How To Use WhatsApp Web For Your Business
How To Use WhatsApp Web For Your Business

How To Use WhatsApp Web For Your Business

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WhatsApp has grown into a leading communication platform with more than a billion active users. WhatsApp Web, which helps users use WhatsApp on their desktops & laptops, provides excellent cross-device communication support. WhatsApp Business Web, which facilitates business communications through desktops, has also become a popular feature. Therefore, it is critical for companies to learn how to utilize it to the best of their ability. This article is a brief guide on WhatsApp Business Web and helps companies understand the feature efficiently.

What is WhatsApp Business Web?

WhatsApp created WhatsApp Business to help companies communicate efficiently with their customers. WhatsApp Business Web is a feature that allows companies to connect with their customers through desktops & laptops. It also provides companies with the ability to synchronize multi-device business communications and offer instant support to their customers. To turn your regular WhatsApp Web into WhatsApp Business Web, you simply need to link your existing WhatsApp Business account with the web application.

WhatsApp Web vs. WhatsApp Business Web

In principality, there aren’t many differences between the basic WhatsApp Web & WhatsApp Business Web. Both applications are designed to provide excellent cross-device communication capabilities for companies. Since the WhatsApp Business app was specifically created for assisting companies, it offers better tools, options, and functions for business communication management. This allows your company to have efficient and well-organized conversations on the fly.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp Business Web for Your Business

Companies can benefit more from using WhatsApp Business Web because it offers a few more features. As a company owner, you should consider switching to WhatsApp Business Web because

  • It provides all the facilities offered by WhatsApp Web like broadcasting & voice/video call facilities.
  • It allows your team to log in to four unique devices with a single account allowing you to provide instant customer support.
  • It allows you to send ‘Greeting’ & ‘Away’ messages to customers directly from the PC or laptop.
  • You can showcase a much more detailed profile with details like location, website address & business hours.
  • With WhatsApp Business, you can see all the data & statistics necessary to create exciting communication/marketing strategies.
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Tips and Tricks to Use WhatsApp Business Web

Now that we’ve seen the benefits of using WhatsApp Business’ web feature, it’s also important to learn how to use it efficiently. Here are a few key tips for companies who are planning to use WhatsApp Business Web to communicate with their customers.

Collaborate With Your Team

WhatsApp Team Inbox

Since WhatsApp Business Web allows four team members to simultaneously use a single WhatsApp profile, your company can create a seamless & highly collaborative work environment. This allows your team to communicate effectively and offer instant assistance to customers.

Make Use of Automation

WhatsApp Business Web allows your team to send Greeting & Away messages. This is a major advantage because it allows you to save time & focus on core tasks while also ensuring the best attention & support for all your customers.

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Don’t Hesitate to Call

WhatsApp Web supports one-to-one and group calls. With this advantage, your support team can connect with customers through voice & video calls to render instant assistance whenever necessary. With the help of calls, your company will be able to build a stronger relationship with the customer base, so don’t hesitate to use this feature.

Gain Unique Insights

Most WhatsApp Business Web users fail to properly make use of the data and statistics offered by WhatsApp Business. By using this feature, you can gain comprehensive insights into your business’s customer behavior & activity. These insights will allow you to make smarter decisions for improving the performance of your business.

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The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up WhatsApp Business Web (for all devices and browsers)

In this section, we’ll offer complete guidance on how to integrate WhatsApp Web with your WhatsApp Business account.

WhatsApp Business via the Desktop App (Windows)

WhatsApp Business via the desktop app

WhatsApp Web’s desktop version for Windows can be easily integrated with your WhatsApp Business account in just a few steps:

Step 1 - Visit Microsoft Store & search for ‘WhatsApp Desktop’

Step 2 - Download ‘WhatsApp Desktop’ by clicking the ‘Get’ button.

Step 3 - Once you install the application on your computer, you will see a QR code that can be scanned.

Step 3 - Open the ‘WhatsApp Business’ application on your phone & go to Menu.

Step 4 - Click ‘Linked Devices’ -> ‘Link a Device’ & use the QR code scanner to scan the QR code on your desktop.

Step 5 - Once scanned, your phone will be connected to your desktop application. You can freely use the application now.

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WhatsApp Business via the Desktop App (Mac)

WhatsApp Business Web can also be used on your Apple Mac systems. The steps are similar to the Windows - WhatsApp Business integration.

Step 1 - Visit the Apple AppStore & search for the ‘WhatsApp Desktop’ application.

Step 2 - Download ‘WhatsApp Desktop’ & install the application on your MacBook.

Step 3 - Much like the Windows application, you will see a QR code that can be scanned.

Step 3 - Open the ‘WhatsApp Business’ application on your phone & click ‘Settings’.

Step 4 - Click ‘WhatsApp Web/Desktop’ & use the QR code scanner to scan the QR code on your desktop.

Step 5 - Once scanned, your phone will be connected to your desktop application.

WhatsApp Business in Your Browser

If you need to use WhatsApp Business Web instantly, you can simply open WhatsApp in your browser & connect it to your phone. This is the best option when you or your team is using a public system.

Step 1 - Open your browser and visit

Step 2 - You will see a screen with a scannable WhatsApp QR code.

Step 3 - Open the ‘WhatsApp Business’ app on your phone.

Step 4 - Tap on ‘Menu’ & select ‘Link a Device’ from the ‘Linked Devices’ menu option.

Step 5 - Scan the QR code using the scanner and connect the desktop to your phone instantly.

WhatsApp Business via a Chrome Extension

If you are using Google Chrome, you can also use one of the several extensions available to use your WhatsApp Business account on your desktop. There are also several extensions that enhance your WhatsApp Business Web experience by adding additional features.

Step 1 - Open the Google Chrome Webstore by visiting

Step 2 - Select your preferred extension (There are several extensions like WAToolkit, WA Web Plus, Cooby, etc.)

Step 3 - Download & install the selected extension.

Step 4 - Connect your WhatsApp Business account by either logging in through the extension or scanning the QR code.

To scan the QR code, go to Menu - Linked Devices - Link a Device.

Step 5 - Your WhatsApp Business account will now be connected to your desktop.

WhatsApp Business Web Using the WhatsApp Business API

While the WhatsApp Business application can provide excellent assistance for small to medium companies by allowing up to 4 active users per account, it might not be enough when they start to grow. That’s exactly when the WhatsApp Business API comes in.

The API, as the name implies, is an application programming interface that was created by WhatsApp to help larger corporations & enterprises. Since it doesn’t have a front end like the basic WhatsApp Business application, companies need to partner with WhatsApp Business Service Providers like Gallabox to create their unique WhatsApp API account.

The API allows your company to connect multiple devices to a single account and offers a collaborative Shared Inbox option that allows the team to streamline their processes. There are also a bunch of automation features that come with the API. This makes it an excellent investment for companies that are looking to grow beyond their current domains.

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WhatsApp Business Web: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use WhatsApp Business Web if I have a personal account?

No! You can only use WhatsApp Business Web with a WhatsApp Business account. If you have a personal account, you can use WhatsApp Web for business purposes but it doesn’t offer the same level of features/customization options as WhatsApp Business Web.

Can I use WhatsApp Business Web on multiple devices?

After the recent update, WhatsApp Business now allows business owners to connect a single WhatsApp Business account to up to 4 devices. Through this feature, multiple users can manage a single WhatsApp Business account efficiently.

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How to import contacts into WhatsApp Business Web?

Any contacts that you save on your primary device (phone) will be directly imported to your WhatsApp Business Web (no matter whether you use the WhatsApp Web application, browser tab or extension).

Note: There are no options for directly adding a contact from your desktop through WhatsApp Web currently. However, this can be circumvented by using WhatsApp Business API as it allows you to create custom web applications for specific purposes.
Now that you’ve learnt about the benefits of WhatsApp Business Web, start using WhatsApp on your desktop to double your productivity & revenue. If you are looking to grow your business with WhatsApp, you can also reach out to our Gallabox team for a consultation.

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