Tips for improving customer service in the Automobile Industry
Tips for improving customer service in the Automobile Industry

Tips for improving customer service in the Automobile Industry

Shyam Krishnan S

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The automobile dealerships market (cars and 2-wheelers) is a fiercely competitive market. The line between Acquisition and Retention has blurred; the revenue made from service & maintenance is significantly higher than the meagre commission earned on new customer acquisitions. Only with exceptional customer service can automobile businesses compete in the competitive market. In this article, we will look at some of the points that can help improve customer service in the automobile industry.

Learn from Customers

Customer expectations are gradually changing and therefore, businesses need to learn customer needs periodically to ensure superior customer service. The best way to gauge customer expectations is to think like a customer. This will help businesses predict the latest customer service trends. If a business cannot understand the ever-changing customer expectations, they will not be able to grow in the competitive automobile market.

Go Omnichannel

In the current era, customers contact businesses across various digital and physical platforms. Since customers value ease of communication, businesses need to contact customers and manage relationships efficiently across all the platforms to ensure a superior customer experience. To ensure the same, automobile businesses need to focus on using an omnichannel approach to customer relations. By focusing on omnichannel customer service, automobile businesses can easily engage in customer interactions across multiple platforms and increase customer loyalty.

Go Mobile

It is evident that the world is going mobile. With mobile communications increasing rapidly in the recent years, we can clearly see that businesses need to focus on using mobile-friendly customer support. Offering superior mobile support will make a huge impact on an automobile business’ customer experience. A superior phone-based support will also act as an alternative to web and social interactions, as businesses can rely on it when both of them fail.

Go Instant

It is important to understand that customers require instant help in the current era. In the automobile sector, this is all the more essential because of the high competition. Using digital support tools like Live Chat, WhatsApp, etc., can help automobile business provide instant support to customers. By offering instant support, automobile businesses will also be able to acquire new customers easily. This will help them gain a competitive edge in the automobile market.


Automobile businesses are in constant need to increase their customer support. Therefore, they need to dedicate enough effort to create self-support systems so that customers can instantly find answers for their queries. Businesses in the automobile sector can use FAQs, self-help forms and various other self-service options to help customers. Creating a self-support strategy could also be viewed as a win-win situation for automobile businesses as their customer service professionals can spend less time answering generic questions.

Track Customer Experience

Even though this point might feel obvious, we could not stress more about its importance. Creating a proper system for tracking and improving customer experiences will help businesses rapidly increase their customer satisfaction scores. The main goal here is to create a good Customer Experience management program that can track customer interactions and create a Customer Experience report based on the same. With the help of a good CRMS program, automobile businesses can easily track the experience of each lead and understand the flaws of their current customer support framework. This will help them create alternate solutions to improve their customer service.

Collect Periodic Feedback

In addition to tracking customer experiences, automobile businesses should also conduct polls, surveys, etc., to clearly gauge the customer satisfaction. Proactively asking for a review or feedback is the best way that automobile businesses can improve their customer service. Also, it is important to respond and acknowledge both positive and negative feedback. This will show the customers that the businesses is listening and responding to feedback. In a crowded industry like the automobile industry, engaging with the customers will help businesses increase customer loyalty.

The above-mentioned points are some of the ways that automobile businesses can improve their customer satisfaction and create a name for themselves in the sector. As mentioned earlier, automobile businesses can effectively increase their business growth and customer base by offering superior customer service. Therefore, they need to invest in digital communication systems and platforms like Live Chat, WhatsApp and CRMS tools that can help them provide instant and efficient customer service. We hope that automobile businesses can take advantage of these points and improve their customer support.

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