <Date>. In case you need any further assistance, you can just reply to this chat. can_copy_tExt

Check out our blog for more WhatsApp Business message templates for the customer support.

Are you facing the WhatsApp Business Notification Issue? Here are 5 things you can do to fix it!

When businesses initially start using WhatsApp Business notifications, they might face some issues. This section will focus on how you as a business owner can mitigate some of the major issues that you might encounter while implementing WhatsApp Business notifications.

Cookies & cache can increase the amount of data that WhatsApp Business stores on your device. This could sometimes lead to notification delay or failure. Since most businesses tend to use notifications to share important information with customers, a delay or failure can result in a loss of trust. Therefore, it's important to check cookies/cache in the event of notification failure and clear them.

To clear the cache, you need to go to your phone settings and open Storage or Apps. On the Storage page, you need to click on WhatsApp and tap ‘Clear Cache’.

Update WhatsApp Business to its latest version

This is something that most business owners tend to forget during a notification issue. Using a previous version of the WhatsApp Business app can limit the features that you can use. You can simply check if your WhatsApp Business application is the latest version by visiting the Android/Apple playstore.

Check internet connection issues

If your notifications continue to fail, check the internet connection on your device. A poor internet connection can cause WhatsApp notifications to fail. So, check if your device is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data before sending messages.  You also need to check the speed of your internet connection and switch to a speedy one to make sure that there are no disruptions.

Check DND & background data restrictions

Sometimes WhatsApp notifications can be blocked due to Do-Not-Disturb (DND) which silences all types of notifications. In most devices, DND/Airplane mode can be easily checked in the Quick Menu.

A user can also restrict background data by switching on ‘Data Saver’. This restricts applications to use the internet in the background. In that case, WhatsApp will not be able to fetch notifications if the app is running in the background.

Unmute Users & Groups

Sometimes your customers can mute your business. In this case, they might not be alerted to the notification even if they receive it. While this is not something that can be controlled by you, it's important to keep a check on WhatsApp groups and profiles that have been muted. By updating them, you can ensure that your customers have an easy time checking their notifications.

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