Revv up your Automobile business with WhatsApp Business
Revv up your Automobile business with WhatsApp Business

Revv up your Automobile business with WhatsApp Business

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In the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic, most businesses have started to move online. The automobile industry is no exception as everyone ranging from large-scale automobile manufacturers to small-scale automobile dealers are operating with a digital focus. Since the automobile industry is built on offering simple and enjoyable customer experiences, customer support becomes the main focus. And there is one app that stands above the rest in the field of digital customer support, WhatsApp.

Launched in 2018, WhatsApp Business has quickly become the favorite digital platform for offering customer support. This is evident by the fact that businesses from all domains have started to use the app. For a customer-centric domain like the automobile domain, WhatsApp Business is a potential game changer. It is obvious that WhatsApp Business provides numerous benefits to businesses in the automobile domain. In this article, we will look at some of the benefits to showcase the app to emerging automobile businesses.

Broad Reach & Engagement

There is no denying the fact that WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in India. Therefore, automobile businesses can rest assured that their messages will be delivered and read by almost all consumers. Since most consumers find the app convenient, they would be highly inclined to chat via WhatsApp rather than through call or mail. So, automobile businesses can drive engagement by just placing the app on the website. This makes the app indispensable for small and medium-sized businesses that wish to grow their customer base.

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Build Trust & Loyalty

As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp is highly familiar with consumers from all demographic. There is also the fact that all conversations have end-to-end encryption. This sense of familiarity and security acts as the base for building customer loyalty. Therefore, having personal one-on-one conversations via WhatsApp can significantly boost customer loyalty. Automobile businesses can also register themselves as ‘verified businesses’ to earn the trust of the customers.

Contextual Communication

As mentioned earlier, convenient customer support is the lifeline of the automobile industry. Since WhatsApp stores all conversation history, businesses can seamlessly continue their conversation from where they left off. By contextually communicating with both customers and prospects, automobile businesses can prove swift customer service. By eliminating the need to repeat conversations, businesses also have a higher chance of retaining customers.

Convenient Sales

In addition to chat support, WhatsApp Business also supports documents, videos and pictures. Automobile dealers can send videos and pictures of bikes/cars while chatting with their customers to increase the prospect of a sale. Businesses can also send the invoices and receipts via WhatsApp after concluding the sale. Since the whole sales process takes place in a single screen, it will be a more convenient option for most customers. Through pictures & videos, businesses can also share much richer content to their customers.


Automobile businesses can use WhatsApp for all types of events and promotions. Everything from product launch invitations to delivery notifications can be shared to customers via WhatsApp. Therefore, businesses can use the app for marketing, customer support and technical assistance. This versatility is an asset for small business owners, who might not be able to use multiple platforms. Simply put, small and medium businesses can run their digital business just through WhatsApp Business.

Automation Assistance

Automation plays an important part in customer relations. Today’s customers are active all through the day and they expect instant support. In the automobile domain, businesses have to provide 24/7 customer support throughout the day to gain a competitive edge. WhatsApp Business provides a host of facilities (quick replies, greetings and out-of-office messages) through which automobile businesses can easily automate their customer support team. With WhatsApp Business, businesses will be able to boost their customer satisfaction by offering superior real-time support to customers throughout the day.

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WhatsApp Payments

The newest addition to the WhatsApp platform is also the most useful one for businesses. WhatsApp Payments allows businesses to seamlessly transact with customers after closing a deal. This single-screen payment option adds to the convenience of the customers as they do not need to navigate to a separate payments app. For small automobile businesses, this also eliminates the need to manage a separate billings platform that could add on to the confusion.

From the above-mentioned points, we can see that WhatsApp Business provides excellent benefits to automobile businesses. In addition to acting as a superior customer support platform, the app also provides business management capabilities for business owners. We can also see that the app boosts sales and customer engagement. And the cherry on the top is the fact that the app is completely free. These benefits make the app a must-have for all automobile businesses.

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