How to Setup WhatsApp's No-Code Chatbot
How to Setup WhatsApp's No-Code Chatbot

How to Setup WhatsApp's No-Code Chatbot


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There is no denying the fact that WhatsApp Chatbots play a superior role in your customer support which enables your business to better engage with customers. In addition, it provides a competitive edge by increasing consumer response rate and satisfaction. WhatsApp, one of the most popular chat tools in today’s business climate, is being used by more than 2 billion users worldwide. So any business, including yours, can reap the benefits of its APIs. If you are wondering whether it will be tough to implement this ubiquitous customer support tool, we are here to say that isn’t the case. With Gallabox’s no-code chatbots, you can easily create conversational flows and manage customer communications efficiently with our shared team inbox.

Before we take a look at how you can build a WhatsApp bot, there are a few important points that need to kept in mind before starting the build process.  

Conversational Flow

You must first determine the core concept and goal of your business chatbot, take note of the conversational goals and flow. By noting down what you want to achieve with the bot and the preferred tone, you will be able to create the most personalised chat-based customer support service that will suit your brand image. This also includes whether you are going to employ open-ended questions or rule-based/list-based questions for your customer conversations.

Rule-Based Questions: These are questions where you give a list of options for the customers to choose from. While rule-based questions require less agent oversight and interactions, the opportunity for customised engagement becomes less unless assigned to an agent.

Open-ended Questions: These are free-flowing conversational questions that are aimed at collecting more information from users. Generally, the outcome of these questions are handled by agents but you can also employ the method of creating intents or payloads to catch specific parts of questions to give a comprehensive response within your bot.  

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Information & Personalisation

The level of personalisation and the amount of information you wish to gather are two separate aspects that will dictate the scope of your bot. By using your no-code chatbot to have conversations that encourage customer engagement, you will be able to gather the right kind of information at the right time. Your business will be able to have real-time conversations with their customers, making it easier for agents to ask and recieve customer feedback. This also helps them to increase the chances of closing deals faster.

Creating a No-Code Chatbot

Now that we’ve looked at the important points to keep in mind, let’s look at the steps to create a WhatsApp no-code chatbot.

  1. The first step would be naming and creating your bot with intent. Intent refers to the keyword the customer has in mind when initiating a conversation. Without an intent, the chatbot cannot function. If you'd like your chatbot to start for any and every word use " * " as the intent.

2.  Drag and drop cards within your chatbot flow based on the questions/ messages your bot should send. These messages can be interactive via buttons, lists and numbers.

3. Connect cards within your flow to direct your needed conversational flow. Linking of options to cards is typically how a chatbot flow works.

4. The last step is to publish the chatbot and test it. You can also choose to tweak and make changes as and when necessary before deploying your bot.

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Benefits of Gallabox's No-Code ChatBots

There are several benefits in choosing no-code chatbots like that of Gallabox's which provide you with features to better suit WhatsApp Business APIs.  

Easy Build – Simply drag & drop cards.

High Level of Customisation – Create a bot with options, attachments and rich text

Quick Maintenance – Maintain and update bot flows quickly.

Multiple Agent Support – With WhatsApp Team Inbox, multiple agents can be assigned to the same chatbot as per your intent.

Multiple Flows – create as many flows as your business requires within a bot.

In the age where customer engagement and satisfaction are difficult to achieve, chatbots have become an essential tool and not just nice-to-have for businesses.  With evolving technology, No-Code chatbot building platforms like Gallabox can provide your business with the right kind of 24x7 support agents - bots to take over customer conversations. Get automated with Gallabox today!

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