The benefits of using Live Chat in the D2C sector
The benefits of using Live Chat in the D2C sector

The benefits of using Live Chat in the D2C sector

Shyam Krishnan S

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With the global D2C e-commerce market on the rise, a growing number of businesses are seeing the benefits of cutting out middlemen and engaging with consumers directly. The move to D2C has rapidly risen in the pandemic period because businesses are looking to increase profits and minimize unnecessary expenditure. This move is also based on the fact that D2Cs will have a better understanding of the pulse of the customers, which is a very important factor for survival during these pandemic times. If businesses adopt digital tools along with this move to the D2C sector, they will be able to grow their business exponentially.

D2C businesses can use several digital tools to increase their revenues and customer base. Digital tools are especially helpful for e-commerce businesses that rely on online traffic. One of the best tools that D2C businesses can use is a ‘Live Chat’ tool. Live chat is one of the fastest growing customer service option and by integrating the same, D2C businesses will gain several benefits. In this article, we will look to showcase some of the benefits that a D2C business can get by using a live chat tool.

Give Timely Help

When it comes to the D2C market, it is no secret that customers require instant support. In fact, it is estimated that around 75% of customers value instant response and identify the same as the most important part of a memorable customer service. With a live chat tool, businesses will not be wasting customer’s time as they need not wait for eons on email or phone replies. This will obviously increase customer satisfaction scores and improve customer loyalty. With live chat, businesses can also increase efficiency as the customer service team can attend more customers.

Increase Conversions

With live chat, D2C businesses will be able to instantly answer visitor queries and convert them into customers. By instantly answering customer queries, D2Cs will be able to increase their conversion percentage. It is well-known that live chat increase customer conversions by almost 40%. This instant support will also help reduce customer attrition rates. It is important to understand that cart abandonment is a major issue threatening the D2C e-commerce sector, and hence live chat will be invaluable to a D2C business’ growth.

Cut Down on Costs

As mentioned earlier, live chat allows D2C businesses to attend more customers within a set period. This will drive down the operations cost of the business. In addition, live chat also enables a significantly higher level of quality. This reduces the need for follow-up calls, which increases costs exponentially. Since agents can handle queries faster and solve customer issues instantly, the D2C business will be able to increase efficiency. Furthermore, it is important to understand that live chat integration is significantly less costlier than other alternatives in the communication sector.

Automation Support

It is almost a given that D2C business will be overwhelmed with customer queries as they increase in popularity Therefore it is important to ensure that the digital communication tools used by D2C businesses need to easily scalable. Having a tool like live chat can help D2C businesses scale easily after growing. Since most of the available live chat tool allows for easy automation, businesses can feel assured that the queries of their customers can be answered instantly. With the help of automation, D2C businesses can also operate 24/7 and increase the range of its customer service, which is a must if they are looking to increase their customer base.

Understand Customer Behavior

One of the main concerns of D2C businesses is the ability to understand customer behavior efficiently. To understand customer behavior efficiently, D2C businesses can get real-time feedback from the customers and understand the pulse of the customers easily. This will help them understand the flaws in the user interface and rectify the same as soon as possible. Furthermore, live chat tools also allow D2C businesses to track customer experiences, which will reveal superior insights about customer behavior.

These are some of the benefits that a D2C business can get from using a live chat tool. As mentioned earlier, D2C businesses need to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty to ensure continued growth in these testing times. We believe that they can thrive with the help of a superior live chat tool that can be easily integrated and managed. Therefore, we would like to advice D2C businesses to choose a live chat tool after looking at various options like ease-of-use, cost, efficiency, etc., before choosing a live chat tool. This will help them become successful in the long run.