15 Clever Use Cases For Your WhatsApp Chatbot
15 Clever Use Cases For Your WhatsApp Chatbot

15 Clever Use Cases For Your WhatsApp Chatbot


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After the pandemic, digital communications have become the norm and companies are looking at ways to modernize their business communication processes to enhance their customers' experiences and boost their revenues. This has led to a drastic rise in automated messaging solutions like chatbots and virtual assistants. WhatsApp chatbots have started to become a good choice among the options available today.

WhatsApp Chatbots: The future of business communication?

Currently, conversations have become the building blocks for commerce. In such a scenario, WhatsApp has become more than a chat application. WhatsApp introduced automated chatbots to help businesses communicate with their customers efficiently. Companies can easily partner with Business Solution Providers to create no-code chatbots for offering to automate their sales and customer service solutions. Some of the main reasons why WhatsApp chatbots are considered the future of business communications are:

  • No coding knowledge is necessary.
  • Easy to create & use automated replies/chat flows.
  • Minimizes human intervention with 24/7 automation support.
  • Can be easily customized for various domains.
  • Can be integrated with websites, CRMs and other resources easily to provide significant insights.

Industry-wide breakdown of WhatsApp Chatbots

As of 2020, WhatsApp chatbots are being used by nearly 2 billion users. WhatsApp reports that over 67% of customers have relied on chatbots for help since the rise of COVID. During the pandemic, even WHO (World Health Organization) used WhatsApp chatbots to provide critical information to people. According to a Business Insider report, industries like healthcare, retail & banking have saved $11 billion with WhatsApp chatbot automation. Gartner has stated that around 47% of organizations will use chatbots for communications in the next two years and that they would be able to save $2.5 billion.

15 WhatsApp Chatbot use cases based on Industries

WhatsApp chatbots have become a major tool that helps businesses from all industries. If you are a business owner looking to implement a WhatsApp chatbot in your workflow, we hope that the following use cases would help guide your efforts.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Retail Industry

With instant communications becoming a necessity in the retail industry after the coronavirus pandemic, businesses have started to use chatbots for improving customer experiences. Let’s look at the top three retail use cases for WhatsApp chatbots.

  • Customer Service

WhatsApp chatbots can be the ideal tool for answering customer queries instantly. In addition, your automated retail chatbot can enhance the entire sales process by providing pre-sales assistance (answering price/quality/quantity-related queries) and post-sales processes (feedback generation, refund assistance & retargeting).

  • Product Discovery

Many retail businesses have started to use WhatsApp chatbots for product discovery. Individual product IDs from Facebook catalogs can be added to the WhatsApp chatbot to show customers a comprehensive product list. In addition, you can include new products, services & seasonal sale information as greetings in Chatbots for further assistance.

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Personalized Recommendations

By connecting your WhatsApp chatbot with your CRM, your team can provide personalized recommendations to repeat customers by understanding their interests, needs and previous behavior patterns. You can also send pre-order or sale notifications to your new customers who are browsing your site.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Banking and Financial Services

In the last decade, virtual banking systems have grown to encompass a large variety of applications including WhatsApp. Banking chatbots have started to play a significant role in the financial sector and several companies are using WhatsApp chatbots to fulfil various use cases. The top among them are

  • Lead Generation

Banks and financial partners have started using automated WhatsApp chatbots to interact better with new prospects & provide instant support to them. Since AI-powered chatbots can render 24/7 assistance, this helps them generate qualified leads.

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  • Customer Support

Since WhatsApp chatbots are easily accessible & fast to respond, they act as an effective solution to troubleshoot any banking-related queries without any human intervention. In fact, your team can instantly respond to customers with issues & critical banking queries to provide faster resolutions.

  • Financial Services Information

Many banks have started to load their FAQs on WhatsApp chatbot to provide a self-help option for their customers. In addition, banks can use WhatsApp chatbot for sending SMS alerts in case of fraud or money laundering.

WhatsApp Chatbot for E-Commerce

The e-commerce industry is growing at a break-neck speed. The use of e-commerce chatbots and other automated assistants has become the norm in today’s competitive e-commerce spectrum. Your WhatsApp chatbots can be used for

  • Chatbot for Live Sales, Promotions, and Coupons

Since WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat applications today, e-commerce businesses are leveraging it to provide instant customer support. Your business can also create customized conversations for live sales, new promotions & coupons, or loyalty rewards. These options can be used by your team when conversing with both old & new customers to drive loyalty and sales.

  • Order Tracking

By integrating the chatbot with your CRM, you can share purchase invoices & offer real-time tracking support for all customer orders. Since chatbots allow links and other rich media, tracking customers' orders can be made more intuitive. By automating customer tracking support, you can also reduce your team's burden.

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  • Returning or exchanging an order

No matter how efficient your logistics & customer service team is, there are chances for returns & product exchanges. With product exchange chatbots, you can instantly answer customer inquiries about returns & exchanges. You can also automate the chatbot to schedule returns or exchanges so that you never miss a customer's deadline again.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Travel and Tourism

While the tourism industry faced a slump during the pandemic, it has since recovered and started to grow. What makes WhatsApp chatbot more suitable for travel and tourism is its focus on customer convenience and ease. Travel chatbots can help hotels, airlines, and travel companies fulfil the following three essential use cases.

  • Booking Support

With WhatsApp chatbots, travel agencies can automate the entire flight, train, bus, or hotel booking process to provide seamless support to each customer. In addition, teams can provide instant assistance to customer inquiries and offer faster resolution by automating all bookings. In fact, WhatsApp chatbots allow your team to provide booking & customer support in multiple languages efficiently.

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  • Travel Itinerary and Planning Assistance

WhatsApp chatbots can be the perfect option for travel agencies to provide personalized itineraries & travel plans to interested customers. This allows you to enhance customer experiences & build a good brand reputation among your customer base.

  • After-Sales Support & Feedback Generation

For companies in the travel & tourism industry, post-sales support becomes a critical component. With WhatsApp chatbots, you can provide immediate after-sales support to customers & assist them if they face any difficulties during their trips. This allows your brand to generate a positive brand image. In addition, your team can collect valuable feedback & testimonials from your customers while providing service support through your chatbot.

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WhatsApp Chatbot for Healthcare

Over the past decade, telemedicine & virtual assistance have become a major part of digital healthcare. Through healthcare WhatsApp chatbots, an experts can provide instant support to their patients. The following are three major use cases for healthcare chatbots

  • Instant Personalized Consultation

Doctors & healthcare professionals can offer real-time support for patients with time-sensitive medical issues. By connecting WhatsApp chatbots with the hospital CRM, your medical team can give personalized medical assistance based on the patient's medical history. This helps boost your brand's reputation.

  • Booking Confirmation

Healthcare chatbots can also be used to confirm patient appointments when they contact the hospital. You can even provide reminders for upcoming appointments to customers who raise a query. This can help reduce no-shows and improve the efficiency of your business operations.

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  • Health & Wellness Information

Your team can collate educational resources and information about specific medical conditions or treatments to provide instant self-help support for patients. Thus it can be a valuable tool for healthcare professionals looking to improve patient care & engagement.

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