How Gallabox Internal Teams Use Gallabox
How Gallabox Internal Teams Use Gallabox

How Gallabox Internal Teams Use Gallabox

Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran

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Our Gallabox account isn't just a demonstration tool; it's a fundamental part of our daily operations. 

What you see are authentic, live customer interactions that we use to showcase the versatility of Gallabox. Unarguably, it's the kind of social proof that packs a punch! 

Indeed, we are uniquely positioned as we know every nook and cranny of our tool, likely better than anyone else. 

For us, Gallabox is more than just a tool.

It's a testament to our commitment to powering up our prospect and customer interactions. In this article, we'll dive deep into how our team uses Gallabox to its utmost potential. 

Listen to each team member share how they utilise Gallabox to achieve their unique goals, contributing to reduced customer acquisition cost (CAC), increased conversions, reduced churn rate, and more. 

So, let's pop the hood and dive in!

The Gallabox Chronicles: Use Cases Straight From Our Key Stakeholders 

Our marketing mavens capitalise on Gallabox to minimise CAC while our sales squad harness its capabilities for increased conversions and exponential growth.

Our customer support team, not to be left behind, utilises it to establish strong connections with our customers by providing instant responses and keeping them engaged. 

Without further ado, let’s have our team members spill the beans on their preferred feature and how they use Gallabox not merely to meet but surpass the set targets — so you can start replicating our success.

1. Using Gallabox for Broadcasts, Sequences and Built-In Analytics

Shyam Krishnan, our Associate Marketing Director, pulls back the curtain to reveal how Gallabox functions like an adrenaline dose for his WhatsApp Marketing Strategies

A Snapshot of Our Cyber Monday Campaign

He optimally uses our WhatsApp bulk broadcast, sequence, aka drip marketing, and our built-in analytics functionalities to slice and dice the effectiveness of his WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns. With an eye on key campaign metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and more, he continuously fine-tunes his approach based on performance data. 

Shyam noted, "Gallabox gives me a 360° view of campaign effectiveness. This enables me to tweak strategies in real-time, making each effort more potent than the last." 

Click to WhatsApp Ads are another core component in his arsenal. 

Shyam funnels leads onto our WhatsApp Business API for optimal ROI. Levelling it up by employing Gallabox for retargeting prospects, he continues to see a success rate of 60% and above.

That's using your existing campaigns to make the best bang for your buck! 

"Gallabox's seamless integration with my existing marketing stack gives me complete command over my campaigns, trimming expenditure while maximising reach and impact," says Shyam. 

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2. Leveraging Gallabox to Measure SQL, ICP, and Offer Critical Feedback 

Sam, aka Gajendra Boopathi, our Head of Sales and a key member of our GTM team, has perfected the art of lead qualification and campaign assessment using Gallabox.

He dives deep into the metrics to tailor his follow-up strategies, distinguishing between Marketing-Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales-Qualified Leads (SQLs). 

Adept in assessing campaign performance, Sam offers insights to refine Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) acquisition strategies. Sam believes, "The predictive power of Gallabox helps shape our decision-making and sharpen our sales efforts effectively." 

graphs of performance analytics on a laptop screen
Photo by Luke Chesser / Unsplash

The bird’s eye view offered by Gallabox Key Metrics helps Sam review campaign performance effectively and cross-check the percentage of leads that match our ICP definition.

Based on his findings, Sam provides constructive feedback to the marketing team so that they can replicate successful campaigns and attract more ICP leads.

“Gallabox allows us to assess and qualify our leads better, aligning our sales and marketing efforts on WhatsApp to help achieve a common agenda: higher sales and growth,” said Sam.
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3. Using Shared Team Inbox and Auto-Assignment for Swift Response

Subhangi Basak, our Customer Success Superstar, uses Gallabox to get an overhead view of customer queries and challenges. With Shared Team Inbox, she can delegate team assignments based on preset rules, improving response times and efficiency. 

Her secret recipe for happy customers is "Gallabox's Auto-Assignment feature, which helps deliver prompt and effective customer service." 

Through Gallabox's live chat support, she can provide customers with instant answers across multiple devices.

Gallabox allows her team to share important updates and announcements with the customer base, such as upcoming webinars or hot-off-the-press features via targeted broadcasts. 

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"The flexibility and command Gallabox offers are simply unmatched. It maintains our customer care's swiftness without compromising its efficacy," says Subhangi.

Everyday Excellence: Other Features Our Teams Use on Gallabox Daily

Now that we’ve heard from our key stakeholders how different departments within Gallabox use the product to achieve the collective business goals, here’s a roundup of a few runner-up features.

We regularly use a wealth of other functionalities that maximise our ROI and productivity. Here is a quick look at some additional features we use daily: 

  1. Templates (Messages/Bots/Flows): Messaging becomes easier and substantially faster with pre-defined templates. Our teams frequently use them for a more efficient and consistent communication experience.
  2. WhatsApp Chatbots and Flows: We automate our WhatsApp interaction with clients using intelligent chatbots and WhatsApp Flows, providing instant responses and automating data collection even outside business hours.
  3. Payment Collection (Native Payments & Third-Party): The convenience of incorporating payment options inside the conversation window simply cannot be overstated. It streamlines the buying process, leading to higher conversion rates.
  4. Integrations on Gallabox Marketplace: We love how the Gallabox marketplace offers a horde of ready-to-use integrations to connect with our existing tech stack, ranging from CRM to analytics tools, amplifying our process efficiency.
  5. Clickable CTA and Reply Buttons: These encourage quick and easy action from prospects and customers, nudging them to act based on simplicity and dramatically improving reply and conversion rates.
  6. AI-Powered Responses (ChatGPT): Using artificial intelligence means that leads receive precise and tailored responses, resulting in a superior and personalised customer experience.
  7. Segmentation and Personalisation: Dovetailing with AI-powered responses, this function helps us to further stratify our customer base, tailoring the messaging to meet individual needs and boosting customer engagement.
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When used together, All these dynamic features offer a potent experience for our teams that transform how we work.

With Gallabox, we work smarter, not harder, optimising every opportunity for attracting, nurturing, and converting leads akin to shooting fish in a barrel. 

Gallabox: The Ultimate Solution for WhatsApp Automation 

In a nutshell, Gallabox isn't just a tool for our team; it's an integral part of how we operate. 

By pushing the limits of this best WhatsApp Automation Tool, we optimise how we communicate with customers, manage leads, and streamline our WhatsApp Marketing efforts. The opportunity to use our product so comprehensively gives us insight into its seamless utility, which we proudly share with our existing and potential clients. 

Every feature, every integration, every WhatsApp Chatbot, every WhatsApp Flow — serves a singular purpose — efficient and sustainable business operations

With Gallabox offering such powerful capabilities, we believe that Gallabox is not just the tool for us - it's the perfect partner-in-crime for any business seeking to elevate its marketing, sales, and customer service game using WhatsApp Business API. 

So, why not take Gallabox for a FREE spin?

Sign up for a free trial today and take the first step towards conversational selling that sets you up for hypergrowth.

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