Live Chat can boost your Retail Business
Live Chat can boost your Retail Business

Live Chat can boost your Retail Business

Shyam Krishnan S

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Digital commerce is the future of retailing and the world has started moving towards digital retail due to the pandemic. As digital retailers continue to grow, the competition in the market has sharply risen. Due to this retailers are hard pressed to engage with their customers more frequently and ensure that they have a seamless customer experience in order to increase conversion. The main challenge is that today’s customer expectations are very high as they expect digital retailers to provide personalized services. There is also the fact that customers expect real-time communications from the digital retailers. This becomes a challenge for small and medium retailers who predominantly focus on physical retailing.

Since digital retailing does not focus on face-to-face communications, new entrants will struggle to convert customers initially. The lack of knowledge about digital tools is one of the main reasons for the issue. Therefore, this article will focus on educating digital retailers (both new and old) about Live Chat support, a superior digital communication tool. Live chat has become popular in the recent years because of its ease-of-use, versatility and excellent value. In this article, we will look at five advantages that digital retailers can get by using live chat.

Real-Time Response

As mentioned earlier, today’s customers expect digital retailers to provide instant support. If digital retailers do not use the right tools, this is seldom possible. By integrating live chat support on their websites, customers can easily contact digital retailers. This real-time response system is akin to a helpdesk where customers can get instant resolutions. That is one of the main reasons why businesses from various sectors, including the retail sector, have started using live chat. Furthermore, this real-time response system also helps build customer loyalty.

Increase Sales

Digital retailers have the potential to increase their sales with the help of a live chat tool. It is estimated that businesses having live chat in their site will be able to convert 20% more than businesses that don’t. This is because potential customers who browse the site would have queries, and the same can be resolved easily with the help of live chat. Moreover, since the resolution happens while potential customers are browsing their desired products, they will be more inclined to buy. The fact that the buying decision happens instantaneously helps increase conversion and sales rates.

Increase your Customer Base

It is important to understand that not all site visitors turn into customers. Therefore, retailers who are new to the digital space will have a tough time increasing their customer base and converting their customers. With the help of live chat, retailers can engage with site visitors and convert them into leads. They can also ask for additional details like name and contact number to provide a personalized customer service. This will also help retailers increase their customer base as they will be able to add the visitor as a potential lead for later engagement. Do not fret if you are unable to collect the contact information during the first engagement, because it is reported that over 60% of customers are likely to return to a website with live chat.

Website Experience

When it comes to customer experience, site experience plays a major role. It is also an important factor that determines whether customers abandon a business. Retailers can increase their website’s experience with the help of a live chat tool. This is because the ability to answer customer queries instantly will boost your site experience and customer satisfaction. Showcasing the live chat tool at the bottom of the home page or the products page will help digital retailers increase both sales and customer experience.

Reduce Costs

Digital retailers will understand that customer support is an expensive affair. Both call and email support requires constant monitoring and regular maintenance. Moreover, retailers need more executives to manage both these media seamlessly. One of the main advantages of live chat is its simple and budget-friendly nature. Retailers do not have to spend more time and money to integrate live chat into websites. Even the operational costs will be reduces as one customer service executive can manage up to six live chats simultaneously. The fact that retailers can increase their customer support and sales with a smaller team shows us why live chat is a popular tool. Another important point is that live chat is around 50% cheaper than call support because it is easy to use and maintain.

These are the five core advantages that digital retailers can reap by using a superior live chat tool. One word of advice would be to select the right type of tool/plan that could benefit you in the long run. For further assistance, digital retailers can consult with Gallabox, an experienced digital service provider that can offer expert support and guidance.