15 WhatsApp Promotional Messages that convert like magic!
15 WhatsApp Promotional Messages that convert like magic!

15 WhatsApp Promotional Messages that convert like magic!

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WhatsApp is currently a leading business communication platform. In addition to a superior communication platform, WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business is also an excellent marketing tool that can promote your business to excellent heights. In this article, let’s briefly look at WhatsApp Promotional Messages and showcase 15 must-have templates that can help your business marketing strategies.

What are WhatsApp promotional messages?

Since over 2 billion people use WhatsApp, the platform has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses to reach people across the globe. Any message that businesses use to promote their business through WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business can be defined as a WhatsApp promotional message. This can include deal/offer notifications, product announcements, the latest updates, new events, etc. Since WhatsApp has a 97% message open rate, WhatsApp promotional messages are more effective than other forms of promotions. This is one of the main reasons why many global leaders have started marketing via WhatsApp.

Can you send promotional messages through WhatsApp?

WhatsApp does not allow businesses to send direct marketing messages or newsletters to attract customer attention. Since September 2021, however, WhatsApp Business will enable businesses to send product/service promotion messages & deals to their customers in the form of template messages. These template messages (or business-initiated messages) must be pre-approved by WhatsApp to ensure that they adhere to their business & commerce policies.

One of the best ways to send promotional messages via WhatsApp is through groups or broadcast lists. A business owner can create separate groups for each customer segment and send targeted messages to attract their attention. One can also create a customized broadcast list with relevant customers to send personalized promotional notifications in bulk.

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15 Creative WhatsApp Promotional Message Templates That Convert Very Well

Let’s look at 15 creative WhatsApp template messages that can yield more conversions for your business. You can simply copy & paste these messages to start increasing your revenues.

For the launch of a new product

To grow your business, you need to make sure that your customers are appraised of all new products and services that you are launching. This template allows you to maximize the reach of your new product and get it in front of interested customers. Click on the icon near each template message to copy it to your clipboard.


Hi <Customer>, did you know that we’ve just launched our latest product (product name)? Since we feel that it would be the perfect fit for you, we’re giving a 20% discount just for you. The offer is only for a limited period of time, so don’t delay, go to <your business link> to view & purchase! can_copy_tExt

An upcoming sale

This template allows you to let your customers know about a new sale to stay ahead of the curve.


Get ready for your 2022 Diwali clearance sale. Up to 70% off on major brands. The sale starts on <date>, mark your calendars now! can_copy_tExt

By letting your customers know about products that are currently trending on social platforms, your business can tempt interested customers to make a purchase.


Did you know that our <product name> has been the talk of the town? Don’t miss out on <product> that trending in <social platform>, click here to purchase now - <link> can_copy_tExt

Time-sensitive offers and coupon codes

Remind your customers about time-sensitive offers/deals and encourage them to make a purchase on time to enjoy the deal.


Dear customer, your coupons are expiring in two days. Take advantage now & get 50% off on your next purchase! can_copy_tExt

New designs & stock update

To grow your revenue, it is important to notify your existing customers about new designs to gain their attention. Sometimes, a simple ‘back-in-stock’ notification can work wonders for your sales figures.


Hi, the <product> that you were looking for is back in stock now. To avoid a last-minute rush, make sure to place an order now - <link> can_copy_tExt

Seasonal and holiday offers

Take advantage of the holiday season by informing your customers about new offers that they are most likely to make a purchase on.


Hi! Wish you a happy <holiday/season>. To celebrate this holiday season, we're offering 30% off on everything at <business link>. Get your order now! can_copy_tExt


Conducting exciting games/challenges can increase the bond you have with your customers and encourage them to make a purchase.


Did you know about our latest challenge - <game/challenge>? For a chance to win a <VIP pass/discount/free product>, participate by <posting a picture, sending your latest bill, filling out this survey, answering these questions> at <link>. can_copy_tExt

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Promotional offers can also be sent to customers who’ve abandoned their carts while shopping. This can nudge them into completing the sale.


Oh no! It seems that you've not completed your purchase yet. Complete the purchase within <hours> and get 20% off for all the items in your cart. can_copy_tExt
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Upselling is the process of nudging existing subscribers/customers to choose a higher-tier service or product. By using this template to upsell your existing customer base, you can drastically lower your acquisition cost.


Hi! It’s time to renew your subscription. You can choose to renew your current plan or upgrade to <plan name> and enjoy exclusive benefits. can_copy_tExt

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty points can be used as a powerful tool to attract more customers and increase revenues. The loyalty rewards template allows you to send these messages to existing customers to build their loyalty and generate more sales.


Hi <Customer>, we have added <Number> Loyalty Rewards points to your account. Redeem them by clicking here! <link> can_copy_tExt

Upcoming Event

Inform your customers about the upcoming offline & online events that your company will be conducting. This can help drive traffic to your website and encourage more people to check out your offerings.


Hi <Customer>, you’re invited to join our <event/event name> on <date range>. Visit our <site/shop> during the event to <learn about new products/get exciting rewards/offers>. can_copy_tExt

How to write effective WhatsApp promotional messages

To ensure that your WhatsApp promotional message is successful, it is important to make the most of the opportunity by writing messages that are appealing to your customer base. The following points will help you increase the effectiveness of your WhatsApp promotional messages:

Make it short and concise

A short, concise and directed message can encourage customers to engage with the message and eventually purchase the product. So, it’s critical to not create long, disjointed and complex messages. Rather, you can create a succinct message that talks about your products & services in a few sentences.

Use persuasive words and phrases

It’s also critical that your messages use persuasive language that is easy to understand and act upon. If your message is perceived as a sales pitch, it might not pass WhatsApp’s internal review. This can also discourage customers as they might perceive it as Spam Messages. On the other hand, aggressive or confusing messages can irritate customers & also end up discouraging them from making a purchase.

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Be specific about what people get for their money

Today’s customers value honesty and transparency. Therefore, it is important to outline the specific value propositions in your message to target customers who are genuinely interested. If your company sends vague promotional messages, it will not only risk losing customers but also alienate your existing customer base.

Offer guarantees and credibility

Your brand reputation hinges on the fact that your customers can trust what you say and can make informed decisions. Your company’s credibility can either help them grow your business or can harm it when they lose trust. So, make sure to communicate your credibility in your WhatsApp promotional message to build trust and encourage customer confidence.

Use Gallabox for your marketing campaigns on WhatsApp

Now that you’ve understood the benefits of WhatsApp promotional messages, you might be looking forward to using them in your existing WhatsApp marketing strategy. While creating promotional templates might seem like a walk in the park, there are some minor roadblocks especially when it comes to getting the WhatsApp template message approved. This process can be made simple by partnering with Gallabox, an experienced WhatsApp Business Service Provider. Gallabox’s WhatsApp Business Solution offers native integrations with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Zoho and Woocommerce. Check out our other integrations here. We also offer industry-specific WhatsApp chatbots and excellent WhatsApp broadcasting solutions.

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