Looking to Opt-in More Customers to Your WhatsApp Business? Here are a few tips
Looking to Opt-in More Customers to Your WhatsApp Business? Here are a few tips

Looking to Opt-in More Customers to Your WhatsApp Business? Here are a few tips

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Businesses around the globe have been quick to adopt WhatsApp Business APIs to better connect with their customers on their everyday messaging platform - WhatsApp. With over 2 billion active users to market to, it is the perfect platform for your business to scale its customer satisfaction. Plus, the growing expectations of customers to connect with their brands on WhatsApp pretty much seals the deal as a no-brainer for businesses.

Now, not all customers prefer it this way, as a business, it is essential for you to first obtain prior consent to message them on WhatsApp as it is a personal experience. In other words, customers should opt-in for messages from your brand before you kick-start a conversation with them.

What is WhatsApp Opt-ins? Do you really need it?

Opt-in is the consent given by your customer agreeing to receive messages from your business on WhatsApp. As per WhatsApp’s policy, businesses are required to get opt-ins from customers before sending a WhatsApp message to them. This policy was put in place to avoid spamming users. WhatsApp also introduced quality ratings for business accounts to ensure that users are not spammed. If your account quality score is low there are chances of your WhatsApp number being blocked from further use.

But WhatsApp opt-ins are more than just good business practices, they’re the law. There are specific third-party opt-in requirements that businesses MUST follow. The requirements are based on two factors:

1.The usage of language– The WhatsApp opt-in message must adhere to the following format: “receive messages from, [brand name], on [user number]”. The explicitly of consent should be clearly mentioned in the copy.

2.The user interface/design elements – The opt-in must be through a visual element, should have the WhatsApp logo in it and must give the user explicit control over what number is used.

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How to maintain a good brand reputation/quality score on WhatsApp?

  • Be clear about your intentions: Let your customers know that you do not wish to spam them.
  • Offer customers the option to opt-out: Always ensure that your copy contains an option for customers to unsubscribe or opt-out of broadcast groups.
  • With WhatsApp Business Greeting Messages Templates, send relevant, personalised and direct messages to your customers.
  • Avoid frequently messaging customers: an ideal time frame to keep your customers engaged would be once in 4-5 days.

6 Ways to Collect WhatsApp Opt-ins

1.Website Opt-ins or in-App notifications

Your website is the perfect channel to obtain WhatsApp Opt-ins. You can have a pop-up right on the homepage or even set up a separate webpage where you can request the customer to give their consent to receive messages from your business on WhatsApp. You can place banners at the top of your most popular web pages. You can also have in-app notifications set up for the purpose of subscribing to a newsletter/ WhatsApp alerts, updates and so on.

2. WhatsApp session messages - user-initiated conversations

This method is one of the easiest ways to get opt-ins! Your customer has already shown their interest in reaching out to you on your WhatsApp business number. All you have to do is, resolve their query and, ask them if they would like to receive relevant updates/notifications from your business over WhatsApp. This method can also be incorporated into your WhatsApp chatbot flow. Your bot can be created with specific intents if and when customers give their consent. To know more about chatbots and creating a bot with intent.

3. Social media banner ads

The best way to get existing customers to opt into WhatsApp is by utilising social media channels you already use to talk to them like Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Use carousels to get them to opt-in, or redirect them to external links. Consider adding your WhatsApp number to your profile bio, this ensures that your customers don’t have to voice their grievances in public, but instead resolve their issues over WhatsApp. Once their issues are solved suggest sending them alerts when new products or services are released.

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4. Email  & SMS marketing opt-ins

The best part of opt-ins from emails and SMS is that your business already has the data collected to provide timely notifications to customers. This is also a great way to get existing customers to provide their consent. In order to get an immediate response from your customers, here’s what you could do for SMS and Email campaigns - Enable a one-click opt-in to WhatsApp which allows them to resolve queries.

5. System opt-ins - during the buying process

A system opt-in can be added through the buying journey of a customer. E-commerce stores can offer a subscription to new arrivals, a travel agency company could prompt an opt-in during the ticket booking process. A strategic in-the-flow opt-in can be added to extended customer service efforts in their moments of struggle. A simple checkbox with a one-liner opt-in is often the most effective tool. Food & beverage services, retailers, logistics partners are the best-suited for an “in-systems” opt-in.

6. Sign up forms &  feedback forms

Lastly, you can collect opt-ins from customers through the sign-up and feedback forms. Essentially customers who are interested in your business prefer to sign up, letting them know in one simple line that your brand can keep them updated as an informative effort is a great way to obtain opt-ins. Feedback forms are a great way to let your customers know that you have 24x7 WhatsApp support services, it gives an impression that you are indeed invested in excellent customer support.

Collect Opt-ins like a pro with Gallabox’s WhatsApp Business tool

By now you must have concluded the best way to collect WhatsApp opt-ins for your business. Opt-ins are an essential part of your marketing efforts, without acquiring them you lose out on providing quality customer service. There is nothing like getting your customers started on the right foot. If you are yet to get access to WhatsApp Business API - say no more, Gallabox has you covered! You can now power your WhatsApp Business with Galabox’s 7-day free trial.

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