Five Tips to Boost your Conversion
Five Tips to Boost your Conversion

Five Tips to Boost your Conversion

Shyam Krishnan S

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Converting prospective customers can be a difficult task in any market, and it has become near impossible due to the pandemic. Are you tired of not getting sales even when your site has numerous visitors? Don’t worry, we have five tips that can help you convert potential customers.

Streamline your Forms

One of the main reasons that visitors do not convert is their perception of the brand. As a business owner, you would have worked hard to create a superior customer experience by adding new features and forms to the site. Even though these forms might ask relevant questions and help filter customer choices, visitors might feel overwhelmed by the barrage of features and forms.

The best practice when creating a site is to look at it from a customer point of view. Oftentimes two or more forms can be merged together if some form or feature does not feel relevant from the customer point of view, it does not deserve a place on the site. So the first step to attract customers is to strip down the unnecessary forms and keep the site simple and streamlined. If the process of creating a site is streamlined, then the conversion time can be crunched.

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Focus on Reviews and Feedbacks

Consumers trust strangers' feedback even more than their own friends' opinions because there is no bias in such a review! In this day and age, consumers are generous with their feedback, both positive and negative. Identifying reviews and feedback from visitors will persuade potential customers to engage with the brand more than they would otherwise do. They will be more appreciative of the brand and help attract more potential customers to the brand. Building a review or feedback system on the site and social media platforms is the first step of the process.

The next important step is to identify and respond to all the reviews/feedback. Most businesses would consider this as a tedious process because they have to scour all the relevant platforms for reviews/feedback. This step could be simplified with the help of multichannel marketing tools that collate the information from all the relevant platforms.

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Identify Qualified Leads

All the people who visit your site might not be your potential customers immediately, but given the plethora of choices available, if they have even stumbled upon your site, there is a strong likelihood they will become a customer sometime soon. Identifying and taking care of 'hot' leads proactively can increase conversions. When you start tracking visitors and identify their patterns, you can understand if they are interested in your product or service. This is an important step to increase your sales performance. However, this might not be a simple process for your sales team.

Tracking qualified leads could become a time-consuming process if your team does not have adequate resources and tools. One of the best ways to streamline this process is by creating a simple unified dashboard that can help track qualified leads and increase sales performance. You can also look to automate the process with the help of external consultants.

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Live Chat with Visitors

Incorporating live chat into your site will help you get real-time visibility and conversations from each visitor and maximize conversions. Business owners can use live chat as a tool to understand the needs of the visitors and provide customized quotes to convert them into customers. Live chat is also one of the best ways to segregate potential customers from one-time visitors, which is an important step to boost your conversions. Dedicated live chat support will boost the site’s conversion rate in the long-run. Live chat can also give your analytics of which pages of the website are more visited, what is the time spent on the page, what actions are being taken, etc. These will help you improve your website and make it more relevant.

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Track & Test

When it comes to customer conversions, no one way is the best. Since there are no set guidelines, it is important to have an open attitude and test several changes. In addition to making changes to your platform, it is also important to keep a note of the changes. Tracking your conversion rate regularly will help you understand the impact of the changes you have made. If you find that a change is not helping you boost conversion, it is time to test the impact of another change. This continuous process of tracking and testing will give you rich insights into lead conversion. This method can help you reduce unnecessary resources and increase your sales.

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There you go, these are five important tips that will help you boost your conversion and increase your sales. We sincerely hope that this post has helped you in your journey towards success.