In today’s competitive business environment, chatbots have become a necessity. Businesses are taking advantage of chatbots to automate conversations, increase sales and develop a more personalized customer experience. Chatbots can make the lives of customer service agents much easier too.

WhatsApp Business API 's chatbot feature have grown to become one of the most used chatbots in the world. It is a simple and highly effective chatbot that brings a lot of benefits to businesses, especially to eCommerce, finance, education, wellness and travel businesses. It allows them to grow their brands by enabling them to have unlimited conversations with potential customers. One of the main reasons that WhatsApp Business API is preferred by businesses is that it’s very easy to open a WhatsApp Business account.

WhatsApp Business is very similar to the regular WhatsApp in which the user interface and experience are very similar. You can create your account quickly, and for free you can access the business chat from both desktops and mobile devices. WhatsApp chatbots also help businesses innovate their marketing efforts. In addition to solving customer problems in real-time, chatbots are a great way to collect data and generate insights that lead to more personalized interactions with your customers.  

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Benefits of WhatsApp Business Automation

WhatsApp Business API provides several advanced automation support to help businesses not just reach more customers but also reduce customer service costs and deliver a highly personalized customer experience. Business owners can automate the entire message flow and automate their sales processes to make them free of human intervention. Furthermore, businesses can also proactively send pre-approved messages and notifications to clients, like a reminder for a certain date. There are many other features that businesses can leverage with WhatsApp Business API. So, let’s look at some of the key benefits that WhatsApp Business automation can provide:

Fast and automated customer support

With the aid of Quick Replies and other integration options, businesses can now automate customer service, which means that they can send messages instantly to help their customers. WhatsApp Business API will be able to handle your business enquiries and direct clients to the right resources for a quick resolution. Your customer support team can identify frequently asked queries and use pre-set template messages to solve issues easily and prevent tickets piling up in your inbox. It’s always nice to receive direct and instant responses from a chatbot, which is what businesses can now have with WhatsApp Business API.

Instantly answer products and service queries

By setting up automated template messages, businesses can send pre written responses by category to solve common issues within minutes. This allows businesses to spend more time on improving their product, service & customer experience, thereby lowering operational costs.

Understanding customer behaviour and streamlining data collection

Most businesses fail to understand that automated chatbots can help them gather insightful data through personalized interactions with their customers. The self-service nature of WhatsApp Business API makes it possible to collect data and insights from your customer base without having to put in too much effort. This data could be used to gain an understanding of how customers respond to various messages and identify their behaviour to generate more customized and effective communications. Therefore, automation also allows businesses to streamline their data collection and create real-time marketing campaigns.

Reduces operational costs in customer service

There is no doubt that traditional customer service is expensive and time-consuming. Most businesses lack the resources to hire dedicated customer support agents to handle phone calls or emails, so they outsource it to third-party companies that handle support queries. With WhatsApp Business API, businesses can reduce these operational costs because it allows businesses to operate with a limited team. The ability to automate responses means that businesses will be able to provide quick and accurate responses 24/7 to their clients without having to hire additional support staff. This allows businesses to keep their team focused on the areas where they need to grow their business.

How to Automate WhatsApp Business Messaging

Now that you have learned about the benefits of WhatsApp Business API, you can automate your conversations with your clients by following these easy steps. Let’s dive in and see how to automate WhatsApp Business messaging.

Automation with WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business was created by WhatsApp to help small businesses gain significant advantages. The following are the automation tools that WhatsApp Business offers to small business owners:

Triggering Greeting Messages

Businesses can add automated greeting messages that can be triggered immediately when a customer messages your brand.

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Automatic Away Messages

Customers who message a brand during their after-office hours can get automated ‘away messages’ that would help customers feel assured.

Enabling Quick Replies

WhatsApp Business users can also save their replies and assign labels to them. When customers message, the team can type ‘/’ and the label to access the required message instantly.

Automating WhatsApp Business with WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API offers even more automation options to help businesses improve their customer support and sales. They are:

Enables users to shop directly from WhatsApp

Shop now with WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp API allows businesses to set up a completely automated sales flow. The chatbot can show a product catalogue, select the right products and instantly checkout without human intervention.

Clear all customer queries with minimal human intervention

With the API, business owners and the customer support team can automate an entire conversation workflow that covers all the business processes and actions, including how to respond to customer queries, confirm their orders and keep the conversation going to make it a more engaging experience.

Send notifications and alerts for your campaigns

WhatsApp Business API automation can also help businesses proactively send important notifications and messages to customers, like reminders for upcoming events and special sales, in a timely manner without putting in too much effort.

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Option to deflect calls to an IVR

With the API, businesses can also deflect phone calls and redirect them to WhatsApp. They can use an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that can be used to get the consent of customers who are looking for instant support from either an automated bot or agent.

WhatsApp Business Automation with Gallabox

Now that you’ve understood the importance of WhatsApp Business automation, you might want to partner with a leading WhatsApp Business Solution Provider like Gallabox. Gallabox’s WhatsApp automation solutions have helped businesses across several domains engage with their customers 24/7 in a hassle-free and affordable manner.

Automate conversations with our intuitive interface

Gallabox’s intuitive interface, you can create a list of predefined rich text snippets that can help your business respond to your customers with a single click.

Create customized customer segments and broadcast lists

Our no-code WhatsApp chatbots also helps you create customized customer segments and broadcast lists with the help of labels. These labels can also help profile your customers for future actions and re-targeting.

Set up quick replies

You can also use the Quick Replies automation tool to define the specific quick responses that can be used as resolution messages.

Collaborate with multiple agents

Our conversation screen can be accessed by multiple agents who can collaborate with each other through mentions by using ‘@’. This can ensure that you leave no customers behind and offer on-the-go resolutions to customers.

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Create a no-code chatbot and automate WhatsApp Business in a few easy steps

Use our no-code chatbot builder to develop an advanced WhatsApp chatbot and automate your conversations. It’s an easy way to develop a chatbot in just a few minutes without coding. All you have to do is chat with our team and inform them about your unique business needs.

Once your chatbot has been developed, you can automate it with the required rules and get real-time insights. You can manage the bot responses in real-time and provide personalized customer support that your customers can trust.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more or schedule a demo.

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